What I’m Loving Wednesday, November 30

Linking up for What I’m Loving Wednesday at This Kind of Love.

With Christmas in the air and the amazing 60 degree weather we’ve been having (until tomorrow and Friday when the high drops down to an almost unbearable 38), there is so much to love! (and some stuff not to love too).

Black Friday: Yes, we drove to Santa Fe at midnight, got back into town by 2:30, went to Target then the mall, got home and in bed by 5, after a 5 hour nights sleep, got up and back out to ABQ Uptown by 11.  We caused some SERIOUS damage, but got some RIDICULOUS deals! My favorite purchase was the aerater/decanter from William Sonoma that was 50% off! I’m not really crazy.

Thanksgiving Dinner: We had dinner with my family and then dessert/wine/games with Aaron’s family.  Easily gained 5-10 pounds. But it was so tasty! (and my mom manages to make Thanksgiving dinner look like art!)

Minted Christmas Cards:  Friend (and graphic designer) Katie referred me to Minted for my Christmas cards, and WOW, what a great experience.  I submitted my order, got an electronic proof designed by a real person, enjoyed Thanksgiving (a day when no one works or gets mail), and got my beautiful cards, all within 6 days.  Aside from my wedding invitations, this is the most excited I’ve been to send something out.

The Nutcracker: We went with my family to see The Nutcracker at Popejoy Hall on Saturday.  I  hadn’t seen it since I was 6.  The show, the costumes, the music, everything, was perfect! They even had explosives to keep Aaron interested!

Seeing my house transform into a Winter Wonderland: We won’t buy our live tree until this weekend to make sure it is still fresh for Christmas, but Aaron spent Sunday putting lights on the house, and my Department 56 Dickens Village is out, so it is beginning to look like Christmas around here!

My soon to be gingerbread house: I used to make a gingerbread house every year.  The last 3 years I’ve started and haven’t finished.  In 2008 I was proposed to right in the middle of my baking. in 2009 we were coming down off our wedding/honeymoon and I was just TIRED. Last year…I don’t really have an excuse. But this year I am determined! Baking will start this weekend! (this is my last complete one from 2007).

MEANWHILE….Stuff I don’t Love today: (I tried to stay positive, but…you know).

Comcast.  If they weren’t almost the only option available, we’d switch. They wanted to charge us for something we don’t have access to, and then charge us to fix the problem.

ABC for cancelling Pan Am! That was the only new show I’ve continued to watch this season.  Filled with some of the more independent, intelligent, compassionate, stylish female characters on T.V., I’m sad that I won’t see the flight crew navigate through the social and political turmoil of the 60’s.  Yet Jersey Shore lives on?

Winter Weather: Seriously? 60 mile an hour winds tomorrow? 38 degree highs on Friday and Saturday? Massive amounts of snow? Did I move to Chicago and not realize it? YUCK.

My Training: My next half marathon is in 7.5 weeks…and I haven’t done a long run (or anything except a few 3-4 mile runs) since San Francisco.  Am I trying to sabotage myself? I can’t imagine I’ll be particularly inspired by the Antarctic weather conditions coming up either.


What I’m Loving Wednesday October 26

Linking up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for a weekly dose of Wednesday Love…even though Wednesday is really almost over and I should most likely be sleeping right now.

This is what I’m loving as I listen to the sounds of rain outside, drinking my pumpkin beer on this Wednesday evening:

1) Thriller (the Michael Jackson song): One of the best Halloween tunes ever.  Actually, just one of the best tunes ever.  Last year I learned the moves!

Zombie walk!

2) Christmas in the air: All of the sudden, Christmas is everywhere! In the stores, on commercials, on movie previews. This makes me very happy even if the cold temperatures do not.

3) The feeling of finishing my first half marathon: I know everyone is probably tired of hearing me talk about this, but I can’t get over it. I’m a half frantic!

Sorry, sport photos. I promise I'll purchase something!

4) Will and Grace: Reruns are on every morning on Lifetime as I’m getting ready for work (don’t judge).  This is such a clever, well written, and well acted show.  I laugh hysterically while Giuseppe looks at me like I’m crazy.

5) My new “Races” sub page: Since I’ve done a few races now (almost all in the last 6 months), and I seem intent on doing as many as I can in the future, I’ve started a list to keep track of it all.

Happy Wednesday! And remember to vote for Giuseppe please! We appreciate your support in getting Giuseppe to the top spot!

What I’m Loving Wednesday, October 19

What I’m Loving Wednesday Link-Up with Jamie at This Kind of Love.

1. It Happened on Fifth Avenue: I was flipping through channels at 5 a.m. yesterday and found this on TCM.  I couldn’t stop watching.  It was filmed in 1947 and has charm, glamour, and all of the elements of a perfect Black and White film. 

2. William Sonoma Pumpkin Spice Latte kit: My mom gave me this as a present last week.  Now I can have a Pumpkin Spice Latte any time I want!

4. Illy Coffee: I’ve never bought it because I knew I would love it, but it is too expensive to purchase regularly  Well, it came with the PSL kit, and of course I love it. 

3. Nike Women’s Marathon Tiffany Necklace: I just found out yesterday that the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco gives out Tiffany necklaces (handed out by firefighters no less!) to all the finishers. Even though it is a competitive lottery process to get in, I AM DETERMINED!

Spunky Runner via The Eyes Have It

5. Boardwalk Empire: I have a strange fascination with the mafia.  Boardwalk Empire gives a great insight into how the great mob wars of the 20’s/30’s/40’s started out. 

6. By this time next week…I will have run my first Half Marathon!: Right now, this is all I can think about.  In just a few days I will know how fast I can run a half marathon!  (And then the REAL panic starts).

2 Days until the weekend!

What I’m Loving Wednesday, October 12

Linking up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for What I’m Loving Wednesday…even though apparently I’m running pretty low on love today (I’ll blame it on BlackBerry issues and not enough coffee).


1. Fiat:  Fiat is making its US debut (hence the JLo commercial).  I don’t really want a new one, but I would love to motor around town in a vintage model. 


2. Christmas Commercials: Oct. 9th shall go down at the first day that I saw a Christmas commercial this holiday season! Avon, you make my Christmas dreams come true!


3.  Warm Weather:  I was a little nervous this past weekend when we woke up to snow, so I unpacked my sweaters. But it was a false alarm! We’re still holding strong at almost 80 degrees this week.


4. McCalls Pumpkin Patch:  located on the other side of the mountain, McCall’s Farm is a wonderland of Autumn goodness.  I hope to wipe out half my “Fall Bucket List” with a visit there this weekend

What I’m Loving Wednesday, September 28


The weather was warm, the week is more than halfway over, and two new studies have justified my coffee addiction (it reduces depression risk and my career choices warrant it).  Wonderful Wednesday so far!

Linking up with Jamie at This Kind of Love to list the other things that I’m loving this last Wednesday of September and first Wednesday of Fall!

1. Lululemon: I know I’ve said it before, but I love Lululemon.  They have great athletic wear, and since I now spend so much time working out, I really appreciate the quality and design of their clothes.  I just bought the Full Tilt Pullover, and it almost makes me want the weather to cool down so I can wear it! The selling point was the ruffled reflectors.


2. Pumpkin Flavored Things: I love the taste of pumpkin, so I get as much pumpkin stuff as I can during the fall months.  Pumpkin Spice Latte, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin spice cupcakes, pumpkin beer, you name it.

3. Pan Am, the ABC Series (though I’m sure the airline was cool too): This has also made my list before, but it premiered on Sunday night, so I can say with authority that I actually love it and not just the idea of it.  I think I shall be a Pan Am 1960’s stewardess for Halloween.


 4. Lion King (3-D): We saw the Lion King in 3-D last weekend.  I don’t think the extra price for 3-D was worth it, and the glasses hurt my temples, but Lion King is SUCH a great movie! We were easily the oldest people in there without kids, but I’m ok with that.

 5. Hibachi/Teppan/Japanese Grills: We have several of these in our town, but a new one just opened up in our neighborhood so we tried it out with friends Rebecca and Dave last weekend.  Totally cheesy I know, but I love having a nice chef cook my meal in front of me while telling jokes and playing with fire. Also makes for some tasty leftovers.

6. Balloon Fiesta: Albuquerque’s claim to fame fires up again this weekend! I can’t wait to have the sky sprinkled with hot air balloons every morning for the next week.

7. Journey: I won’t say they are the greatest band that ever was (not even I think so), but boy do they know how to create a catchy tune.  I don’t really like any of their new stuff, but I am perfectly satisfied to watch them relive their glory days in concert (minus Steve Perry)!

2 days until (Balloon Fiesta) Weekend!

What I’m Loving Wednesday, August 31

Doing the weekly list of happiness link-up with Jamie at This Kind of Love.

Yikes.  Kind of had a long day today.  After staying up all night with a sick puppy, I had to stay at work way longer than I wanted to.  I wasn’t really feeling the love by the time I got home.  Luckily, after a couple of glasses of wine  and some surprise flowers from Aaron, I’m back on track! This is what I’m loving on this last Wednesday of August (but this time it really IS the last Wednesday in August…unlike last week).

1. Labor Day Weekend Straight Ahead!  I’m a sucker for any weekend, but 3 day weekends really make me happy.  This weekend we have birthday parties, Labor Day BBQ’s, and of course, the New Mexico Wine Festival among other festivities!


2. J Brand Jeans: I consider these jeans to have magical powers, like making my legs look 10 times longer than they really are. Plus, Dutchess Kate wears them, and I try to live my life my What Would Kate Do.



3. Grape Stomping: I Love Lucy is directly responsible for me wanting to do this.  I’m finally going to get my chance!  I will be grape harvesting and stomping (followed by drinking) in a couple of weeks at Casa Rondena!


4. Aaron-made Eggplant Parmigiana: I don’t know how to cook, and I’ve never felt particularly compelled to learn how.  Chef Aaron on the other hand is spectacular in the kitchen.  His amazing eggplant parmigiana made my week.


5. Monsoon Season: I really am not a desert person.  Unfortunately, I’ve lived most of my life in the desert.  Usually, during the summer months we get a little bit of rain to help sustain life, but not so much this summer.  Until now.  We’ve had some glorious thunderstorms over the past couple of weeks.  Waking up to the fresh smell of rain is heavenly.

"Monsoon Season" by TheBlindHog redbubble.com


6. Britney Spears: As hard as I try not to, I LOVE Britney.  I’m happy that she’s come out of her dark days, and I’m happy that she’s being productive.  Her VMA tribute reminded me of all her songs I’ve loved throughout the years.



7. Mushroom Picture: I took this when we went on our hike on Sunday.  It really makes me want to transform into a faery and make it my home.


8. Daily Pinterest Find: I love vintage travel posters, and I love San Francisco.  This reminds me that I will be on vacation there soon!


9. First Wives Club: This movie was on some obscure movie channel last night, and I was immediately taken back to freshman year of college when my friends and I would watch it over and over again, and sing and dance to “You Don’t Own Me.”  The cast is glorious, 90’s chick movie heaven.


10. Anthropologie Birthday Pouch: My birthday is coming up here pretty soon, and all of the stores that I spend lots of money at are sending me special birthday discount cards.  This little surprise from Anthropologie just goes way beyond in its attempt to get me into their store to buy something for my birthday.

Two days until the long weekend!

What I’m Loving Wednesday: August 24

Continuing my weekly link-up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for What I Love Wednesdays.

 I kind of had a hard time mustering up 10 things that I loved this week.  Perhaps my world is a little less loveable without fried food and laziness?  In any case, here is my “stretching it” list of things I love today, the last Wednesday of August (I wrote this and then looked at the calendar and realized that next Wednesday is actually the last Wednesday in August).

1. The name “Taco Stein.”  I truthfully haven’t been following the case of the missing lady in Aruba too closely (though, if you want a good/entertaining albeit unofficial synopsis, go here), but I do know that the Prosecutor General down there is named Taco Stein, which I think is a pretty cool name, and definitely a guy I would take seriously without giggling every time I heard him being called Taco…


2. Elsa Ross: This is a boutique in Nob Hill.  Under most circumstances I don’t  shop there because Diane von Furstenberg doesn’t really fit in my budget, but they have a great denim selection so I bought a pair of jeans there last weekend.  This store has AMAZING customer service.  The nice sales girl made sure that I picked the  right pair of jeans (and she brought out TONS for me to try), she was  informative about the clothes and brands, and the store will hem jeans for you which is always an added bonus.  AND THEN, to top it all off, yesterday, the owner called me just to make sure that I needed them hemmed up that much (of course I do because I’m shorter than a normal human). 

3. German for Drinkers: I’ve been following Oktoberfest Denver on facebook, and yesterday they started a “word of the day” but in German and related to drinking.  I’m excited to pick up some of this useful information!  For example, yesterday I learned that WAMPN is a “patronising expression for an oversized, hanging belly, caused by over-consumption of either fatty foods or beer.” I can’t wait to incorporate that into everyday conversation!


4. Daily Pinterest Inspiration: When browsing Pinterest this morning, I found this amazing looking tree house.  There are really only 2 requirements I have for a house.  One is a pool with a swim-up pool bar, the second is a tree large enough to build a house in.  When I find that house, I shall build this treehouse.  The rest of the blog entry, featuring some of the world’s best tree houses is here.


5. Puppy Jacket: Friend Rossann used to have Westies, and she very generously passed on some of her old puppy clothes for Giuseppe to wear (and chew).  I love this jacket so much that I am seriously considering buying a matching one. 


6. Warm weather: I’m happy to report that instead of cooling down, Albuquerque is actually getting warmer! Today is anticipated to be Day 2 of record-breaking August heat!



7. Pumpkin Lattes: As much as I love warm weather, and as much as I shamelessly complain that summer is almost over, all this talk about fall has me seriously craving a Starbucks Pumpkin latte.  They aren’t available until September 1st, but I might be willing to bribe a nice barista to sneak some pumpkin flavoring in a little early.   Can they do that?


8. Green Chile Season: I was driving to work today and noticed some vendors setting up some roasters in the Sunflower parking lot.  Green Chile Season has arrived! I know that the drought conditions have affected the crop this year, so remember to buy early and buy in bulk. (When I got home Aaron already had picked up some!)

9. Most Interesting Man In the World Radio Ad Campaign: Seriously amazing.  Makes my day every time I hear one.  (The TV ones are ok, but not quite the same caliber).  I’ve often wondered if the character was based on Francisco d’Anconia  from Atlas Shrugged.  In any case, I think that ad campaign is great, even if it really has NOTHING to do with the product it is trying to sell.  ‎

10. Aaron and Giuseppe:When I read the What I’m Loving Wednesday posts from other girls that participate in the link up, they always list their husband as something they love (on Wednesdays). When drafting a list, I usually forget to put mine on there.  Does this mean I’m an unloving wife??? I don’t know, but I think it goes without saying that I won the husband (and puppy) lottery when I landed these two fellas.  Today, I had a dinner. a mojito, and a very excited puppy ready and waiting for me when I got home from work. If that doesn’t scream “won the husband and puppy lottery,” I don’t know what does.

Happy Wednesday! (only 7 more working days until Labor Day Weekend!)

What I’m Loving Wednesday: August 10

So, it is Wednesday, and I am linking up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for What I Love Wednesday.

I tried this out last week, and I think my mood improved drastically because of it.   Despite my goal to always be positive and thankful for what I have, by Wednesday, I am so over not having enough hours in a day, spending the majority of my life at work, trying to keep the house clean (or getting mad that the house isn’t clean and I don’t feel like fixing it), etc., etc.,  I forget to stop and love life for a minute.  I am grumpy and I want to complain about everything, and curl up into a little ball of self with a bottle of wine until the weekend comes.  This week especially has been draining because the world seems to be in complete disarray (SO thankful I’m not mature enough to be investing…I’d be having a heart attack every few minutes).  What I Love Wednesday actually forces me to be positive and find things in the world that don’t suck. So, here it is: What I am loving this Wednesday.

1) Pan Am…the new ABC series: So I don’t really know what this will be about, and I hardly ever watch Network TV, but I completely support any measure to live out the early 60’s.  Since Mad Men seems to be doing everything it can not to be on my TV, I think I may have to substitute with this lovely looking series.


2) Pretending that purchasing a lotto ticket means we’re actually going to win.  We always talk about winning the lottery.  After a long day of work it seems like a reasonable solutions.  But I truthfully think the last time I bought a ticket was on my 18th birthday.  This week, Aaron actually bought two tickets.  We’re already talking about what we’re going to do when we win tonight.  You won’t be hearing from me tomorrow because I will be on a first class flight to Tahiti.

3) British Accents: I know the riots are terrifying.  Seeing this beautiful city and those old beautiful buildings on fire is heartbreaking.  But all I can think of when they interview the rioters is, “my, what lovely accents they have.”  Only the Brits can make angry frustration sound charming.  But seriously, STOP RIOTING.

4) Proving horoscopes wrong: I don’t believe in horoscopes.  But not only do I subscribe to a daily horoscope email, but I actually open it and read it everyday.  When (like yesterday), my horoscope predicts that I will have a bad day and then I don’t, I kind of feel like, in the battle between Amy and the Universe, Amy wins big time. Take that, Universe.

5) Daily Pinterest Find: I wish Pinterest would have been around when I got married.  I’ve gotten so many ideas for my (hopefully) non-existent future wedding.  In the meantime, I couldn’t pick just one favorite this morning.

I’m positive Aaron has an extra bike that he wouldn’t mind having converted into this lovely garden accessory.  Get it? Lavender? Get it?

Occasionally I dabble into fancy cupcakes.  I would love to create something this beautiful.

I love finding crafts on Pinterest that I’ve thought of first (actually I think Pottery Barn may have inspired this one for me).  Though a slightly different variation than my Pinterest find, all my wine corks go into a lantern display.

6) Hans Von Walter: Jeopardy is on a summer vacation right now, so they are showing reruns.  This week is college semi-finals week, and I have decided that I love contestant Hans Von Walter.  Not only does he have a cool name, but by the looks of him, I would be less surprised if he was named anything else in the world.  Plus, he swept the competition, earning so much money during the normal rounds that he didn’t have to wager a cent during Final Jeopardy to win.  He also (incorrectly) answered the Daily Doubles with witty answers (“nomad hyphen people”).

7) Lite radio: I usually don’t listen to Lite radio unless it is Christmastime, but there is a nationwide Clear Channel competition to win tickets (plus airfare and hotel) to the I Heart Radio music festival in Las Vegas.  Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, etc., etc., etc. will be performing and I kind of want to go.  About 5 times a day they have a cue to call, and if you are the 20th nationwide caller,  you win.  I have been dialing like crazy.  Lite Radio is the only station locally participating that I want to listen to, and it turns out, I’ve been missing out by ignoring it all this time.  Where else can you hear Shania, Duran Duran, Michael Buble, and Phil Collin’s version of True Colors all in a 20 minute span?


8. Pawn Stars: Despite myself, I can watch hours of Pawn Stars on the History Channel.  Although in real life I try to avoid pawn stores like the plague, I want to go to Vegas just so I can see a Houdini straight jacket or other crazy historical artifact.  Because historians and experts are called in to consult on most purchases, I kind of feel like I’m learning something.  The stars of the show are doing a local Gold and Silver show in a couple of weeks.  I don’t think I’d actually buy tickets because basically you have no guarantee to actually see the stars. BUT!  I’m trying to win VIP Meet and Greet tickets by texting my radio station prize line every few minutes….I’m determined to win SOMETHING this week.


9) Late Summer Rose Bloom: This year has not been kind to plants in New Mexico.  First, we had warm temperatures in late January causing all the plants to come out of hibernation, only to have the first week of February hit record low -20 degree temperatures (which NEVER happens), causing them to all to die.  The ones that survived have had no water this summer.  Our poor rose had such a mediocre blooming season, but all of the sudden yesterday, a new group blossomed.

10) My little family: Because how could I not?

Happy Wednesday!

What I’m Loving Wednesday: August 3

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been doing a lot of blog stalking. I find a blog, read it, then click on links to other blogs on that blog’s blogroll, and keep going and going and going until I feel like I have made 100 new friends from all over the place who don’t know that I know them.  Turns out this blog thing is a very imtimate form of social media that may extend even beyond facebook and twitter in its ability to connect people.  Despite the obvious creepy factor,  the blogosphere is an exciting arena with so much information and common experiences to be shared.

One of the things I’ve noticed on many of these blogs are these theme days were everyone writes about the same thing and links to the other people writing about the things they’re writing about.  Its like Homecoming Spirit Week for the blogging world without the cheesy “Lei your date” jokes.

Lord knows how I found “This Kind of Love,” ( she has a pirate themed classroom, so she must be cool) but I thought her theme day of “What I’m Loving Wednesday” would be a fun one to start off with because I love a lot of things, and well, it is Wednesday.  So here goes: my first attempt at being a blogger/linking/theme day type person.

What I’m loving on this, the first Wednesday of August:

1) The Frontier Airlines Colorado Sale:  Aaron and I  booked our flights to Denver for $30 each way! I spent more at Lululemon this weekend than I did on my round trip flight to another state.

2) Lululemon.  In general, all workout clothes seem to look the same.  Lululemon makes clothes that make me excited to workout, and Lord knows I know I need all of the excitement and motivation I can get.  I bought the World’s cutest running shirt this weekend (the maroon one on the left) to add to my collection.

My Lululemon collection

3) Bulldozing mayor:  I would be more than a little upset if my car fell victim to this angry mayor’s approach to solving the illegal parking problem, but I bet this Mercedes owner will think twice before parking in a no parking zone again.

4) Surprise Flowers: I love that Aaron never lets my flower vase go empty for too long

5) Phone dates with old friends:  The longer I’m out of college (yikes…4 years now), the less I talk to people who I knew in California.  After a few months hiatus, last night I finally caught up with friend and Bridesmaid Kaitlin.

via Pinterest

6) Lady gaga’s cancer response:  Yesterday Lady Gaga was a guest on The View.  This is the way all pop stars should answer serious questions.  After learning about an FDA warning about hot dogs increasing the risk of colon cancer: “I think hot dogs are just jealous that cigarettes are more controversial.”


7) New shoes: Last week I bought too many pairs of shoes.  After a shoe shopping binge over the weekend, I did some online shopping late last week.  I had been stalking these ones since the came out, and finally last Wednesday, I came across a 40% off clearance sale for them, and I couldn’t resist. I’ve already worn them twice.

8. Kate Middleton Grocery Shopping: I don’t know why a Dutchess/wife of the future king would be doing her own grocery shopping, but such a lovely reminder that the royals are just like us, but prettier and with nicer clothing.


9) Printerest is my new source for internet images.  You’re almost guranteed not to get any ugly pictures but instead find a ton of beautifulness.  Of a huge selection, this was my favorite find of the morning.  I want my future house to look like this (this is obviously after the huge promotion, pay raise, and relocation).

10) Giuseppe.  Probably half the pictures I take are of his overwhelming cuteness.  This is a picture of him trying to eat the air conditioning while riding in the car.

Well, there it is.  My attempt to be a blogger cool kid.  Happy Wednesday! (aka 16 working hours until the weekend!).