I May Be Biased, But Pretty Sure I Have the CUTEST Puppy on the Planet

If I haven’t made it abundantly clear, I am completely in love with my puppy.

He is the sweetest, most loving, most well-behaved puppy and I truly believe that no child I ever have, no matter how cute they are, will ever get the same amount of attention that he gets.  He loves people and acts like he has never been more excited in his life than he is to see you (“you” encompassing me, Aaron, my mom, my coworkers,  the nice random person walking the same way we are, ANYONE).

Today was the first day in a few weeks that I’ve had Giuseppe with me all day, because he’s been spending time with my mom and sisters and his best friend in the whole world Romeo.  But whenever I get withdrawals during the day, I look at this collection of pictures, and I pretty much melt.  I don’t know how it is possible, but Retro Camera makes him so much cuter!



Giuseppe…The Only Thing Interesting About My Week.


After a crazy two weeks, I am enjoying a very unproductive day off complete with a few hours of 1999 era Sex and the City episodes and quality Giuseppe time.  While I’ve been spending too many hours at the office, Giuseppe has been hanging out at my parents’ house, bonding with Romeo and stealing his toys.  But today he is all mine.

Giuseppe and Romeo


I am happy to report that we have almost completely house trained him (although we did have a random accident this morning…he must have known I was going to brag about him today), and he rolls over on command.  He actually doesn’t even need a command.  He sees a treat, and he automatically rolls over.   He’s also starting to develop a quirky personality, and he LOVES attention.  I never knew not having the time to throw his stuffed bunny around for him at 7:30 am would cause such guilt.

I also realized that I haven’t uploaded pictures of him in a few weeks (goodness…I’m starting to sound like a crazy mommy).  And since I haven’t done anything exciting except work this past week (well, that, and organize a very successful job fair), I can always default on puppy pictures!     

Giuseppe in the drawer


Dog Days of Summer

My baby puppy is turning 11 weeks tomorrow, and he has been in our home for 2 weeks.  I’m amazed at what an amazing little creature he is turning out to be, and Aaron and I are having a blast with him.  COMPLETELY amused at his ability to remain entertained after 30 minutes of fetch.  Thus far he is not at all destructive (happy to report that all my shoes, curtains, power cords, and rugs are still intact), and he is very sweet and playful.  We are making very SLOW progress toward housetraining, but it is still a work in progress.

He is growing so fast, and even though I know Westies turn into adorable adults, I’m sad that he won’t be a puppy forever.  All I can do is take lots of pictures and enjoy his cuteness and curiosity.   And wonder how real mothers deal with their sweet babies growing up. 

Trying to eat the camera

Welcome Home, Giuseppe!

Yesterday evening, after a 9 week wait, we drove out to the middle of nowhere (like cows everywhere and dirt roads with no name middle of nowhere) to pick up our little puppy, Giuseppe, aka Seppter.

Giuseppe is a 9 week old West Highland Terrier (Westie for short).  All week we’ve been reading about Westie rearing because it is very important to us that Giuseppe is a good dog citizen and we want to make sure we help him be the best little Westie he can be.  This book, “The West Highland Terrier” comes with a training DVD and is written by a lady with a sense of humor (watch out that your Jimmy Choo’s don’t become Jimmy Chews) so it is actually enjoyable to read.  We got it at PetsMart, and they have similar books on a lot of different breeds.

About 18 hours in, our thoughts on Giuseppe so far:


Trying to eat the camera

He is GREAT with people: He has met my family (my mom LOVES this dog and may steal it if I leave him unattended), he was fine in PetsMart, and this morning we took him on his first al fresco dining experience at Flying Star Café (check out other Albuquerque Pet Friendly businesses at www.abqdog.com) where he was literally the star of the morning. A nice worker lady actually came outside to see him and gave him a bone on the house.


Playing with my dad

Being good at Flying Star

He sleeps a lot: In fact, he found himself a corner in the kitchen with a little entourage of toys and is sleeping right now (as is Aaron, even though I was the one who got up with the puppy last night).  He is still very much a baby, and he tires out after about an hour of excitement.  Aaron took him for a walk this morning and he made it to the end of the street before laying down on the sidewalk.  He also managed to sleep through the night and didn’t ask to be let out of the crate until 4:30.  We were worried about separation anxiety since he’s lived his short life in close proximity with his mom and sister (named Martini!), but he barely whimpered at all thanks to a blanket we brought back with mom’s scent on it.


He pees a lot: His record so far is 4 times in one hour.  Unfortunately, we have yet to get him to go in his designated places.   Good thing he is cute, because we can’t get mad at him. Oddly enough he doesn’t seem too interested in relieving himself outside.



Barking dogs scare the living daylights out of him: He is fine with dogs….until they bark.  Then he gets petrified.

He likes to eat wood and paper: He especially loves the redwood chips we have in the backyard.  He is more interested in eating his puppy pad than using it for its intended purpose. He likes the bacon treats too, but I’m sure he’d be perfectly satisfied with paper towel rewards.


He likes his t-shirt: Wearing his t-shirt increases his cute factor by 10000, and he didn’t have a problem with us putting it on him or taking it off, so I have a feeling some stylin outfits are in Giuseppe’s future.  I also found a Burberry inspired collar at PetsMart for $9.99, so he is on his way to becoming quite the dapper dude.



We are mostly just excited that 18 hours in he seems to trust us and like us, and he does really well in social situations.  He is picking up good habits very fast (we’ve already made tons of progress in the “sit” department), and the transition is going much smoother than I ever imagined.  Now if we can just get him to pee where he’s supposed to, we will be all set!