Bitterness Toward the Snow that Infringed Upon my Sunshine

(UPDATE: Since posting this, reports of two devestating tornadoes hitting Dallas have surfaced.  Obviously this makes my weather complaints a little overdramatic.  I hope all of you Dallas peeps are ok.  My thoughts are with you).

I knew it was too good to be true.

The last two weeks have been perfect with none of the typical March wind.  Just glorious, perfect 75-80 degree sunshine. We’ve dined al fresco, brought out the summer clothes, and put bad thoughts about the mean cold behind us.

{Taken less than 48 hours ago when we sat outside in our summer clothes at the winery}

Because the weather had been so nice,  last weekend we went to Lowe’s and went a little plant crazy. Aaron let out his inner farmer and got all sorts of veggie seeds, and I pretended that we didn’t live in the barren desert and bought some tropical plants for the yard (if you water them enough it should work, right?).

{Only appropriate that I have a lavender plant I think}

Last summer was kind of a garden dud.  Albuquerque had one of the coldest winters on record after a few weeks of warm (in other words, plants came out of hibernation and then froze to death) followed by one of the driest summers on record (we had no moisture for about 3 months straight and when it did rain, it was more of a spit).  Plus, we had  just gotten a puppy whose whole purpose in the dog world is to dig out mice from the ground (but really, he’ll dig holes for any reason). So, not only did we not have a garden, but whatever plants/trees we did have pretty much decided to head to the great big nursery in the sky.

But this year was different.  We were going to have an amazing backyard and host amazing backyard parties, and everything would be perfect. 

But the weather decided to throw us for a loop.

We’ve been watching the temperature closely these last few days.  Since Sunday night, the highs have dropped about 20 degrees, but the lows were staying in the high 30’s. I figured we (and our little veggies) would be ok.

All was good until I woke up this morning to SNOW!

Not just a few flakes here and there.  This by far is the most snow we’ve had all year.

I went into full on panic mode this morning and did a frantic rescue effort.  I ran outside in whatever clothes I found first on the floor (sorry you had to see that, neighbor lady).  The tomatoes, ferns, and strawberries got hauled inside.  The veggie garden got covered with every spare blanket and towel I could find.  Poor Giuseppe even had to sacrifice his blanket to the cause (he wasn’t too happy about it).   

Then, after trying to organize the frizzy hair mess into a bun, I had to pull out some winter weather gear (my body did not like the idea of being stuffed into skinny jeans and boots after living in skirts and dresses) while trying to stop Giuseppe from eating the plants that are  now taking up my living room.

Our run tonight might be very muddy and cold.  I’m already dreading it.  And making up excuses to sit on the couch with some soup and a snuggly blanket…if only they weren’t all keeping the lettuce sprouts warm.

And if this wasn’t crazy enough, tomorrow is supposed to be back up to 70.


Also dumb are my protective instincts toward plants. 

And, in case you were wondering, I didn’t win the lotto (or even get two right numbers on the same ticket).  If I had, I would be at some lovely beach resort instead of blogging during lunch in winter wonderland.  I’m pretty bitter toward machine generated lotto numbers right about now.  Guess I’ll have to buy that DeLorean some other day.

And Then it Snowed

Sometimes (but not very often), it snows and sticks in Albuquerque.  This weekend it actually snowed twice which is a Christmas miracle! While I’ve made no attempt to hide my discontent over cold weather, I am amazed how even just small amounts of snow can make an ugly, dirty world look magical.

For a few days, the weatherman had been warning us about massive amounts of snowfall…I would say we got less than a quarter inch at our house and it melted before 10 on both mornings, but on our Saturday and Sunday runs we were able to run through a sparkly, frosty wonderland.  And all reports point to another snowstorm tonight into tomorrow.

We’ve also spent hours taking pictures of it.


I was outside in my robe and flip flops on Friday night experimenting with the camera.  Saturday morning we tried to get Giuseppe to pose cutely.  He was more interested in snow digging.  We repeated the whole thing last night and this morning.  These are some of the 100 pictures we took.  (Really, we are pretty snow deprived).   My favorite are the long exposure pictures like the one above taken at about 10 p.m.