Giuseppe’s Movie Premire

This evening I came home from work to find Aaron completely engrossed with something on the computer.  This hardly ever happens.  Aside from looking at bicycle websites, Aaron spends no time on the computer.   So, if that wasn’t weird enough, I couldn’t be more surprised with what he was actually doing.

I’m not sure what brought this all on, but Aaron decided to unleash his inner Spielberg yesterday afternoon and create a short film documenting Giuseppe’s day.  Turns out, Aaron isn’t completely untalented when it comes to casting, scripting, shooting, directing, and editing videos.

So, here it is folks: the premiere of Giuseppe: The Life of a Puppy, Part 1.  Filmed on location at my mom’s house, the streets of Albuquerque, and my backyard (don’t judge the dirt…it doesn’t rain here).  Soundtrack courtesy of Kid Cudi and David Guetta (Memories).  Edited using Microsoft Movie Maker.  Directed by Aaron.  Starring Giuseppe.