Analyzing the Running 1-Piece

Confession: I am a somewhat reformed Lululemon addict.  I discovered Lululemon at the same time I discovered running, so, I built up my running wardrobe with Lulu pieces, and would go on a shopping spree about once a month.

While they are still my go-to for racerbacks and running skirts, I probably only shop there twice a year, usually for race outfits, these days.  But I still follow the Lululemon Addict blog which basically consists of 2-3 daily posts about Lululemon clothes and topics.

So, I was not at all surprised to see what has been labeled as the “Runsie” when it appeared on the viral Runner’s World video.  If you haven’t watched it, you should.  You are guaranteed to giggle at least once (just please, don’t blame this man for ruining manhood and the world…this is so obviously a JOKE, but some people don’t get it).  I can’t get the video to work in the post, but you can view it HERE.

This video generated a lot of discussion about the Runsie with most people wondering how something so awkward could even hit the market.

20140717-113041-41441379.jpgSneak peak of the fun contained within the video

 Confession #2: While I don’t own the Runsie featured in the video nor do I have any interest in buying one, 2 years ago I purchased the Run For Your Money Jumper from Lululemon which is also a 1-piece running outfit.  I was skeptical at first (do we really need more jumpers in this world?), but then I saw a lady wearing one on the running trail, and she looked amazing in it. SO I gave it a go. The piece has even made a few appearances on the blog:


Apparently I like this outfit combo…

It isn’t an exact equivalent to the current Runsie, but the concept is similar.

Confession #3: I have to say, for the most part, I really enjoy this piece. So, I thought (with a suggestion from Cathryn the Brit that probably wasn’t meant to be taken seriously) that I would share some of my thoughts on the pros and cons of the Running 1-piece for those that might be curious.

Favorite features and benefits:

1) With built in bike shorts that DON’T ride up (my favorite thing about Lululemon running skirts), this is great to wear for long runs. No thigh chaffing! It looks like the Runsie has a liner instead of bike shorts though.

2) The “top” doesn’t ride up.  This is a personal pet peeve of mine.  I hate constantly having to pull a shirt down.  Ride-up doesn’t happen with this jumper which makes me a less grumpy runner. BONUS: the top fits a bit looser (it looks like this is also the case with the Runsie) which helps hide the remnants of any carb-loading bloat.

3) There are less steps in getting ready for your run in the morning. Having to pick a shirt that kind of matches with a bottom can sometimes take more concentration than I have at 5:00 am on a Saturday.  This piece eliminates that very frustrating step in the get ready process.

4) One less piece of laundry to fold. ALLELUIA!

5) If you are using the jumper as an outfit for a destination race, you are less likely to forget part of your ensemble at home. On the other hand, if this is the piece that you forget…you’re kind of screwed.

6) In my humble opinion, just unique enough to stand out, but not too weird to cause people to stop and scratch their heads. I really don’t think most people even notice, truthfully.  A few weeks ago I got a bunch of comments on my green socks and not a single mention about the jumper.  HOWEVER, I think the Runsie is a potential head scratcher since it doesn’t have the mid-section “separator ” in a different color and is therefore very obviously a 1-piece.

Less favorite features:

1) Lack of convenient “bathroom” access.  This seems to be the biggest concern among consumers, and it is a legitimate one.  Because it doesn’t come with a built-in bra, you are basically required to wear something on top, so you can at least know that if you do run into the porta-potty and forget to lock the door (guilty), that the unsuspecting person who opens it won’t get more of a show than they were anticipating. BUT, it does add seconds to your undressing and re-dressing time.

And if you really have to go, this may mean the difference between a successful pit stop and complete crisis.

2) Sometimes, it might be possible for someone to get their leg caught in the wrong opening which typically results in a dramatic fall to the floor. I mean, some of those holes look a lot like the others. It happens. Luckily, this rarely results in broken bones.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the 1-Piece?

You won’t hurt my feelings if you tell me that my running outfit is weird.

13 thoughts on “Analyzing the Running 1-Piece

  1. I own one piece of Lulu clothes that happened to be on sale right when I needed compression shorts with lots of pockets. I hardly ever wear them except for under skirts because they are the exact same pattern as your jumper. And white compression shorts are not exactly the most modest clothes. I got these before any of the controversy of the “see-through pants” came out so when that did, I had to laugh because the one item of Lulu clothes I own are see-through. I bet they would look awesome with your jumper though!

    • I have yet to find ANYTHING white that isn’t see-through! I like the Lulu skirts because they have the compression/bike shorts underneath which I prefer for long runs, but the skirt covers everything up!

  2. I bought the runsie and love it for knock-around! Definitely will never run in it, though 🙂 My go-to lulu pieces are speed shorts and cool racer backs… I may have a problem 😉

    • It is definitely a cute piece, but the video didn’t make it loo great for running. The CRB’s are hands down the best, and I think reasonably priced for the quality!

  3. I personally think your jumper is way cuter than the one that lulu just came out with. It looks awesome on you. I would probably rock that. The new one… I’m not a fan. I think it has more of a casual style to it? I don’t know… I can’t put my finger on why I’m so anti this new style!

  4. I agree with Martha – I like yours a lot better than the new version. Even though it’s really cute on you, the bathroom issue is definitely a deal breaker for me. It seems like they could make some with snaps at the crotch? Or is that totally not fashionable? 😉

  5. I saw it on the Lululemon website a few weeks(?) ago and busted out laughing! I think this is one of those things where if you are a speedy enough runner, no one is going to really make fun of you other than to say, “Hey, that woman in the one-piece won *another* race.” Whereas, if I wore that, I would get a lot of strange looks….!

  6. Oh this is brilliant…I come here to see if you’re talking about Santa Rosa yet and BOOM here’s a runsie review and I even get a mention (thank you). You made my day – I’m just sorry I’m a month out, July was crazy-busy for us and my blog-reading fell by the wayside.

    I’m fascinated by the runsie…I’m not quite convinced to buy one yet. I DO have Lulu question though. Do the shorts on their skirts HONESTLY not ride up? I have ‘strong’ thighs and even my best running skirts give me horrible chafing sometimes. Are Lulu shorts grippy enough to justify the price tag/ethical consumer issues?? Because I can compromise for lack of chafing!

    Also…I really want to meet you this weekend if you’re up here!

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