Marathon Training Prep Mode


If you are anything like me, then you were probably going NUTS yesterday when Shalane was leading the way (she ended up finishing 7th), when Meb just completely dominated and became the first American male to win the Boston Marathon since 1983, and while watching various real-life and internet friends pass timing mats along the course.  I wasn’t able to watch the live coverage, but thankfully twitter described things perfectly in real time. What a morning!

The whole experience made me so pumped to run another marathon and hopefully get the chance to run Boston 2015.

And really, all of this excitement couldn’t come at a better time.

I can’t believe that I’m about to say this, but training for marathon #3 starts in less than 2 weeks.  The whole thing seemed so far into the future when we signed up for the race back in February (or was in January?) and now here we are, about ready to embark on the madness once again. It’s so hard to believe that just 2 years ago, a bunch of us were heading into training for our 1st marathon together, and now we are all repeat offenders.

We are now less than 18 weeks away from Santa Rosa.

Not that I'm counting...

Not that I’m counting…

Aside from desperately wanting to pin on a bib again and run through the streets while strangers cheer me on, mostly, I’m excited to have something to blog about again.  It’s hard to maintain a running blog when all you have to talk about are 3 mile runs every once in awhile.  Soon the internet will once again be bombarded by my training recaps, and occasional (and by occasional, I mean weekly) panic attacks over not hitting paces or wondering how I’m supposed to run 26 miles at a 7:53 pace when I can’t even hit that during my 800 repeats (I just shuddered thinking about 800 repeats).

Fun times.

With 12 days to go until training officially begins, we are starting to get into preparation mode.

We have:

* Started building up the mileage again and we are now running 6 days a week

* We’ve been modifying our marathon training plan

Training Plan

* Purchased new running shoes


* Started stalking up on our arsenal of coconut water, Nuun, and ClifShots


* We’ve started to become reacquainted with our BFF the Foam Roller (we will become very intimate at least twice a day over the next 4 months)



* We’ve looked into getting a chiropractor appointment in to correct any lopsidedness

* We’re also planning some sort of “kick-off” event.  I love being deep and symbolic, so we always try to do some sort of ceremonial thing that prepares us for 4 months of putting ourselves through running hell which hopefully yields Marathon PR Glory.

Climbing a mountain to kick-off Chicago Marathon Training in 2012

Climbing a mountain to kick-off Chicago Marathon Training in 2012

It may involve climbing a mountain again (but a bigger one since the goals are loftier this time around), or maybe something else.  I have just a few days to decide.

Also, Despite all of my big plans, I haven’t signed up for any other races.  We might still sign up for the Run For the Zoo (10-K since the Half sold out) which is on May 4th along with some shorter summer races, but I’ve really just can’t make myself excited over anything available.

Random question: I need to change my blog reading system.  Right now I use the WordPress reader (which sometimes includes all of the blogs I follow and sometimes doesn’t), email subscriptions (I’ve kind of been slacking on email reading), and the Blogger reader for those bloggers not on WordPress.  I need something a bit more comprehensive because my current system isn’t quite time efficient. Any reader suggestions? I know this was a big topic maybe a year ago, but I didn’t pay attention.

What’s your next race?

Will we be late summer/fall marathon training buddies? 



27 thoughts on “Marathon Training Prep Mode

  1. I also use feedly, and have been more or less happy with it – especially after I learned some of the shortcuts. (Not crazy about the app though.)

    I chuckled when I read your line about “repeat offenders.” Yep, that’s me! As you know, my next race is Sunday at Big Sur. I cannot believe it will be my 4th (!) marathon. I haven’t locked down my fall/winter schedule yet. I’m excited about taking a couple of months off from anything marathon-related. I’m also excited about finally meeting you at or after Santa Rosa! 🙂

    • I hardly ever read blogs on my phone, so the app versions should be an issue. Thanks for the suggestion!

      And you are one of the repeat offenders! I remember there were I think 6 of us all training for our first one at the same time. And I actually was talking to someone yesterday who will be running Big Sur this weekend. I think he was surprised by my knowledge of it based on your posts!

      • @Danielle. I have been to Berlin before back in 2008 but that was for a girls booze holiday…6 years later and I am returning to run a marathon. Oh, how the times have changed! It is an awesome city and I am totally excited (although, there is the small matter of training to contend with)

    • HI!!!!!!! Can you please start blogging again? Thank you!
      I’m fairly positive that internet exists in South Africa (if you are even still there?).

      How exciting that you are running Berlin! It is supposed to be a super flat/fast course, and if Europe does the World Majors like we do, then you are in for a fantastic race experience!

      • Eeek. I know I haven’t blogged in over a year… I am glad someone noticed 😉 Yes, I am still in South Africa 🙂

        I will draw up my marathon training plan this weekend and use it as an excuse to start blogging again, especially for you Amy 🙂

  2. I got zero work done on Monday morning… Boston was far too exciting and beyond inspiring! Best of luck with your marathon training!

    My go-to blog reader is bloglovin’. Clean layout (even the app) and easy to use.

    • Hi Erin! I agree…Monday morning was very unproductive. I can’t even imagine how awesome it must have been to be there in person! Luckily, we had Hyedi and her instagram skills!

      Thanks for the reader suggestion. I’ll have to check it out!

    • Randomly, I’ll stop receiving emails from my subscriptions for months at a time with some of the self-hosted WordPress blogs. It is quite annoying.

      And I was a repeat marathon offender too…until I started doing marathons! Don’t fight it, Danielle! 🙂

      • I know, I think I’ll eventually come around, especially for races like Berlin, just not ready mentally for the distance and the commitment just yet. Once my priorities shift a bit, it’ll change. My husband wants to run a marathon too.

        I had that issue with Hyedi’s blog, where I think she removed the email subscription widget for a while? Once it reappeared, the emails came back.

  3. Sigh, I wish we could be (virtual) training buddies again but I’m excited to follow your training! And maybe we can train next year 🙂 I use Bloglovin. It’s not perfect, but I like it just fine!

  4. I am still only a first time offender on the marathon front and although I have plans on running another…I am not there yet. I may still join you in Santa Rosa though, but that decision will have to be made after I run the Brooklyn Half in a few weeks. I am so envious that you have a “we” to go through a training program with, especially one that is a certified trainer…unfair. Well, I am excited to read about your return to running and your next effort to BQ.

    • I count you in the “training for a first now repeat offender” list because while you’ve only run 1, you did train for 2 and would have run another if not for a pesky little storm issue, AND I’ve already decided for you that you are in fact running Santa Rosa.

      I have to admit, I am amazed at people who don’t have a runner spouse/significant other and still manage to stay motivated to train. We obviously need to start scoping out some trainer/runner women for you…unless baseball game Tinder girl is still in the mix.

      • I am going to look at a training program once I run Brooklyn and see if it is something I want to attempt while in Europe. I plan on running at least 20-30 miles a week but I am not sure I want to be worrying about 17 mile runs in July. As for the ladies, scope away, but I am still not really in the market for a girlfriend. Maybe after Europe. As for baseball Tinder girl, she is actually awesome but I have no idea where that is going…but its still going.

  5. Get it Lavender! Thrilled you’re starting up again! Looking forward to your posts! I’m reaching the dreaded “crest” of training and (shockingly) in a few weeks I’ll taper for my May 25th KeyBank Vermont City Marathon in Burlington VT. Have I really been training for a marathon? Gah. This has been such a crap long ass winter. Spring? Hello!?!?! (Is this thing on???) 🙂

    • I’ve heard a lot of chatter about Boston paces and people wondering why it seemed like everyone ran a slower race this year and the obvious answer was the terrible winter. I know given the choice between running in 12 inches of snow/negative temperatures and not running, I’d take the not running option. Vermont City should be awesome! Good luck with your final long runs!

    • You sure do got it! Just think of all those medals! I tried to convince Aaron that we needed to do the Disneyland Half, but I think it falls the weekend after our marathon. Good luck on your first week!

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