February Instagram Challenge

Back in December, I participated in an Instagram daily photo challenge hosted by the Daily Travelettes.  Even though I only participated in about 75% of the days, I actually really enjoyed brainstorming ways to interpret the daily themes and seeing some of the amazing photos that other participants posted.

I actually really missed having a challenge this month.  I would go to the app, excited to see the new word of the day, and I would be a little sad when I realized there wasn’t one. Yesterday I started searching for February challenges, but I couldn’t find any that I liked. Lot’s of lovey dovey ones, but nothing that got me excited.  So, my solution was to create my own.

Lacking the time to brainstorm clever daily themes, I googled “random word generator,” and was taken to watchout4snakes.com, and started randomly generating away.


Admittedly, I skipped about 3 words that I didn’t think would make for inspired photos (for example, “essay”), but for the most part, the words that came up were pretty perfect for something like this. Real friend (and half marathoner) Kevin (@ikeatkinson on Instagram) jumped on board!

Since this is a running blog, I’m going to try to take these while on a run, but I don’t run everyday, so sometimes they will not be taken on a run. How is that for flexibility?

If I end up being the only person (along with Kevin) who does this, I will be totally cool with it, but if you are feeling like you want to take a picture and you just don’t know what your subject should be, or if you see a daily theme and really personally connect with it (because I know the effect these things can have on people :)) then please jump on in! I’ve created the hash tag #randomlygeneratedphotochallenge and when running, I will add #randomlygeneratedrunningphoto. Please hire me to generate creative hashtags!

So, if you’re wondering why I’m taking a picture of a yeti on February 13th, now you’ll know why! Blame the random word generator.  And really, there should be a bigger Yeti presence on Instagram.

February Instagram ChallengeThose are conversation hearts.  Because, Valentine’s Day. 

My Instagram is HERE.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I’m going pro-Broncos on Sunday, and pretty excited for some 90’s sitcom reunions that are supposed to happen!

Who are you cheering for? Commercial you are most looking forward to? 

7 thoughts on “February Instagram Challenge

    • What, once you turn 30, you’re too cool for instagram challenges: 🙂 I figured February was a good month because that means there are 3 days that I won’t miss that I might on a regular month!

      • Ha, I think it’s more like: once I turn 30, instagram becomes too cool for me! I also just realized that February begins tomorrow, so I no longer have that “it’s next month” buffer. Oh well. 🙂

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