Breaking Bad Madness

So, there is this little show on T.V. called Breaking Bad.

I watched a few episodes during the first season, but I truthfully haven’t been following the series (I don’t faithfully follow very many series). BUT I know pretty much everything that goes on anyway because this show is set and filmed right here in Albuquerque, NM, and boy do we embrace all things Walt/Jesse/Heisenberg. Also everyone in the world talks about it all the time.

We have tours on bikes (through the same company that hosted our Bikes and Brews tour), tours on trolleys, yoga tours (they do yoga at filming locations), and self-guided tours. If hot air balloons weren’t so wind dependent, I’m sure we would have hot air balloon tours too.

And blue crystals.  We have blue crystal donuts, blue crystal candy, and blue crystal bath products.  My martini came with a blue crystal rim last weekend at a fundraiser gala we went to.

While the show does expose some of the more seedy happenings about town (which are sadly not completely inaccurate), Albuquerque has enthusiastically embraced finally getting recognition as a place that exists in the world. Several big movies have been filmed here in recent years (like No Country for Old Men and Transformers), but Breaking Bad has introduced the city to the world in a way that nothing else has before it…even more than Bugs Bunny and his infamous “left” (or lack thereof).  For the last several years, when we’ve gone out of town and someone asks where we’re from, we can answer and know that they’ll respond with an excited “Breaking Bad!” instead of asking where in the hell Albuquerque is.

I recently  found out that Walter White’s house is less than a half mile from my parent’s house (the house I grew up in), so this means that the White children did/will go to all of the same schools that I went to! How is that for some street cred.

That car wash is also in the same general neighborhood where I grew up, and we have taken our cars to get cleaned there many times throughout the years.

…All of this Breaking Bad talk stems from the fact that we went for a run yesterday (only the 3rd run since Imogene).

We are still in the process of closing on our new house.  It started off so fast, and now things feel like they are going really slow.  Part of that is my fault because I didn’t want to use the inspector that our Realtor chose based on several bad reviews, so that pushed things back a week.  We finally have our inspection next week, so I’m hoping to get our keys very soon, but I am getting antsy, especially because we’ve been painting all of the walls in the rental back to white and packing up wall decor. I feel like I’m not living in my house anymore, and I don’t like that.

SOLD fast, but closing slow.

SOLD fast, but closing slow.

So, we figured if we couldn’t move into our house  yet, we’d do the next best thing and go for a run around the new neighborhood.

One of the reasons we absolutely had to have this house is because the street backs up to a canyon area with an amazing running trail that we frequent.  There is an arroyo that runs through the canyon, and there is a dam in the middle of the arroyo that isn’t quite a city landmark (well, it might be now), but definitely stands out.

Source: Breaking Bad Wiki

Apparently, this dam had some sort of significance this season on Breaking Bad.  So, during our neighborhood run last night, as a warm-blooded Albuquerquean, I had to stop and shoot a picture of the damn because IT IS FAMOUS and FAMOUS PEOPLE HAVE STOOD THERE. Right there.  In my new neighborhood! (This is actually a pretty low-crime area in real life..I hope).

photo 1 photo 2

The whole experience of stalking famous places was so enjoyable (right down to people looking at me like I was crazy because I was taking pictures), that unbeknownst to Aaron, I plan to visit more famous sites this weekend (and of course stop for a blue crystal doughnut).  And I plan to watch the series finale on Sunday, even if I have no clue what is happening or why.  Anyone want to fill me in?

It’s been fun, Breaking Bad.  Thanks for being so good to Albuquerque, and finally getting us on the map!

These billboard have been up around town all summer.  I thought it was a nice touch!

3 Orders of Business

First order of business… HOUSE!

A couple of weeks ago I decided to start casually looking at houses on the market because I like to buy things on sale, and the Great Housing Sale of 2008 is just about over.  We didn’t have a timeline, so I figured we’d take 4 or 5 months to learn about home buying and maybe put in an offer sometime in January.

Well, we found the house we wanted on our first day of viewings, and three day later our offer was accepted, and now we are in the “sign and/or initial 10 million forms and have daily heart attacks induced by stress and anxiety and sticker shock” phase of *almost* owning a home.  There is a SOLD placard on the For Sale sign, so I’m going to go ahead and say that we bought a house last week! But with basically no clue about anything. (NOTE: we didn’t go with the hacienda with Mexican tile and a pool/hot tub that I mentioned on twitter).

We were en route to Ouray when we got the phone call a week and a half ago.  I can honestly say that maybe the day before leaving town for a race isn’t the most convenient time to put an offer on a house because we were presented with the  the “actual cost” (which includes much more than just principal and interest) before reaching our vacation destination, and let’s just say that we were very grateful for the continental breakfast offered at the hotel.

So, all of this information is basically to let you know that I was, and still kind of am overwhelmed.  I haven’t regretted any of this yet, and we really are excited and we’ve already spent hours at Lowe’s comparing back splashes and I’ve made an HGTV addict out of Aaron in one short week, but if I seem a little distracted and all over the place, this is why.  I really don’t understand how people do this every day and carry on like no big deal.  Because I am having a cow.


Second order of business…Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon opened up registration last Monday.  Last week all of the fast people (5 minutes under qualifying time and faster) got to register first, and starting today it has opened for any qualifiers with the fastest people still getting preference.

Technically, I have a qualifier.  The time I ran in Chicago last October (3:33:55) can be used to register for the 2014 race even though I used it to register for the 2013 race.  I don’t consider this a loophole as much as a lucky break, but it did feel a bit weird using the same race twice when just about nobody else gets that advantage.  I missed re-qualifying by a full 5 minutes in Boston, and after I fully recovered physically, I didn’t have the time to train myself into a BQ over the summer.

Before actually running Boston, I wasn’t planning on running the 2014 race.  But then April 15th happened, and running the marathon became much more significant and symbolic.

While I truly believe that I wasn’t denied any of my experience, I did want the opportunity to celebrate the accomplishment afterwards, and I did want to explore Boston without fear.  And I know the upcoming event will be so full of love and hope and pride, and getting to run in the midst of it would be absolutely incredible.  But I don’t need to go in order to feel healed or redeemed because I got to cross the finish line, and I got to celebrate with Aaron and happily send text messages to my family. It would be nice to go, but I don’t feel like running in 2014 is something that I have to do.

So, I’ve gone back and forth all summer.  Register or sit this year out?  For most of the summer, I’d been leaning toward going for it.

But then the money aspect.  With a house purchase (and subsequent home projects and remodeling because that entry way linoleum really needs to go) and a couple of other family vacations already scheduled, it is not financially responsible for us to spend the money to go to Boston this year.  It just isn’t.

So, I’m not going to submit my time this year.  I hope my spot will go to someone who worked hard to qualify (or re-qualify), and I do hope that it goes to someone who feels that they need to run 2014 in order to move on with their life, whether they were there or just felt very personally attacked as so many runners did.

Truthfully, it might not even matter.  While I didn’t consider my time (just more than a minute under) to be a “squeaker” last year, this year most people are predicting that it won’t be good enough get me in. So, this might be a non-issue.

Will I wake up every day this week, tempted to head to and register?  Probably.  Especially when my Instagram feed will start filling up with pictures of entry confirmations.  But I am excited to train hard for another marathon, BQ again, and run the race (hopefully with my husband) in the future.


Third…Imogene Pass Run.

I ran, and I survived! It was an incredible race full of gorgeous views and some seriously badass athletes who run up mountains like no big deal.  I had wanted to come in under 4 hours, and I didn’t quite make it (I finished in 4:08), but it was such a great (and humbling) challenge! Plus, Ouray and Telluride are both fantastic little mountain towns. I should have the recap up in a couple of days.

Pre-race, ready to go!

Hope your week is off to a great start!