ABQ 4 Boston 5-K

Yesterday, Aaron and I joined other local Boston Marathoners, Boston Marathon spectators (aka the husbands, wives, and children of the runners), and other Albuquerque runners/walkers to raise money for the Boston First Responders Fund.   Like many other people who were at the Finish Line, we’ve been searching for ways to provide meaningful support to the people of Boston. There is no doubt that the encouragement and hospitality from Bostonians toward the people who run the marathon is unparalleled.  They take their job as runner support very seriously, and they do it well.  During their time of need, we want to give that same support back to them.

This race allowed us to do that.  100% of every race registration went directly to Boston.  The goal was to send $47,00 from the 47th state, and while I thought they announced that we reached that goal, I think we came in at just over $30,000.  Still, an amazing effort with less than 2 weeks of planning!

Beth, who graciously let me hang out with her in the Hopkington bus line, was one of the volunteers, so we got to see her and meet other Boston runners including one guy who ran the marathon with a broken foot and STILL managed to come in much faster than me.  Boston runners got to lead the race as the other runners cheered loudly and gave us high-fives.  It was amazing to see the support not only for Boston, but for the people who ran the marathon.

Presentation1Leading the way! (I’m the one in yellow, Beth is wearing the adorable tank top that I wish I purchased)

The race started at 1:00 pm (kudos to the race people for getting this together so fast, but I would have been ok had the race started earlier in the day), and it was about 85 degrees yesterday.  I wanted to wear something from the race, but the only thing I bought at the expo was the Unicorn Jacket, so I opted to wear the long-sleeved race t-shirt with the understanding that this would likely be a very uncomfortably hot run. (It was).

After the ceremonial start, I pulled off to the side so I could run with Aaron, and I spotted Niecy, another Albuquerque blogger who I have corresponded with via the internet but never met (her legs alone are easily longer than I am.  NOT FAIR).  We did a quick double take (is that her? or not? maybe?), waved excitedly when we both realized that we WERE who we are, and then continued on our race.

The race itself was…interesting.  The course was mostly on soft sand, and I’m still not all that recovered from the marathon, but Aaron ran with me (this NEVER happens during races), and I think we did ok (neither of us wore Garmins, and the race was untimed, so I could be very wrong).

I also had a couple of ladies ask to take pictures with me.  It was quite humbling to have these people think I was cool enough to warrant a picture.  Also, I’ve decided that I’d make a really good celebrity!


??????????????????????Sprinting toward the finish! 

???????????????????????????????Getting interviewed for the news (they didn’t end up using it because some dude went on a stabbing spree at a church and they had to cut the story short).  Thanks to my mom who was standing on the sidelines, rapidly snapping pictures during my interview! 

???????????????????????????????Group photo! I don’t know why we were holding the “pre-registered” sign…

While for us, the whole “moving on” thing is a day-by-day process, I think this event really showed us that 1) we aren’t alone, and 2) coming together as a community and supporting a city clear across the county is a great way to spend a warm Sunday afternoon.

16 thoughts on “ABQ 4 Boston 5-K

  1. YOU are soooo a celebrity!!! It was so good to finally “meet” you. I was one of those groupies trying to spot you after the race to snap a picture but I had to run to pick my Munchkin up! I pray you all are healing every day and giving your eyes a break from all the news surrounding that Monday! I was so glad to celebrate YOU and the awesome other runners who were at Boston. You are a major inspiration!

    • It was great to meet your family and friends! I can put actual people to the names on your blog now! Hope training/recovering is still going well for you!

    • I will absolutely give you my autograph! 😛

      And I was truthfully worried when they said that the marathoners were going to run through the crowd and lead the way because before Sunday, my run was more of a shuffle (my quads have been so tight that they are pulling on my knees, so my legs wouldn’t bend). But, all it takes is putting me in a race situation, and suddenly I’m ready to push it.

    • The guy next to me is actually the race organizer (and one of the top Democrat/politicians in the state). He squeezed into the picture at the last minute, thereby throwing off the sign-to-space ratio. I didn’t want to extend my sweaty and smelly self into his personal space, so the (irrelevant) sign doesn’t quite look right. I however, won’t take responsibility for it!

    • I felt like it was a great way for us (the runners/spectators) to give back! And that stabbing story ended up making national news!

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