Totally Irrelevant, But I Can’t Contain the Excitement

So, even though recent habits would suggest otherwise, I do plan on posting several times leading up to my first trip to the “Northeast of Manhattan” section of the country and what will likely be the biggest marathon of my life AND I even plan on throwing in a guest post (I’m working on it, I promise Danielle!).

But today, I just needed to share my ENORMOUS excitement over the fact that I AM SEEING MUMFORD AND SONS in concert!

Not only do I happen to love me some banjo playing British boys who sing deep lyrics (and really…who doesn’t?), but I also happen to think that when we look back 20 years from now, Mumford and Sons will be one of the bands that defines the music of this decade.  They announced their North American tour dates a couple of weeks ago, and the nearest stop happened to be about 2 hours away in a small town (village?) called Taos where my mom grew up (and where most of that side of the family lives), which is a heck of a lot closer than they were last year.  Most of the tour stops were in random, small towns this time around, which is kinda cool I guess.

But the promoters did this crazy lottery system to get tickets in order to make sure that FANS as opposed to scalpers got the majority.  We did not get selected for the lottery and we were SAD. So sad that we had to console ourselves with beer and tacos during happy hour yesterday even though this week we are really trying to eat extremely healthy and do “juicing” of the non illegal sort.

But this crazy system created a remarkable community of fans.  Each lottery winner got a code good for 4 tickets.  Amazingly, most people only bought the tickets they needed personally (usually 2), and then worked together with other fans via the Mumford and Sons facebook page to get lottery losers the tickets they needed.  Thanks to a very awesome stranger, I got to purchase tickets and we are going to the show!  Mumford and Sons fans might compete with runners for the most supportive and generous community out there.  I’m trying to think of ways to pay the kindness forward to keep the good karma going!


So, just thought I’d share that and wish you all a wonderful Wednesday and I promise to do annoyingly frequent marathon updates in the near future!

What concert are you wanting to see? 


12 thoughts on “Totally Irrelevant, But I Can’t Contain the Excitement

  1. I have an insane list of concerts I want to go to this summer, i need to narrow it down before I spend my life savings on tickets!

    • Hi Ashley! There are actually a lot of really good shows going on this summer! I’m usually not too much of a concert person, but Mumford and Sons is a band I really want to see!

  2. What a fantastic way to get your tickets! And that concert poster is a work of art, I would buy it if I was going to the concert. I think I will bite the bullet and buy one of their CDs; like Downton Abbey, I may be the only person in Britain who doesn’t listen to Mumford and Sons.

    Looking forward to your post, but take your time. It seems everyone’s been pushed back 🙂

    • I would go so far as to say that you are the only person in the Western world (just kidding…my dad didn’t know who they were!)! I personally like both albums, but I may like their first one more.

      I really like the poster too!

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