2nd Birthdays and Irish Kisses

At some point during this week, my little blog celebrated its 2nd Birthday!


If you didn’t know, “Lavender Parking” didn’t start off as a running blog.   It didn’t really start out with any focus at all, but since I hadn’t yet discovered the hobby that would eventually consume my life and my paycheck, it certainly had little to do with running.  I still talked about craft beer a lot though.  That hasn’t changed.

Incidentally, my first race recap came early on (about 2 weeks in).  It was a 5-K recap for a race called, Will Run for Beer, (at that point…this was pretty much the only way I’d consent to running).  Looking back at that post, I said, “Despite my best efforts, I am kind of enjoying running and racing.  I plan on doing the 10-K at Run for the Zoo in a month.  Aaron might make a runner of this girl yet!”  If  Two Years Ago Amy only knew.

Total amateur…and like 10 pounds thinner.

Now, here we are.  This blog has completely transformed into a running blog, and I am training for my second marathon with the support and guidance of people from all over the country and even the world.

It has always been more of a priority for me to have blog friends as opposed to readers or lots of followers. I’m always amazed at the level of familiarity I can have with complete strangers, and sometimes I forget that I don’t actually know most of you.  I’m sad that we can all live in one little blogger neighborhood and go on group runs and then have BBQ’s with lots of beer and cheeseburgers afterward. And we could take lots of pictures of everything without judgement.  And then post them to Instagram.

So, THANK YOU.  Thank you for stopping by.  Thank you for cheering me on in my various adventures, and thanks for being such great friends!

OK, hug time over.

Other thoughts on this Friday:

1) SELECTION SUNDAY: Bracket prediction update: Saint Mary’s is now set to play UNM in the pretend 2nd round.  Oh, and we lost our tournament.  By a lot. SIGH.

2) I really wish I was in Chicago this weekend. GREEN RIVER.

3) I’m running a really hard trail race this weekend…I still haven’t decided if I’m “racing” or if I’m “surviving.”  According to Advanced Marathoning, I can go all out if I want to and still be fine for my goal race.  But the trail has ankle deep sand, so even if I tried, I’m not sure I can run a fast race.

4) A friend let me know that The Alabama Shakes are performing in Albuquerque this summer!

5) 1 month until Boston, 1 week until taper!  I apologize in advance for the craziness that will surly come out around here soon.

6) HAPPY SAINT PATRICK’S DAY.  I  LOVE this holiday even though I am 0% Irish.  Giuseppe is Scottish, and last year my mom made him this fabulous kilt outfit.  He LOVES it….

Do I have to?

Do I have to?


Kiss me, I’m Scottish!

Good luck to everyone doing a race this weekend! May your celebration be full of Guinness, and may you get many Irish kisses!

21 thoughts on “2nd Birthdays and Irish Kisses

  1. Ohhhh I love him!!!!!!

    I can’t believe that Boston is only one month away! So excited for you!

    And I wish I were in Chicago too. I’m running the Shamrock Shuffle there the first weekend of April. I wish the river was going to be green then!

    Happy two years!!

  2. The blogger group run and BBQ after sound amazing, I’m in! I totally agree with the realisation that blogger friends feeling like real friends; it’s great to have a connection like that with someone half a world away.

    And about Giuseppe: really his name should be Fergus, Torquil, Jock, Harris, Ruriadh (pronounced ‘Rue-ree), Bruce or Andrew if he’s Scottish 😛 Mind you, there is a large Italian population in Glasgow. Your wee Westie looks braw (good, lovely) in his kilt 😉

    Happy Blog-aversary and good luck this weekend!

  3. Happy 2nd blog-aversary!!! Good luck to your college team this Sunday — and hope your marriage survives the potential 2nd round game. 🙂
    (Having dated a Duke alumni when I was a UNC grad student, I can attest that it can get heated – but we were generally good sports about it.)

    • I bet Duke/UNC would be heated all the time! Luckily, the only way we’ll play each other is if we both make the final four. UNM might, but Saint Mary’s probably won’t, so our marriage will probably be fine!

    • You never know! And of course you’ll survive the marathon! I think running Boston would be great for you because you have ties to the city!

    • Thank you! Not too much St. Patrick’s Day fun on our end. We had the race all morning, and then a 3 hour drive back home, after which we went straight to bed!

  4. I followed the same path with my blog. I sort of feel that turning it into a running blog helped promote me to run more. If for no other reason than I needed fresh content for my blog.

  5. Congrats on two years! I didn’t know that about how your blog started… pretty amazing how far you have come with your running in two years!

  6. Hi Amy! I just found your blog, which is great because I might be moving to albuquerque soon and could use some advice on places to run! Congrats on the two year mark and good luck in Boston!

    • Hi Becky! Thank you! Good luck with your move to Albuquerque. As far as places to run, my favorite are along the river (The Bosque Trail), and along Tramway. The city is very runner friendly and you can find trails just about anywhere!

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