Marathon Reflection Monday: 41 Days Until Boston

Today officially marks the half-way point of my Boston marathon training.  Well, that went by fast!  I have three weeks left of actual training before the taper, and this is the point where I (and apparently most people) start having a minor freak-out (because I haven’t been freaking out the rest of the time?).

The taper crazies are definitely, well, crazy, but there is another perhaps more intense type of panic that occurs when you still have time to make a difference.

I feel faster and I feel stronger than I did at this point in Chicago training, but my mileage has been much more in line with a half marathon training program (I haven’t even hit 40 miles a week yet).  And I also don’t feel like I’m working as hard.  It might just be that everything feels easier the second time around, but I truthfully don’t feel like I’ve put forth as much effort.

So, I don’t really know what’s going to happen at the start line in 6 weeks.  It is quite tempting to go Rocky Balboa style for the next three weeks, but I know the “right” answer is not to over-train.

The Boston Marathon actually has a really helpful social media presence, and they posted this on Thursday.

Training TipBE CONFIDENT WITH WHERE YOU ARE WITH YOUR TRAINING. I mean, I’m not, but all I can do is finish out strong and make the most of the time I have.

My plan for the next few weeks is to really rededicate myself to injury prevention. Now is the time to make sure that my core is strong and my quads are adequately prepared for a mostly downhill course.  I didn’t put “get 8 hours of sleep” on my checklist, but I probably should have because I have been going to bed way too late and waking up way too early.  So, sleeping will be a priority. As will making sure that my body is prepared to successfully finish the last two long runs (two twenty milers).


I have created a facebook page for the blog.  I’m not too concerned with how many “likes” I can get, but I would like to have a place for all of my running related links/pictures/etc. that doesn’t impose on the news feeds of my personal facebook friends who have likely all unsubscribed from me already.  I’ll very likely use this more than twitter since I’m considerably more comfortable with facebook.  You can like me HERE.

facbookWorkout Recap

Based on a lot of advice, I decided to take things pretty easy last week in order to not push myself into injury.  Also, last week my job had me on my feet all day on a concrete floor (easily walking 4 miles a day on said floor) which surprisingly tired me out, and made my legs ache.  My little desk-dweller body isn’t used to not sitting down for that many hours. I’m hoping this was the main cause of my heavy legs all week. We did yoga three times this week just to make sure that all my muscles were loosened up and less prone to causing sudden bursts of sharp pain because that wasn’t too fun.

Monday: Rest (still trying to figure out and heal the weirdness from the failed long run)

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 1 hour spin, plus 2 easy miles to test the waters

Thursday: 5 mile tempo run: I accidentally ran too far.  I only like to add .5 miles per week to my tempo distance, but I mis-remembered last week’s distance, and added a full mile.  7.1 miles total (8:04 pace).

Friday: 3 easy miles

Saturday: 14.2 miles (9:05 pace).  This is back down off it week, so our long run was shorter.  Overall, I felt ok.  Still having issues with that side calf that has been bothering me for weeks now, but no leg spasms, and no problems afterward.

Sunday: 3 easy miles.

Marathon Goals:

SO CLOSE to hitting all of my goals! As I’m heading into these last few weeks, I’m rededicating myself to getting those goals accomplished.  If over-training isn’t encouraged, then at least I have six weeks to make a difference with the little details.

IMG_6046Hope everyone has a fantastic week! It is suddenly springtime here (this week anyway), and I couldn’t be happier!




23 thoughts on “Marathon Reflection Monday: 41 Days Until Boston

  1. I haven’t been there yet, but I do think marathon training is easier the 2nd time around. If you think you’re stronger and faster than you were before Chicago, then you’re probably right. It sounds like you have your priorities straight – not overtraining, resting adequately, and keeping up with core and strength training. Those things are often overlooked or sacrificed in order to run more miles. I think you’re definitely on the right track!

    • I’m sure hoping! Relaxing isn’t necessarily my thing, but I’m hoping if I say that “over-training is BAD” enough on here (and have a bunch of people reinforce it) that I’ll actually follow my own advice!

      • I hope many people will learn that over-training is bad from reading your blog. People just seem to think the more they do, the better off they’ll be, but in actual fact, it’s the complete opposite. I’ve seen some training plans with barely a rest day in sight, and tons of training leading to the race; I’ve actually stopped reading blogs because I felt people were over-training and thus that explained their eventual injury and not so good result. My two cents 🙂

    • THANK YOU! Their facebook page is one of the best as far as practical advice and answering questions for first-timers. But this post really felt like they were in my head!

  2. Again — I think you’re being so smart about your training. Also glad that it sounds like your calf issues are slowly getting better?!

    Liked the page on Facebook!

    • Thanks for liking me 🙂 I think the calf issues have kind of gotten better, but at this point, I think it will take more rest than I have time for for them to completely go away. They haven’t affected my running (more of an annoying pain rather than a sharp pain), it hasn’t gotten worse, and I’ve been pretty proactive in icing/rolling/massaging, so I might just have to wait a few more weeks before healing.

  3. It sounds like your training is going well! I can’t believe the Boston Marathon is so soon! It will be my first too. I am working hard to crank out the miles and stick to my training. It sounds like you have had an incredible journey to quickly becoming a fast runner! See you in Boston!

  4. Great tip from your marathon, it’s like it was meant for you!

    Sleep is extremely important, it’s when you do a lot of recovery. I’ve been getting lots of sleep lately in trying to get back to normal after being flattened by this flu. It’s helping 🙂

  5. I was fully expecting you to go all Rocky! I can’t believe you are about to hit the hard part of training already, time is flying but then it’s taper time and the mental game. I am doing a marathon training program again and it is definitely much easier right now. I felt like it was because my body is used to the distance but after a run in the heat on Saturday, I realized that it is the temperature more than anything else and I am not looking forward to training in the heat again this summer in preparation for NYC.

    • I’m assuming your marathon training is for Ragnar and not for some mystery marathon??? I was actually thinking that the temperature might have something to do with how much easier everything feels. It has also been perfect because I’ve been trying to start long runs at about 10:00 am since that’s about when Boston starts. During the summer, that would be impossible (as it would be for New York training).

      • Yeah, definitely RAGNAR…NYC is still the only full on tap. I have been running at all different times, I need to get back to conditioning my body to wake up and run so that way once summer and the heat roll around I will be ready for those 6 am Saturday runs…ugh. Keep up the good work and I look forward to next weeks update!

  6. Now that I’m coming back from a calf injury, there is temptation to up the training and try to squeeze as much as possible into these next 6 weeks. However, it’ll be worse if I do that and get another injury, so great advice on not overtraining. I just want to make it to Boston in one piece at this point! Glad your legs are feeling better and you got some good runs in this week.

  7. You are right on track, and stronger than you think you are! I’m excited for you. And yes, springtime makes me sooo happy, too. 🙂

  8. You’re doing well – keep going! If it makes you feel better, you are not the only one missing those big-mile weeks. I’m hovering around the 30 mark (if I’m lucky)…I don’t think my legs will see 40 in a week until the week of the marathon itself, if at all!

  9. I am getting so excited for you! Can’t wait!! I myself am finally back to running (as of yesterday) and have the sitting-still-for-six-week jitters, so I can definitely say that your strategy to avoid injury is huge. Stay away from that mess!

    • Glad you are no longer confined to sitting still! I have seen far more stress fractures/general injuries in running bloggers over the past 2 months then I’ve ever seen, and it is making me considerably more paranoid!

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