Marathon Reflection Monday: 69 Days Until Boston

First, I wouldn’t be an American if I didn’t mention the spectacle that took place last night (because really, even if you hate football and Beyonce and commercials and an excuse to eat 10 bowls full of queso dip…not that I did…, at the very least you know that all of that took place AND you probably even know that there was a blackout if not who won).

In my “I have a degree in communication and took at least 1 adverting class” expert opinion, this year’s Super Bowl commercials were pretty creative and well constructed as a whole (except for that first Go Daddy commercial. You know what I’m talking about.  Yuck). I really  liked the M&M’s ” I would do anything for love” montage, the Audi kid who enjoyed every second of getting a black eye, the Live Mas Taco Bell commercial (esta nochhhhheeeee), and the Clydesdale horse commercial.

And the outage. I was actually laughing in an “ARE YOU SERIOUS?” type of way.  Event Coordination Fail.  I also thought Beyonce did a spectacular job and her on-stage light show was out of this world.  And  HOW AMAZING WAS IT WHEN MICHELLE AND KELLY POPPED UP ON STAGE?!?! I was the perfect age to be a big Destiny’s Child fan in the early 2000’s  (much more so than I’ve ever been a solo Beyonce fan), and even though everyone pretty much knew it was going to happen, I still got a bit emotional when the girls all sang together on stage…even though Beyonce’s microphone was obviously louder, but did anyone actually expect otherwise? Destiny’s Child, not children.

Ok.  Obligatory Super Bowl mention done.


I think the most appropriate thing I can say right now is thank goodness for back down off it week this week.

This weekend was the first real long run duo of marathon training: 16 miles on Saturday and 8 miles yesterday.  The runs themselves weren’t so bad, but my body seems to be rebelling a bit and punished me by making it difficult to walk yesterday.  I’ve been rolling and stretching right when I get back, but for some reason, my left calf just completely knotted up.  I’m looking forward to today’s recovery run, and a shorter mileage weekend.

Speaking of  mileage, January was the first month that I’ve been actively tracking how many miles I run/walk.  It looks like I hit 98.64 for the month (yes, I am slightly annoyed that I didn’t hit an even 100).  I’m not really too concerned with what this number implies or doesn’t imply.  I’ve determined looking around blog land that I’m a pretty low-mileage marathon trainee (which served me fine the first time around). I usually base my progress on how much faster I run (determined by race times or the number of sub-8 miles I can hit during training) over how many miles I run since I’m more of a quality over quantity type person, but it is interesting to see the overall monthly total.

Anyway, this was an ok 2nd week of training.  Last week was a really crazy week both professionally and personally, and my mind was elsewhere.  I’ve always thought that running successfully comes down to a strong mental will, and I didn’t have it this week.  I’m hoping for my own 49er’s post-blackout moment!

Workout Recap:

Monday: 3 mile recovery run

Tuesday: 1 hour Spin class (cross-training)

Wednesday: 5 quarter mile hill sprints.  Mentally, I wasn’t into it at all.  4.5 miles total

Thursday: 3 miles at half marathon pace, 1 mile walk.  4.4 miles total

Friday: REST.

Saturday: 16 miles.  My Garmin died at mile 10.36, so I have no idea what my pace was.  My feet really started hurting at mile 14 (I was wearing my less supportive shoes) but otherwise, it wasn’t too bad for a long run.  I also could have run the last 5.5 miles at an average pace of 14 minute miles, but whatever.

Sunday: 8 miles.  The first 4 miles were pretty hard and I had to stop and stretch every half mile or so, but the last 4 felt great! I’ve been really trying to push hard on downhills in order to prepare for the Boston course, so I actually had to put effort into the downhill miles.  We also did yoga Sunday night which helped stretch out the sore muscles.

Marathon Training Goals:

My strategy this week was to do as much as possible early on since it is harder to eat clean during the weekends and doing squats after long runs feels about as fun as it sounds.  Mondays aren’t usually fun anyway, so eating clean wasn’t too hard to tack onto an already lackluster day. I can’t tell if any of this is actually making a difference, but I am glad that I’m starting to feel stronger again.  And I *think* I’m actually getting more flexible!

And I managed to have a perfect marathon week! I got all of my workouts in, and I achieved all my goals! Thanks to the checklist (and knowing that I’ll post it up here), I’ve really made a commitment to following through with everything even when I’d rather sit and veg on the couch (MUST DO PLANK OR BLOG FRIENDS WILL JUDGE!).


I hope you are having a wonderful Monday! Because of last week’s craziness, I am super behind on blog stalking/paying attention to my own blog, but I hope to catch up very soon!

25 thoughts on “Marathon Reflection Monday: 69 Days Until Boston

  1. Congrats on your goals. I love the checklist! I don’t think I could train for any event without a calendar keeping me on track. I am so bad about doing the hill workouts so I am inspired by those who add them in.

    I thought that Audi commercial was hilarious and my best friend and I were totally digging the Destiny’s Child reunion too. I think I still have the CD somewhere. It reminds me of my college days : )

  2. I was in a room full of late 20, early 30 somethings and when Destiny’s Child popped up, there might have been a little squealing in the room.

    I hope your run today works all the knots and soreness out!

  3. I just had a “back down off it” week, but it was forced, not voluntary. My calves threw a major fit after a 14 mile run and I have now not run for 8 days. Yep, not the best when Boston is 10 weeks away. Crap! Be careful with your sore calf because that is exactly how mine started and now I’m paying for it.

    I thought Beyonce was amazing, and I loved the Taco Bell commercial with the retirement people!

    • I think I was commenting on your blog at the same time you were commenting on mine! I think my calf will be ok (we took it really easy yesterday), but now I’m worried about some heel pain. It’s always something. Hope you heal quickly!

  4. OMG that calf pain doesn’t sound fun at all. I’m impressed by your perfect marathon week though!

    And I know what you mean re: life personally/professionally being a bit much right now. I’m finally getting caught up on blogs,e tc!

  5. Yes- when the other ladies popped up, even my husband was like, “wow- did you just see that??”. Great job hitting your goals! My goals are cross train, strength, and core on Monday, Wed, and Fri this week. In fact… That means I better get off the computer and get moving now 😉

    • Yay for your husband! I’m not sure if Aaron even knew who they were. Good luck with your goals! Not being able to run might be the perfect time to get really buff!

  6. I deal with a lot of hills and how we attack those suckers out here are to “mountain goat” your way up them (small, short strides with a high cadence) and then on the way down keep your core strong and lean down into the hill to take some of the impact off the quads (and keep proper form). Great work this week!

    • Tracking mileage is kind of time consuming, but it is enlightening. For example, I thought I ran more than 100 miles this past month! And please, stalk away!

  7. I feel like we should be running buddies, since we are around the same mileage and both are pretty laid back 🙂 I have become kind of overwhelmed reading about these other runners that are doing 6 min tempo pace for 10 miles. I too, am glad to see I am not the only one taking it easier. It sounds like you struggle with flexibility too…I am trying SO hard to stretch, I can ALMOST touch my toes!!!

    Have a great week, Amy!

  8. My favorite commercial was the Oreo one set in the library. When the guy whispered “Fire!” I nearly lost it.
    Great job getting everything done this week! Enjoy your “back off” week. 🙂

  9. I ran a marathon a few years ago after only running 3 miles per workout for the 2 months leading into it. I could have done better but I was able to finish. I thought Beyonce did your basic stripper dance, but it was a heck of a light show.

    • That’s awesome that you were able to finish after minimal training! I was allowing myself to get a bit caught up comparing mileage with other marathon runners, but I think I’m finally at peace with training at 30-55 miles a week. And I absolutely agree that Beyonce’s dance moves are probably stripper inspired (as are her costumes)!

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