Heading to My Warm Happy Place (aka RnR Arizona)

In true pre-race fashion, my body has been bothering me since this past weekend.

I keep hoping it will go away, but essentially, it feels like both legs and my lower back are all in a giant conspiracy against a half PR. Everything hurts all day long.  Hips, piriformis, knees, calves, Achilles  even obliques and rhomboids.  Strangely, I had all of these problems LAST year right before this very same race.

It started on Saturday after our sub-freezing run.  I took Sunday and Monday easy with lots of stretching and felt great on Tuesday, so I pushed myself speed-wise on a tempo run only to have everything start hurting again.

So, we’ve been spending some quality time with our Yoga for Runners DVD. If any of you Yogis can help with a modified version of the cow face pose, we would appreciate it since neither of us can get our legs to do anything resembling the nice man in the video. We are however, really good at mooing every time the word “cow” comes up!

Yesterday’s Easy Threesy felt ok, but still not 100%.

I don’t know if this is taper weirdness, or something I’m making up in my head to get out of running in the cold (p.s., the “magic” is gone now that everything is just muddy and icy and cold), or if I do really have body issues that need addressing by a professional.  I’m also planning on buying some new shoes this weekend, so maybe that will help? Mostly, I want to make sure that come next week, none of this is an issue.

So, as I attack Half #6 this weekend, I am going to approach it far more cautiously than I would like to.  I’m going to run a comfortable pace, but if I start feeling any tightness anywhere, I’m going to lay off of it a bit (This is a lie.  Put me in a race, and there is no way that I’m backing down if I have the energy not to…but I’ll try!). PR’s are fun, but not being injured is more fun, so I’m attempting to prioritize my options here!

And regardless, this is a fun race.  They have giant Chinese dragons along the course, and local bands every mile to add to the flavor.  Plus, Phoenix is WARM! Looking at the forecast has been almost heavenly this week.

We’ll see how it goes.  Marathon Reflection Monday will make it’s return next week (weird that I’m more excited for that than for actual marathon training), but until then, enjoy your (hopefully) holiday weekend! Meanwhile I’ll try to make it through 13.1 miles without breaking myself.

20 thoughts on “Heading to My Warm Happy Place (aka RnR Arizona)

  1. oh no! Why is it all these little niggling issues start to creep up right before a race! Yoga for Runners sounds like a good idea in the meantime. I hope everything starts to clear up soon!

    • I know! I’ve had issues right before my last few races. I’m still dealing with a few niggles now, but I’m stretching and rolling out like crazy, so hopefully everything returns to normal soon. Thanks for the well wishes!

  2. “…if I start feeling any tightness anywhere, I’m going to lay off of it a bit (This is a lie. Put me in a race, and there is no way that I’m backing down if I have the energy not to…” AMEN! I’m the same way, lol.

  3. Thinking of you this weekend!! I’m guilty of that ‘I’ll take it easy’ lie, too… so hard to hold back in a race setting. Crossing my fingers that it’s silly tapering aches that will clear up post race. Good luck!!

  4. I had to look up “cow face pose” to see which one you were referring to. Yeah, that’s a hard one! Your hips have to be really flexible — which means I can’t do it either. 😛 It might be easier with a towel or a small pillow under your butt? That’s my cure-all to any sitting poses I can’t do. Mooing is a good option too. haha

    Good luck this weekend!! I think all of your aches and pains will magically disappear and you’ll have a great race! 🙂

    • Thank you! I tried cow face pose with a block which helped at least keep my hips straight, but maybe I should make it a goal to get into that pose by the end of marathon training!

  5. To modify cow face, one option is to sit up on the edge of a firm blanket or towel. Or you could do another pose entirely: double pigeon. Both are challenging for the tight-hipped among us!

    Again, sit up on a blanket or folded towel. Then place one shin parallel to the top of your mat. Place other leg so that the knee is over the bottom ankle, and the bottom ankle is directly below your top knee. There should be a triangle shape in the space between your legs. Flex both feet, and place a towel between upper and lower legs if there’s a lot if space between your knees/ankles.

    Good luck!!

    • OOO! Thank you! I tried sitting on a block during cow face pose, but I still couldn’t quite make it. I think double pigeon might be a good one to try.

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