The Devil Went Down To Georgia (he was looking for a soul to steal)

A huge thanks to Shannon for awarding me with a Leibster! Shannon is another Albuquerque running blogger, but her race times are far more impressive!

First, my 11 randomish things:

1. I just started watching Downton Abbey on Friday.  I’m about halfway through Season 2 and I was officially obsessed after 3 episodes.  I’m going to be sad when I finish catching up because then I’m going to have to wait a week to find out what happens next.  And you can judge away, but my favorite sister is Edith.  I think she acts exactly like a spoiled, unappreciated, middle sister would.

2. I think IPA is disgusting.   I will never understand how people not only drink it, but embrace it.  Luckily, Aaron feels the same way, so there is never any of that yuckiness taking up refrigerator space.

3. My college basketball team isn’t anywhere near the top 25 this year, so I haven’t been watching the games at all. (UPDATE: our star player won “Best Play of the Night” yesterday for his game winning buzzer shot against BYU! Maybe we’ll finally move up a bit in conference rankings because #4 is embarrassing for former champions).  Meanwhile, Aaron has been watching EVERY New Mexico game.  I know his players better than I know mine.

4. Race medals are cool, but they aren’t even a remote consideration when I’m choosing which races to do.

5. I don’t think the new Justin Timberlake song was worth the 7 year wait.

6. I miss facebook circa 2006.

7. I think Taylor Swift is adorable.  I don’t care if she dates boys (and lots of them!) just for lyric inspiration, or if all of her songs sound like bitter teenage drama.  I love her.

8. I caught Aaron off guard the other day when The Devil Went Down To Georgia came on and I knew every word.  It was on the Coyote Ugly soundtrack.

9. I have absolutely no appreciation for country music unless it comes from Johnny Cash.  But Johnny Cash can sing to me all day.

10. I am severely claustrophobic. I have a panic attack if I feel confined in any way.  For example, I will change into flip flops the moment a race finishes because I hate closed toed shoes especially if they can’t be slipped off easily.

11. When I was younger, all of my school supplies were Lisa Frank.  Her dolphin line was my favorite!

Shannon’s 11 Questions:

1. What are two items that are always in your refrigerator?

We are never without cheese or artichoke hearts.

2. Do you prefer to exercise indoors or outdoors?

Definitely outdoors.  Albuquerque is a very outdoor friendly city except when it is 3 degrees outside.

3. Have you ever been on a cruise?

Nope.  I would like to though!

4. What is your favorite Disney movie?

This is like asking me to choose my favorite child.  Probably my top 3 are Aladdin, Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast. Jasmine is my favorite princess.

5. Besides water, if you could only consume one beverage for the rest of your life, what would it be?


6. What’s the longest distance you’ve ever run?

26.2 miles.

7. How many James Bond movies have you seen?

Hmmm…I think all of the Sean Connery ones, maybe 1 Roger Moore, a couple of Pierce Bronson, and 1 Daniel Craig.  Sean Connery is by far my favorite Bond.

8. What is your favorite vacation place?

San Francisco, or any place with a warm beach.  My favorite “vacation ” (it was technically a month long field trip) was to Brazil.

9. If you were a Thanksgiving side dish, what would you be?

Mashed potatoes because they are smooth and creamy. Ooooooh yeah!

10. What was the last non-grocery store you shopped at?

Lululemon.  What The Fluff went on sale.

11. If you could participate in any athletic event, what would it be?

The Kentucky Derby.  I don’t know how to ride horses, but I’m jockey sized, and I think it would be fun to celebrate with mint juleps!


Thanks again for the award, Shannon!

I’m officially in taper mode for Sunday.  Half tapers are so much more calm than marathon tapers, but I’m still trying not to aggravate all of these new aches and pains that have appeared since Saturday.  Giuseppe is helping us with proper upward facing dog form.


I hope you have a fantastic day!

18 thoughts on “The Devil Went Down To Georgia (he was looking for a soul to steal)

  1. OMG I haven’t even read this whole post yet but the spin instructor played this song during class this morning! How random! I mean, is that a song you’d even think of as a spin class song right away?

    OK. I’ll go read the rest of the post now.

  2. Totally agree with your number 4 – I’m sooo happy with ANY type of medal 😀

    I’m a big JT about a let-down. BUT, I’m hopeful the rest of his new stuff will be good/OK!

    • Me too. I had big expectations because I usually like Jay-Z collaborations too, but I wasn’t impressed. It isn’t a bad song, I just was expecting more.

  3. I LOVE Downton Abbey! I’m just about finished with Season 2, and I will definitely be sad when I have to wait a week between episodes. I won’t go so far as to say Edith is my favorite sister, but she has improved by lengths and bounds from how she started off.

    • I saw that on your blog yesterday! Thanks to pinterest, I already know a little bit about what happens in season 3 (ahem, wedding), but I’m trying really hard not to know ahead of time what happens. I mostly think Edith is the most realistic. If I had to dream up what a insufferable wealthy middle child would act like, Edith would be exactly what I would come up with.

  4. I have seen very Downton Abbey related thing on television. Edith wins, hands down, and I will always have a soft spot for her. Mary, however, I would describe less favourably.

    Also, Lisa Frank was my crack in school. I’m sure it is the root of my stationary fetish.

  5. I don’t care about medals either. I am, however, looking forward to starting Downton Abbey on your recommend. Have to wait for the hubs to leave the country so I can commandeer our TV, but that will be soon 🙂

    • Sad that your husband is leaving the country, but happy that you get to start Downton! Aaron actually likes it as much as I do. I watched a couple of episodes when we was gone on Saturday, and he gave me a pouty face when he came home because I watched it without him!

  6. So much crammed into one post. First off IPA’s are one of my favorite styles (they are neither disguising or disgusting), they are bitter and you have to have the right one, in the right weather…get those damn things out of my face in the winter! Downton is amazing and Edith does get much more tolerable towards the end of season 2 but she is Jan Brady 2.0. As for your love for Cash, yes, he is true country, not this twangy BS on the radio now. Race Medals just take up space in a drawer…I get one and go cool? What am I supposed to do with this…I may like my first marathon medal but that will be about it. I could really comment on every single tidbit here but I won’t. You’re awesome.

    • I probably looked at that “disguising” sentence 100 times in “preview” mode trying to figure out what was off! Thanks for finding it! I think IPA tastes like Lysol (or the smell of it at least). The most tolerable one I’ve found was a wheat IPA, but even then, I’d rather have something else. We are in an extreme minority though. That’s cool though. More stout for us!

  7. Love lisa frank!!! I had no idea that JT released a new song…sorry that it isn’t too good, but now I want to hear it! BTW, the kids I work with don’t even know who he is : ) I need to get my hands on downtown Abby season one. Congrats on the award!

    • The song is ok (I heard it for the first time on Tuesday), but he kind of made a big to-do leading up to the debut, and I don’t think it was a big comeback song for him!

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