In the next couple of days, I will detail how my “buckle down and base build” week has been unraveled by mysterious pains (apparently when I said “we’re not tapering,” my body only heard the “taper” part and decided to act accordingly).  At least I’m finally doing all that yoga that I promised!

But first, this morning, I woke up to this:

New Image

Typically (and quite vocally), I am staunchly against such temperatures.  But I was ok (not thrilled, but ok) with it this one time because last night, completely out of character for this weird little water proof city, we got snow accumulation.  We probably got about 2 inches in less than an hour between 6 and 7 last night (seriously, this hardly ever happens here, and it is about 95% melted already).

Check out my camera skills! 

Instead of swearing off the cold (probably about 16 degrees at that point), Aaron and I enthusiastically piled on our new Lulu winter weather gear and headed out for a very slow 2.22 mile run in the fresh, (mostly) clean, glorious snow.

Very rarely (maybe never?) does a run feel magical.

Yesterday, I didn’t care about pace, and I didn’t care that my nose was burning red in protest of the temperature or that my cotton pants (still no running tights) were soaked at the bottom.

From hearing the crunch of my feet cautiously hit the pavement, to enjoying the serene calm and silence that seems to always accompany snow, I enjoyed every second of yesterday’s run.  I felt like we were those little kids (I can’t remember their names) exploring Narnia for the first time.  If we were in a movie, Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of the Snowflakes would be playing in the background.

Sometimes, I need a reminder to calm down and not worry constantly about performance or races or PR’s.  A freak snowstorm gave me that chance.

IMG_0546 IMG_0545 IMG_0550 IMG_0549

18 thoughts on “Snow

  1. I’m glad you got a magical night, but it has been snowing here, and I hate it. Maybe that’s because it is definitely NOT a rare thing. I feel the magic when it is hot enough to ‘only’ wear a sweater outside…

    • I think I’ve finally tweaked it to where I LOVE it! The rest were just experiments! And ME TOO. People move here specifically for mild winters. They might be regretting that decision about now.

  2. Running on snow is awesome when a.) you’re not running very far (because it eventually permeates your shoes and your feet freeze and b.) when it’s just a thin layer of snow and not ice (because then you slip, fall and perish).

    But in lieu of those situations, yeah, it can be quite the wondrous experience.

    • Agreed! That’s why we only did 2.22 miles right after it finished before the layer of ice (which made this morning’s commute pretty scary) formed.

  3. Nothing beats the sound (or lack of sound) when it snows and the crunch of it compacting under your feet. Sigh…I miss living in the mountains right about now. Thanks for sharing, it really made me flashback to bundle up walks when I was younger.

    • I agree. Snow is peaceful! I have an appreciation because it happens so rarely here, as I’m sure you do since 1) you live in a place that gets even less and 2) enjoy snowboarding so much.

    • I saw some crazies running in 8 degrees on Saturday morning, and it made me feel like a wimp for treadmilling it! If there hadn’t been fresh snow on the ground, there is no way we would have ventured outside! Stay warm!

    • I hope so too! It seems very unnatural for us to be jealous of the weather back east! The snow was lovely, but now that it’s melted, I’m ready for it to warm up a bit!

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