When All Else Fails, Post Pictures!

I don’t really know what’s going on here.

The new year started (Happy 2013!), and I lost all motivation to sit in front of the computer and reflect on my training/write a blog post.  I’ve tried, but nothing has really sounded vaguely interesting to me, so I can’t imagine it would be vaguely interesting to you.  I wish I could say that I’m using up all this time to be more productive, but I don’t really know if I am? I did download that 100 push-ups app, so that’s something?

I’m at least trying to post runs on dailymile, so you know that I’m alive and haven’t forgotten that I have a half in 2 weeks and Boston in 14 weeks (15 weeks? I should probably know this…).

In the meantime, as further proof that I haven’t been kidnapped by dread pirates who have hacked my dailymile to post on my behalf, I offer a glimpse of non-running life since Christmas.  And can I just say that Christmas seems like a decade ago?  Only two weeks ago were we all merry and bright and running around trying to get last minute presents, but it seems like we should be well into summer by now.  Even though I just finished taking decorations down yesterday. And I’m still eating red and green M&M’s. Those suckers are yummy.

The following is a compilation of Christmas morning, the weekend before New Year’s Eve in the mountains, New Year’s Eve, a fabulous tea party with my mom and sisters (if you’re in Albuquerque, St. James Tearoom is the coolest place to spend a Saturday afternoon), and some random shots.  (I’ve been playing with the camera! I haven’t taken an auto setting picture in a week!).

IMG_5676 - Copy

IMG_5698 - Copy

IMG_5715 - CopyWe got snow! It lasted about 3 hours on NYE before it melted.

IMG_0521 - Copy

IMG_0505 - CopyStanding in front of a frozen water fall.

IMG_0498 - Copy

IMG_0491 - CopyReady for some snow activities! 

IMG_0529 - Copy

IMG_5774 - Copy

IMG_5739 - Copy

IMG_5726 - Copy

IMG_5721 - Copy

IMG_5718 - Copy

Hope everyone is doing well!

18 thoughts on “When All Else Fails, Post Pictures!

  1. I am seriously pondering just copying 75% of the text here and then inserting my own photos…welcome back and I will have to pay attention more on Daily Mile…get the motivation flowing!

    • Eh…haven’t decided if I’m “back” back. I think once I get into marathon training I’ll at least have stuff to complain about, so there’s that to look forward to!

    • Happy new year! Most of those snow pictures were taken in the mountains about 3 hours from my house (we had to get out of town just to experience it!). The one with the puppy is the one at our house. It was glorious! And then it was gone.

  2. I love looking at pictures. It is a great thing to post when there just isn’t something to say : ) Your dogs are so super cute and I totally have pictures of me from a big snow 2 years ago trying to fit into my 3 year old sled. Ha ha! Happy Monday!

    • Happy Monday (well, Tuesday now!). I like looking at pictures, too! Snow is such a big deal here because it never happens, so we take a lot of pictures!

    • I’m hoping to get back into some sort of consistent schedule before marathon training starts in a couple of weeks! And yeah, those dang pirates!

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