Presenting: The 2013 Bucket List!

You’re so excited, I know!

(Also, one of these days I’ll get around to writing a running post again since Half #6 is in 3 weeks.  But there are so many end of the year posts left to do.  And I’m guessing most of you will have better things to do on New Year’s than read about my training progress…like nurse hangovers maybe).

As mentioned yesterday, the 2013 Bucket List will be a combination of 2012 rollover and 25 new things that I can reasonably accomplish before the ball drops on January 1, 2014 for a total of 42 items.  Yikes.  That is one busy/expensive year.

While I think I had a pretty well rounded list last year, I wanted to make sure that all of my goals this year didn’t revolve around running and races, so I divided them up by category.

And without further ado, here is my 2013 Bucket List!

Bucket List


1. Run the Boston Marathon: This is a life bucket list item, and despite my initial mental breakdown, I’m actually getting pretty excited to cross this one off the list!

2. Run a race in a crazy costume: I always want to, but thus far I’ve been kind of lazy.  It needs to be the right race, too.

3. Run a Half Marathon PR: I’m way faster in general now than I was when I ran my last half in May, so hopefully this will be an easy one.  I don’t think my current PR really exemplifies where I am speed wise.

4. Organize all of our medals, bibs, and pictures into an impressive display: Right now they all sit in a sad little drawer.  That bling is too pretty to hide away.

5. Volunteer at a race: Race volunteers are awesome.  I feel like I need to do my part to support racers when I’m not able to/don’t want to race.


1. Buy a bike.  For fitness and for riding to breweries.

2. Compete in an Olympic distance triathlon: This terrifies me.  But since I already have a 2012 triathlon rollover that will most likely get crossed off with a sprint distance, I needed this to be something different.  And I’m kind of punishing myself for the DNS earlier in December.

3. Get 4-pack abs (6 pack abs is asking too much I think): I’ve always wanted them, and I think now is the time.  I mean, one of these days I’m going to have to have a baby, and it ain’t happening then. And at that point I’m sure I’ll be sad that I didn’t have them for as long as possible beforehand.

4. Be able to do 50 push-ups in a row (boy kind obviously). My record is 35.  I think this is very doable.

5. Hike up a 14er: It will probably be challenging, but I imagine the views from above the tree line will be pretty worth it.


1. Pick a small town we’ve never heard of and spend the weekend there: This is as risky as I’ll get on the “throw a dart at a map” idea

2. See another city during Christmas time: I love seeing how other cities decorate for the holidays!

3. Spend the afternoon on a boat: Categorized in the travel section since “Albuquerque” and “boat” in the same sentence is nonsensical.

4. Explore 2 of New Mexico’s “must see” places (Carlsbad Caverns and Chaco Canyon): I tend to stay in my nice Albuquerque bubble, so I’d like to explore my state a bit more.

5. Attend an out of town festival: Tomato throwing festival? Duct Tape Festival? Cow Chip Throwing Festival? The possibilities are really endless.


1. Volunteer consistently for an organization: Thanks to people like Hyedi, I’ve been inspired to get involved with Girls on the Run.

2. Do one big random act of kindness: I’ve got plans for this one, but does planning it make it less random?

3. Watch 5 thought provoking documentaries: Both to expand my film knowledge, and to learn something.

4. Take an art class: When I had graduated college but before I got a job, I took an art class at our community college.  It was a lot of fun.  I’d love to do it again.

5. Study up on the history of Israel vs. Palestine: This topic comes up every few years and every time it does, I say I’m going to actually try and understand what the heck is going on.  Instead I watch a short segment on NBC Nightly News and try to make opinions based on that.  Not cool.


1. Brew our own beer: Aaron got a beer kit for Christmas last year and we still haven’t used it.  Maybe I’ll beat him to the punch…

2. Start a “house” savings account: I’m having an overwhelming desire to do home improvement projects lately.  And it does get a little disheartening knowing that we’re pouring money every month into someone else’s house.

3. At least once a month, choose a recipe and cook dinner with Aaron: I think he’ll be happy to share the responsibility every once in awhile.

4. Get a tattoo: I still need to get my celebratory marathon tattoo, but it will probably have to wait until after Boston when I’m not training for anything.

5. Host a ridiculously over-themed Mad Men Party: This will make my life happy.


Well, there we have it! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a safe and wonderful New Year’s Eve!

24 thoughts on “Presenting: The 2013 Bucket List!

  1. Awesome list! Have you tried the 100 pushups app? I was doing it religiously for awhile — it helps just give some structure to building up the number you can do in a row. And I’m having the same issue with my next tattoo! I want one on my foot, but that means no running!

    • I haven’t tried the 100 push up app. I was thinking of a less structured approach (try to do one more a day then I did the day before), but maybe an app would be a good idea!

      • I see pros and cons, but maybe give it a shot 🙂 Also, forgot to say that I’m so honored that you’re going to look into GOTR! It’s a truly amazing organization.

  2. I was aiming for 100 man push ups, mainly to beat my dad and brother, but after making it to 55 in a row, they both dropped out of the running so I won. Which meant I stopped progressing. I’d still like to get to 100 one day, but my (ridiculously buff) boyfriend can just eke out 80, so I’m not holding out too much hope.

  3. Great list! I just updated my 40 before 40 on the blog today too – bucket lists rock. Especially like the 4 pack of abs – I always tell people I have a 2 pack because I drank the other four…. which is true :). I’ve read several books on Israel v. Palestine that represent both sides of the argument, so let me know if you want recommends on what to read. It’s really a (horribly) fascinating story.

  4. I heartily approve the vast majority of these. But I have to chime in: if you get a marathon tattoo, please don’t ink a “26.2” on yourself. There have to be other ways of commemorating the event without resorting to a bumper sticker!

    On that note, onwards!

    • Growing up, my parents really wanted to take us to all of these historical sights and natural wonders, but we weren’t really interested. I still can’t believe that I’ve never seen Carlsbad Caverns!

  5. This makes me want to write my own bucket list! I definitely have some similar goals ie Olympic tri and Half marathon PR, so I can’t wait to see how your year goes! Your kindness category is such a great idea too!

    PS This is a great time to buy a bike os start searching Craig’s List!

  6. This is a good looking list! I’m also thinking of volunteering with Girls on the Run and Girls Inc. (helping girls excel in science and engineering) this year. Will you coach or be a running buddy?

    • Probably more of a running buddy since the coaching stuff is usually right after school when I’m still at work. Our program won’t launch until February, so right now I’m volunteering for fundraising and the planning the 5-K. Girls Inc sounds like a great organization too!

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