The Bucket List That Didn’t Get Crossed Off

Way back last December, inspired by other bloggers, I decided to nix the idea of New Year’s Resolutions and instead create a 2012 bucket list of experiences I wanted to have before the year was up.

If you don’t follow through with resolutions, you have failed. Failure is sad. If you don’t follow through with bucket list items, nothing happens.

Nothing especially happens when you don’t get very many of your BL items in the “DONE” category like me.

I did do some things.  Just not as many as I would have wanted.

I’ve decided to keep this sucker running.  I’m working on my 2013 list with 25 new items to be revealed tomorrow.  The rollover from 2012 will stay on there with the hopes that I’ll eventually cross those items off the list.  And as the years progress, I’m sure I’ll establish a pretty decent list of “gotta do before I die which hopefully won’t happen for 100 years” items.

My actual level of BL completion is below, listed item by sad un-crossed off item.

Items categorized as UNSUCCESSFUL didn’t happen or even come close to happening.  Items listed as ATTEMPTED were at least approached with cheerful effort.  SUCCESSFUL items (the few and far between) were ones that I was able to cross off the list.

How Amy Fared on the 2012 Bucket List

1) Get Passport stamp #4: UNSUCCESSFUL.  Though the possibility is MUCH higher in 2013 thanks to some college graduating sisters and their graduation present vacations.  I’m hoping we get invited (hint, hint, Daddy).

2) Pay off credit card debt: UNSUCCESSFUL: I don’t want to talk about this.  At all.  However, still thankful that my credit card debt load is tiny compared to the average American.

3) Ride in a hot air balloon: UNSUCCESSFUL. Shit’s expensive. And I’m kind of scared to go with the cheapest company because I don’t want to die.

4) Run a full marathon: SUCCESSFUL!!! Definitely a lifetime bucket list item.  AND I think I get bonus points for the BQ.  That was also a HUGE bucket list item that I didn’t bother adding to the 2012 list because I didn’t think it would happen for many many years.


5) Run a race every month: ATTEMPTED.  I ran 10 road races and 1 virtual race, so I missed it by 1. I think doing the smaller ones helped me get better at racing, plus I snagged some age group awards, but the more longer races I do, the less excited I am about paying $10 per mile in a 5-k with no medal and a sad cotton t-shirt.  Sorry.


6) Compete in a triathlon: UNSUCCESSFUL.  But I think I’m more prepared mentally to take on this challenge in 2013.

7) Learn to swim: ATTEMPTED.  I think I’m closer than I was this time last year.

8) Read my way through Newsweek’s Top 100 Books of all time:  UNSUCCESSFUL. I knew this would take more than 1 year.  I’ve read some books that I hadn’t heard of that I ended up  loving. But I’ve also been stuck on the 180 pager The Souls of Black Folk since August. I read 7 books this year (on the list anyway…I think there were 2 that I’ve picked up that weren’t on the list) which is better than the 1 I read in 2011.

9) Go on a White Water Rafting weekend expedition: UNSUCCESSFUL.  I’m starting to rethink this one.  I was pretty bored after a couple of hours of kayaking down the river in September. Could I really spend 4 days cold and wet with sore shoulders followed by sleeping on the ground for 4 nights?

10) Start dressing my age:  ATTEMPTED. I think some progress has been made. I tried to avoid stores where the majority of salespeople are in high school and I haven’t worn flip flops since it got cold out. I did however walk around Chicago dressed like this, so whateves. Although, maybe wearing black stretchy pants IS dressing my age. Sigh.

IMG_5155 - Copy

11) Visit a new state: SUCCESSFULGot to experience Illinois in all of it’s finest! And by finest, I mean Chicago.

12) Send a birthday card in the mail to people on their birthdays. SUCCESSFUL. I did this at least twice.

13) Learn how to use my camera and take awe-inspiring photos: ATTEMPTED. I started looking up tutorials on Pinterest.  I’m still not Ansel Adams, but I least I know how to change shutter speed, ISO, and aperture, even if I have no idea what any of them mean. I did get a bokeh photo in of the Christmas tree!


14) Relearn French: UNSUCCESSFUL. Although I’m listening to the French Cafe station on Pandora right now, so maybe I’m picking up a little bit? However, one of the potential graduation trips might require that I learn, at the very least, how to say, “I’ll take another glass of wine!” in order to get around (“plus de vin, s’il vous plaît!”).

15) Go horseback riding on the beach: SUCCESSFUL. It was fun.

IMG_4590 - Copy

16) Write a novel: ATTEMPTED: I totally started one! I am 5 pages in.  At least I have the idea and the characters and the general plot line.  Now that the gingerbread house is done, I’ll have more time to devote.

17) Buy a new car: SUCCESSFULAnd I’m in love.  Aside from the fact that I spend twice as much money on gas. 

18) Do a massive house cleaning and reorganization: ATTEMPTED: I think this will happen pretty soon into the new year.  I’ve cleaned out a few closets and drawers.

19) Take the GRE: UNSUCCESSFUL.  I do want a masters degree, but at this point, I don’t know if it would be incredibly helpful or financially responsible.  And I still kinda don’t know what I’m doing with my life.

20) Go to a live music festival. UNSUCCESSFUL. I think this will require choosing one and planning a year in advance.  But with all of these potential vacations and Boston which is quickly shaping up to be as expensive as an all-inclusive week in the Caribbean, I don’t know if this is the perfect year for it.

21) Choose an NFL Team to cheer for: SUCCESSFUL. Though, now I’m questioning my decision.  How can a team go from winning the Super Bowl to scoring once in two weeks???

22) Win something (anything) in a radio contest: UNSUCCESSFUL.  I seriously tried though.  I even put in for a pair of Uggs last week.  I hate Uggs.

23) Invest in a piece of artwork: UNSUCCESSFUL.  Though I have decided that I want an abstract painting with warm colors.  So now I can be on the lookout!

24) Finish a Tough Mudder: UNSUCCESSFUL, mostly because it didn’t happen in Albuquerque like we thought it was going to, however it is scheduled for my birthday in 2013.  I’m rethinking this one because thanks to blog land and some detailed recaps, I’m not sure that I would have the best time.  I mean, cool that you are tough enough to do it, but it sounds mostly miserable. And I could think of better ways to spend a birthday.

25) Figure out what in the world I’m doing with my life and take steps to get there: UNSUCCESSFUL: but 2013 WILL be my year.  I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, and I still feel like I’m just in a holding area until my life really starts.  Considering I’m about 1/3 of the way through life already (if I’m lucky), I want to at least feel like I’m on the right path.

So, over the course of the year, I successfully completed 7 out of 25 bucket list items.  Here’s hoping that more items get conquered in 2013!

Are you creating a bucket list for 2013? 

29 thoughts on “The Bucket List That Didn’t Get Crossed Off

  1. I’m not creating a bucket list, I already put enough pressure on myself sometimes to get mundane, everyday tasks done, I think creating one would be too much for me personally. I am, however, looking to possibly do a sprint triathlon this year, or possibly an off-road one in August with my husband and his cousin, who are both already entered.

    For the artwork, are you wanting it to be original? Or is a reproduction okay? My parents have been in the art business since before I was born, so I’ve grown up with great artwork in my house since I was little. I also know a few things about how to get great looking artwork for very affordable prices, but you need to know a good picture framing place that will do it. I can offer suggestions if you’re interested. Art is in the eye of the beholder, and before anything else, you should love what you’re putting on your walls, no matter where it comes from, or what it costs. Some of my favourite pieces were only $40!

    Good luck!

    • Awesome that your parents are in the art business! For this particular bucket list item, I want an investment piece. Definitely an original that will increase in value. And don’t worry…I would never put anything in my house that I didn’t love! Suggestions are very welcome!

      • You could get a piece from an up-and-coming artist, as their pieces would be more budget-friendly. Check out the art shows at galleries in Albuquerque and go from there. Also, when you’re in a new town/city, check out their galleries to see what’s available. It’s always great to buy a piece of art and have a story to go with it. I got this incredible Australian Aboriginal painting from a gallery in the middle of the Outback. It set me back more than I wanted to pay, but it’s an incredible painting. Good luck! If you want tips on how to get reproductions to ‘look’ like originals, let me know!

  2. You crossed off 7 things! A few of them being more difficult than most bucket list items…i.e. the marathon and BQ’ing…most bucket list items can be flat out purchased but the marathon had to be earned. Great list and I look forward to seeing the additions.

  3. LOVE your bucket list! Way to rock it! You’ve inspired me to create one. I wanted to ask you – do you by chance know of any races in Albuquerque/Santa Fe on February 16th! All the cupid races seem to be the weekend before. Just checking with my running superstars to see if they know of anything that’s not on! Happy New Year!

    • The only one I can find is in Las Cruces (Sierra Vista Trail Run). I’ll keep an eye out though! Another place aside from to look is

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  5. I love your Chicago Marathon picture. Not only because you can tell you’re giving a beastly effort, but because the dude behind you looks like the undead. Keep on crossing off those accomplishments 🙂

  6. I don’t know if my blog posts were among the ones you read about Tough Mudder, but I can honestly say that if the invitation didn’t come from one of my good friends, I would not have registered. I’ve no doubt that you could complete one, but let’s just say the demographic that they’re marketing toward isn’t you! 🙂

    Congrats on the stuff you *did* knock off the bucket list!

    • Haha! I just reread your recap. It sounds like had a lot of fun! I think I’ll probably end up registering for it, but I think my poor husband will have to carry me through!

  7. That’s a crazy list — good for you for getting 7 items crossed off the list! I’d definitely hold off on grad school until you definitely know what you want to do. Now it’s time to read your 2013 bucket list!…

    • Rainbow Ryder’s is the best. Scott, the owner, did our balloon for the Centennial. They often run deals on living social, so maybe you can snag one. I’ll let you know when I see one!

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