Time to Get Christmasy! (AND KATE IS HAVING A BABY!)

Just wanted to let you know that this week’s (Half) Marathon Reflection Monday post isn’t done yet (or started…).

This weekend Aaron and I went to Phoenix for the wedding of two of my friends from college.  Talk about AMAZING wedding.

I also got to hang out with Jac (I am a really terrible person and didn’t look up the address of the restaurant until we were leaving…40 miles away from our hotel! Thanks to that and the world’s slowest hotel checkout procedure, we were ridiculously late to lunch).  I LOVE meeting blog friends, and Jac was so sweet despite us being so late.  Although she did talk some major smack about green chile which is sacrilege in these parts! There is a picture but it is currently living on Aaron’s phone, so I’ll share that tomorrow.

Because we were out of town on the weekend that I usually do all of our Christmas decorating I am way behind.  We wanted to put it off until we came back, but now I’m stressing about getting a tree, decorating the tree (somehow always a 2-3 days process) putting lights on the house (likely in the dark), sending out our Christmas cards, Christmas shopping (I have bought exactly 1 thing so far), putting up my little Department 56 Dickens Village, finishing my gingerbread house, etc. etc.  I think it takes a very special type person to get this stressed over being Christmasy.

photo (4)My lone Christmas cheer…for some reason I can’t get it to rotate!

So, the points of this blog are to tell you:

1) I am a terrible real life blog friend

2) Despite loving Christmas so much, I have NO decorations up aside from the Poinsettias I bought at Home Depot on Black Friday

3) REMEMBER TO ENTER THE SUNGLASSES GIVEAWAY! The winner will be chosen tomorrow night, so time is running out!

4) MY BFF KATE IS PREGNANT! I mean, I shouldn’t be this happy for someone who I will never ever meet, but I AM SO HAPPY!

5) My blog is snowing! Cool since it doesn’t look like anyone is getting any real snow.  The weirdest thing ever is to be in Phoenix (so warm) with Christmas decorations everywhere.

I'm pretty sure she's not showing yet...

I’m pretty sure she’s not showing yet…

Hope you are having a wonderful Monday!

13 thoughts on “Time to Get Christmasy! (AND KATE IS HAVING A BABY!)

  1. The snow is cute! Kate’s pregnancy was all over the BBC news channel today, even in the ticker at the bottom. She’s in the hospital with morning sickness and will stay for a few more days.

    Good luck with your Christmas prep! I’m almost done my shopping and this is only because I’ve sent packages to Canada and Germany, which obviously need to be sent early-ish to make it there before Christmas. We don’t have a tree yet, we’ll do it next weekend.

    • It was even on the news ticker here! We’ll probably have to do our Christmas tree this weekend too. I’m sad that I’m not getting the maximum Christmas experience!

    • Meanwhile we STILL haven’t gotten our tree! I’m hoping to have everything decorated and cards sent out by Monday (only 10 days later than I wanted!).

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