The Leather Anniversary

I realized the other day that I refer to my wedding day less and less.  I’ve even been looking at our wedding pictures that I plastered all over the house and I’ve been considering replacing some of them with more recent photos that show a more accurate representation of our life.

Don’t get me wrong.  I loved my wedding (though, thanks to Pinterest, I would probably do it a thousand different ways now if I had the chance), and we will never be able to recreate having that wonderful group of our favorite people in one room celebrating the day with us ever again.

But the longer we’re married the more I realize that our wedding was really just one short day among the many in our life together.  A day that didn’t include memories of vacations, crossing our first marathon finish line, adopting our sweet puppy, surviving job loss, attending funerals, being sick, picking out Christmas trees, hosting parties, meeting extended families, and learning about all the weird quirks we have separately and together.

I didn’t know that I would be such a different (and better) person three years ago because of this man. And wow have we had a crazy and spectacularly fun time since then!

Today, while we are celebrating the anniversary of our wedding, we have much more to celebrate over the last three years of our marriage than one short day.

(You can see a few more photos from our actual wedding HERE)

Rain forest outside of Seattle 2008: pre engagement

Disneyland 2009

Hawaiian Honeymoon 2009

Dirty Franks in Columbus, OH 2010

Frankenmuth, somewhere in Michigan 2010

Oktoberfest, Denver 2011

Duke City after my first Half Marathon, 2011

ABQ Brews and Blues 2011

Jamaica 2011

San Francisco, 2011

Top of the Sandia Mountains, 2012

  Santa Fe Oktoberfest 2012

Chicago 2012

Galveston, TX 2012

Giuseppe’s first 5-K 2012

Wedding photos courtesy of Dry Heat Photography.

Chicago Photo courtesy of Willow Lane Photography.

23 thoughts on “The Leather Anniversary

  1. That’s a pretty full three years … glad to see you enjoy marriage as much as I do. It’s awesome to find the right person to go through life with and grow with.

    Happy anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I think we still have 1 photo from our wedding day up, but the rest are, like you said, of our life together. And now with a little one running around, we have much more of our favorite moments with him captured on our walls.

  3. LOVED This post! Especially the last picture! Happy Anniversary! You guys are a ridiculously cute couple…and that’s saying a lot coming from me…I usually shout “GROSS” when friends of mine kiss or something!

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