Randomness: Turkey Brained Edition

The frazzled randomness that is currently going through my turkey brained head:

1) Is it politically correct to dress as a Native American for a Turkey Trot?  I know Rachel pulled it off without getting lectured, but Albuquerque is a super PC type of place.  Is it more PC to go as a turkey? I don’t even know why I’m asking since we all know I’m going to just wear my Chicago Marathon shirt to make myself feel better when all those 8 year-olds pull off 19 minute 5-K’s.  How is that even fair?

2) I am so excited that all of  you (well, aside from the people who live in other countries) are doing Turkey Trots! I feel a giant virtual running hug on Thursday morning coming on.  How often do we all have races on the same day?  So cool! Remember to visualize being a turkey and maybe you’ll run faster!

3) Today is Hug a Runner Day.  I’m all for holidays, but I don’t get this one.  Based on the number of RT’s I got this morning, it looks like a lot of runners are more appreciative of cupcakes than hugs.  I mean, who REALLY wants to hug a sweaty runner anyway? I know I don’t.

4) All of you lovely people keep posting these amazing looking recipes for Thanksgiving, and I’m starting to get kitchen envy.  I don’t cook.  I AM considering making some gluten free desserts to take along with us (both our families live here so we do 2 Thanksgivings!).  If I ever come over for dinner I will feel bad because nothing I can do will ever compare to the amazing Martha Stewart type stuff y’all are coming up with.

This looks like a nice, easy project! 

5) My little sister is bringing home a boy for Thanksgiving.  I have the overwhelming urge to be a brat.  Even though my family was pretty cool when Aaron came over for his first Thanksgiving 4 years ago (truthful statement…if my family had to choose between Aaron and  me, they would likely choose him).  I’ve already said that he had to run the Turkey Trot with us AND HE IS!!! I need to up my game here. Any good stories about going to a “first” Thanksgiving/holiday?

Hope you are having a wonderful (maybe less random?) day!

8 thoughts on “Randomness: Turkey Brained Edition

  1. My feeling is that it is VERY un-PC to dress as a Native American for Thanksgiving, but then again, I live in the Bay Area, which is probably more PC than Albuquerque? I think you should go as a turducken instead!

    • I had never heard of a turducken until this year! Crazy people. I saw some adorable turkey ballerina type people. Something to consider for next year!

    • Pinterest makes me feel inadequate on a daily basis! If I had tried to make those, I would have been one of those “nailed it” stories! I ended up making pumpkin snicker-doodles instead.

  2. Happy belated Thanksgiving! Lucky you, two dinners! And I agree with Jen, I don’t think it’s PC. In Canada, it’s extremely looked down upon to do something like that, especially considering the history between the Canadian government and First Nations people. On a lighter note, cooking a Thanksgiving meal isn’t complicated, it just requires a lot of time. Have you ever cooked a Sunday roast of some kind? It’s like that, but amplified.

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