So…I’m Doing a Triathlon…

One of my bucket list items for this year was to race a triathlon.

I’m not quite sure why I put this on there.  Maybe to challenge myself? Maybe because I was high off my first two half marathons and decided I could do ANYTHING? I don’t really know.  But I don’t have a bike.  I was probably 12 the last time I rode my bike.  And I can’t swim.

A few weeks ago I decided to start learning how to swim since that was another bucket list item. But I haven’t really kept it up.

Aaron spends all day in a gym.  I think it takes extra encouragement to get him to go to his “workplace” after hours.  And I like to make a splashing idiot of myself in front of as few people as possible. I suppose on the upside, our wet area is co-ed, so I don’t have to deal with situations like Jen does in the jacuzzi.

Well, I have found a triathlon in December!

This is an indoor tri that utilizes gym equipment.  No bike? No problem.   I’m glad I wasn’t more specific in my bucket list requirements!

Basically, you run for 20 minutes on a treadmill as fast as you can, hang out on the spin bike for 30 minutes, and swim in the pool for 10 minutes. Your score is based on distance covered rather than time.

So, I am now forced to learn how to swim (or at least establish a good doggy paddle) for 10 full minutes. That isn’t so bad, right?

I’m nervous.

I mean, the marathon was scary because I did’t know what would happen at mile 20.  But, at least I knew it involved running.

Well, how nice for you, tri person!

This is such a new world for me.

I’ve definitely been inspired by all of you who jumped into tri land and had to do things like swim in open water!!! (OMGSOSCARY).

And indoor tris seem to be a whole different game than like, real ones. I don’t know anything about transitions, especially because I don’t think there is a “transition area.” AND I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR!

My swimsuits aren’t necessarily designed for competitive swimming.

Are you kidding me…

Meanwhile, Aaron has done countless tris including 3 Ironmans.  These are really where he excels, even more so than running.  I think I killed it because he hasn’t done any triathlons since I met him.

I don’t think I’ll be keeping up with him anytime soon, but I have decided that I need to let myself out of my comfort zone every once in awhile.  I am truly having to chip away at this triathlon thing from the bottom.  If anything, this will ensure that I get some quality cross training in. And maybe next year I’ll be crazy enough to sign up for one outside!

Small steps.

38 thoughts on “So…I’m Doing a Triathlon…

  1. Super clever idea Amy ! I wish I could find myself an indoor triathlon. I’m in a pretty similar situation… I can swim to survive, but my strokes aren’t really any good and I haven’t been on a bike since I was about 8… don’t know if I trust myself out on the road, so all I can do is run. Also I have no desire to wear a wet suit. So indoor triathlon is the way forward me thinks !

    Good luck !!!

    • I think (hopefully) it will be a good way to at least try it out. I don’t know if they are very common. I’ve only ever seen one person blog about it, and I’ve never heard of one here until now. I would think more gyms would do it for marketing purposes.

  2. Indoor tris are the BEST! Good luck, you will be addicted 🙂 Our indoor tri was at a Lifetime Fitness and we just went into the locker room between the swim and the bike. We brought anything we’d need for the run with us to the bike, since we only got a few minutes in-between. My friend wore an Athleta two-piece tankini that was super supportive so she just changed her bottoms after the swim. I totally changed out of a one-piece suit into a tank and spin shorts and then I biked and ran in those spin shorts.

    And wow — didn’t realize Aaron was a (three time) triathlete!?

  3. Love the idea of an indoor tri! I completed a sprint last year with an open water swim and it really was OMGSOSCARY! 🙂 There’s nothing like a multi-sport race though, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! Learning how to swim was on my list in 2011 and I was so proud when I dragged myself out of that lake, even if it took me a little longer than planned and I even had a little lake grass stuck to my arms. HA!

    • Awesome job on learning to swim and getting in your first tri last year! You give me hope! At least for this first one, I won’t have to worry about lake plants!

  4. I REALLY want to do a Tri in the spring! I love running, but I don’t love long distances…. and I already swim and bike. I feel like combining a shorter run (read: not a marathon or half) with the others would be a good fit for me.

    Have you settled on a training plan yet? I’d love to see how you’re scheduling it out.

    • It sounds like we should form a team! I can do the run and you can do the other stuff!

      We don’t really have a plan at all. The race is in 3.5 weeks, so I’ll probably replace a recovery run day with a spin class and try to get to the pool twice a week.

    • I don’t think they are very common, but I would think more gyms would do it to get people in the door. I think it is perfect for newbies/scaredy cats like me!

  5. Cool! I would totally do an indoor triathlon. My husband’s cousin’s wife has tried to persuade me to do triathlons in the past, as she says running is the hardest part (if you know how to swim, which I do), but because I don’t have a bike, I wasn’t up for it. That could change though as it was only a sprint tri. Something to think about for next year…..

    • Yeah, not having a bike really puts a damper on things. And I’m a pretty small person, so I don’t know anyone with a bike that I can borrow. If I can get myself to swim in the next 3 weeks and can find a bike, I think I’d be more inclined to go the tri route rather than the ultra route!

    • How funny because that’s the one thing I can do! I like the idea of the challenge, but I definitely admire people who can do all of those sports. Maybe you can join a relay team.

    • I very well could be nuts. Aaron seems to think I can hold onto the pool edge if I need to, so there’s that. I’ll be the poor person using a floatie to prevent drowning.

      • Naw, I am sure you can stop after each lap to catch your breathe if you need to…10 minutes wont be that bad but get in the pool stat. My body loves swimming while its happening but be prepared for soreness from all the muscles you rarely use.

  6. Just found your blog and wanted to say hi! Love your triathlon bucket list goal! I’ve only done one sprint tri myself but I was in the same boat… I was a runner but wasn’t much of a biker and definitely was NOT a swimmer! It’s funny, everyone at the race was nervous about the run but I couldn’t wait for it! 🙂

    The indoor tri sounds like a cool twist on the typical race. You’ll do awesome… good luck with training!

    • HI! Thanks for stopping by!

      Glad I’m not the only one out there who is attempting a tri without much experience in 2/3 of the sports involved! And thanks so much with the good luck wishes! I am really going to need them!

  7. The indoor tri sounds like a great way to dip your toe in the water, literally and figuratively. I’ve thought about doing a sprint triathlon, but I’m too intimidated by the swim part — especially the open water. Yikes!!

    When I took swim lessons, I invested in a TYR one-piece, which I have been really happy with so far. Will you wear the bathing suit under your running/biking clothes? Anyway, best of luck!

    • Thanks! I have no clue how I’m going to dress for this. I need to do some research because I really need a sports bra for the running, but I don’t know how a swim suit factors into all of this. This could turn into a very expensive hobby…

    • Glad you had a good experience with an indoor tri! I think it is a really reasonable way to start for someone like me who can’t do 2/3 of the sports required! If I can figure out the logistics, I think I might get hooked too…Thanks for the good luck wishes!

  8. Awesome! I wish I had found a pool swim to start with– the open water was rough. You can absolutely handle that, especially with pro Aaron giving you all the tips! Enjoy the process!

    • Thank you! Your jump into tri’s was definitely inspiring. I’m glad for this first go round I won’t have to worry about the open water or the possibility of having a tire go flat.

  9. I’ve never done an indoor tri and I think because the lap pool thing intimidates me. In open water I felt like I had more room to move around even though I had people in front of me kicking my shoulder. Maybe it’s because I don’t know what the proper etiquette is for passing people in the pool. Weird. Well, good luck and don’t kick anyone in the head (on purpose) unless they are gaining on you 😉

    • That is WEIRD. I think you are the only one! 🙂 I hadn’t even thought about pool etiquette…probably because I will certainly not be passing people. I think in a pool I know that there are only a few feet of water under me and if I go under, I can be found (and rescued) pretty easily. I truthfully had a nervous breakdown the first time I went snorkeling.

      And I have no problem kicking people in the head/tripping/slashing tires to get the job done! Thanks for the good luck wishes!

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