(Half) Marathon Reflection Monday

Well, we are officially back in training!

As of right now, we aren’t really following any sort of training plan. Aside from knowing that we’re adding a mile to our long runs every weekend and doing 2 speed workouts per week, we’re kind of winging it.

Besides, with Thanksgiving, an out of town wedding, Christmas, the billion things that go along with Christmas, an inevitable sneezey cold (it always happens in December), New Year’s, freezing temperatures, and a wedding anniversary, we probably wouldn’t do a good job of sticking to a plan anyway, so why set ourselves up for failure.

BUT I also want to accomplish some big things over the next 10 weeks. The problem with creating a ridiculous goal and actually accomplishing it (as was the case for the marathon) is you pretty much think you can do it every time.

So, my goal going in is a 1:35 half, or 7:15 per mile average (I’m not really sure why but it seems like a good number to reach for).

I am not anywhere near this.

My last real (non-puppy) 5-K in July was a 7:20 average.  On ONE occasion have I been able run a race faster than a 7:15 pace.   And according to McMillian, my half time is about 1:41 half based on my marathon time. So, I’ve got some speed to work on.

Aside from hitting a 1:35, my other goals for this training session are:

1) Yoga once a week to keep limber

2) Strength training: I’m never very consistent with this, and I need to get better.

3) Staying injury free by being proactive (with stretching and identifying nagging annoyances before they become issues)

4) developing a solid base for an easy transition into marathon training the week after the race.

We did our first long run this weekend.  I was planning on getting in 5 miles, but we went for a trail run next to the river and we ended up at about 5.8 instead, so we’re already ahead of schedule!

Overall, I felt ok.  My calves were tight yesterday, but considering we took a 5 week break with nothing more than a few 3 mile runs, it didn’t feel labored.

It was a slow run because it was on a trail (lots of really loose sand, lots of horse poo, and lots of change in direction).  And of course, lots of picture stops/tree climbing/general shenanigans   We had some COLD weather this weekend, so Saturday morning was our last chance to get in a good run with fall leaves because I’m guessing a lot of them have just met their ultimate death thanks to the sub-freezing temps and wind.

Our mighty Rio Grande River

I am excited to get back into the swing of things and to have a routine to keep myself on track.  I’m not looking forward to running in the early morning, especially because we’re having an unusually cold week (I know I complained a lot about the heat this summer, but I may hate running in the freezing cold even more).

I hope everyone had a good training weekend!

20 thoughts on “(Half) Marathon Reflection Monday

  1. You guys are adorable – the run look so fun!! Also, that is a crazy fast goal. I’m jealous that is even on your radar! My times aren’t anywhere close to that…. though I’m hoping someday I’ll be running sub–8 miles regularly.

    Good luck with the training! I like the idea of not having a strict schedule… I’m usually very scheduled, and then get annoyed/disappointed/angry when life intervenes and I can’t keep it. I have to rethink how I schedule I think…

    • I’m not sure at all if I’ll be able to pull off that time, but if I try, the least I’ll do is hopefully PR!

      And I’m exactly like you. I’m all about the schedule. This will be the first time that we don’t use one! I’m hoping it works out.

    • We are doing Rock n Roll Arizona in Phoenix. I know the course, and weather is always great, so at least I have that on my side! Thanks for your encouragement! I’m mostly worried that with the holidays I won’t be as dedicated to training as I should be.

  2. 1:35…too easy for you! Kind of kidding, but you guys are so fast already, I feel like its a solid goal as long as the course is relatively flat (hint: I have a post coming about a hilly half). Awesome pictures and time to hit Lululemon for some new winter running gear…am I right?!?

    • Haha! Already ahead of you on the Lulu shopping trip.

      And thanks for your confidence! I’m not at all as confident (I don’t know Aaron’s goal, but I assume it’ll be around 1:20-1:25). The course is flat-ish (the first 9 miles are uphill, but you only feel it from 7.5-9). I ran this race last year, so I at least know what to expect. BUT I also know myself around the holidays. For example, last year I didn’t really train for this race at all despite my best intentions. So, we’ll see.

      And I guess we can talk again. I’m still bitter, but mostly at the dumb people who don’t seem to realize that it is their multi-million dollar job to catch a ball. Like, who loses to the Bengals?

  3. Woo-Hoo! We will now refer to you guys as the Speedy Lavenders! Phew! I had good success with the no plan, plan. Especially when there are so many outside influences that can possibly throw you off your game. So what if your speed work has to be on a Monday. For me, it just took off the pressure of having to fit things in on certain days. Those pictures are awesome!!!

  4. Great photos! I like your “No set plan, but let’s aim for a very challenging goal” plan. I think at this point, you probably have a very good intuition about what will work best for you training-wise. The yoga and weights will be good additions too. Speaking of cross-training, what happened to the pool? Are you still swimming?

  5. I think you officially have saw awe inspiring photos (as per your bucket list). I especially like the second shot. Good luck with the new training program. I need to get back into the whole yoga thing as well. It is actually good for the running legs, I just need to make that effort :).

    • Aaron actually took almost all of those with his iphone! He’s a pretty artsy guy. Making an effort is harder than it sounds. I always have good intentions, but I hardly ever stick to it!

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