Kicking Off Another Training Cycle and Annoyance Toward the Oldies Station

Good luck this weekend to Hyedi and Kelly (running her 2nd marathon in 2 weeks!) who are racing this weekend!

This weekend we are kicking off Operation Fast Half.  I’m ready.  To run AND to have something running related to talk about on the running blog.

On Sunday, it will be 5 weeks since the marathon (say what?).  I really like spacing big races out so I have a good month to rest and relax.  That way, when I have to jump in again, I’m itching for it instead of feeling burned out.  I’m ready to push myself to new goals and for goodness sake get my calf muscles back.

I will say I’m a big fan of this half marathon mileage.  This weekend we”ll start off with a 5 mile run! As a long run! I won’t even need a Clif Shot or water break!

This will also be our first weekend of “winter weather,” so it looks like I’ll have to pull out the gloves, running tights, ear muffs, and running jackets that have been buried deep in the closet since March.

In other news, the other day I was listening to the radio while driving to work, and Kokomo by The Beach Boys came on.  I love this song.  It reminds me of lounging on the beach in Jamaica, (it reminds me of the movie, Cocktail, but I don’t think it is part of the soundtrack), and reminds me of Full House.  I REALLY liked Full House growing up.

Aruba, Jamaica, Ooooh I wanna take ya

My day dream was rudely interrupted when I looked down at my stereo screen and realized that I was listening to the Oldies station.

Kokomo came out in 1988…I was well into my childhood in 1988.  Songs from my childhood are being played on the OLDIES station.

Just thought I’d share.

Random question (that will become less random in the next few weeks): What kind of sunglasses do you like?  I’m a big fan of the big bug ones or ones that look retro. 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


27 thoughts on “Kicking Off Another Training Cycle and Annoyance Toward the Oldies Station

  1. Did I already ask you where in Jamaica you went? We went a few years ago and I REALLY want to go back!

    I love aviators or gigantic, annoying big ones that take up half my face 🙂

  2. Thanks for the race shout out, but I decided last night not to do the marathon. I’m okay with the decision. There were lots of things that were interfering this weekend that made it stressful for everyone involved so I nixed it. Lots of other things to do til the next one. My favorite sunglasses are my wire-rimmed aviator glasses that make me feel like Maverick. But while running, I have some Oakleys (not pretty at all- but they don’t move and don’t fog up).

    • When it isn’t fun, it isn’t worth it. I hope your weather doesn’t get too crazy this weekend!

      I love Maverick style sunglasses! I’ve never had pretty running sunglasses. That is the one instance where I’m all about function. I hate sliding them back up my nose!

  3. I know exactly what you mean about songs and feeling old. Sometimes when a song I like comes on, I start thinking about when that song came out, and then I do the math. Wow. I mean, I can’t believe 1992 was TWENTY YEARS AGO. What??

    Anyway, I also like big, plastic sunglasses, but am thinking about getting lighter ones to run in. I just can’t bring myself to buy a pair of glasses that I will only wear for running.

    • I KNOW! When I was looking for pictures of something to signify feeling old on Pinterest, I came across one that showed Home Alone coming out 22 years ago. I can’t even believe it.

      I hate having to push my sunglasses up while running, so I usually buy running sunglasses at the Nike outlet. My last ones lasted almost a year before my puppy chewed them.

  4. Oldies…ha…so awesome. That song is pretty awful but entertaining, plus, I have no room to talk since NKOTB’s Hanging Tough popped in my head this morning. If you knew me like my girlfriend does, this isn’t hard to believe, it happens a lot with music and pretty much everything else…random…so I understand the Kokomo blast.

    As for sunglasses…I like the throwback shades right now, is where I get mine. In regards to running, I can’t bring myself to wear running glasses…just can’t do it…I have run in my sunglasses though and it wasn’t too bad.

    • I think the most fun songs are usually the worst. Like Gangham Style. I want to dance everytime I hear it, but it is really really bad. And I heart NKOTB, maybe even more so when they partner with BSB.

      In general, running sunglasses aren’t cute, but I’d rather wear ugly ones and not have to push them up my nose. Right now I have some purple ones!

      And, you know, whenever you’re not busy, a bunch of people would really like to know how this whole marathon thing went (didn’t go?) down and what your plans are now that you AREN’T a marathoner.

  5. Re: Eminem’s daughter – I TOTALLY feel old. Not cool. Worse when you tell kids to save their work on a computer by clicking on the icon for the hard disk to be met with vacant stares….

    Also, I was confused when I clicked through because your header image had changed – I like it! 🙂

  6. I like plasic frames, streamline I guess? Hard to explain. I don’t like the big eye plastic sunglasses. Can you post your half marathon training plan? I’m interested in seeing it because, if my back/hip/foot sciatic stuff gets sorted out, I’m going to enter a half marathon in May 2013.

    And I feel old when my students speak to me about songs they like, and I don’t know if the name they’re saying is the song or the band itself :s

    • I actually don’t really have a half plan this time around, but we’ll probably follow a schedule pretty similar to the one below:

      Sunday: long run (adding 1 mile per week)
      Monday: recovery run (3-5 miles)
      Tuesday: speedwork (400’s, hill sprints, tempo runs)
      Wednesday: cross train
      Thursday: Speed work
      Friday: rest day (I have *good intentions* of doing yoga)
      Saturday: running somewhere between 3-6 miles

  7. First off, let’s not talk about how old we are since I am significantly older than you, k? Although that’s one of the things I love about running and running blogs, it can unite people of all ages!
    Secondly, yay for the Phoenix RnR. I’ll be there too. I was going to do the marathon, but might do the half now that I’m going to run the Tucson Marathon in December to make up for the NYC marathon.

    • Haha! I think we should ALL gang up on the oldies station for even suggesting that we’re oldies!

      Tucson is supposed to be a great (downhill!) course! I bet you’ll do really well there! I really enjoyed RnRAZ last year, and escaping to Arizona in winter is always welcome!

    • I think his daughter was born in like 1995 which is even worse! She is absolutely beautiful.

      I need to email you because we’re actually going up to Phoenix in December for a wedding!

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