I’m Cool with Savasana

First…I have updated my “Contact Me” page to include (I think) all of my social media accounts so you can follow me EVERYWHERE.  Do you want to see my filtered pictures of my puppy?  Join me on Instagram! Do you want to see what I wish my house looked like? Join me on Pinterest.  If you don’t, that’s cool.  I don’t know if I even want to follow me that much!  But the option is out there!

In other news, I’m really awkward at yoga.

I know I’m in the minority here, but I don’t find it relaxing and I don’t get an enlightened feeling.

Um…this doesn’t look very comfortable…

And hot yoga? That is one hour and a half of pure torture.

But every once in a while (usually prompted by a Groupon), I’ll go on a month long hot yoga kick.

But I don’t like yoga enough to pay full price.  Luckily Aaron has some really cheesy “yoga for athletes” DVD’s that don’t involve having to get all dressed up (our yoga studios are definitely Lulu’d out).

We did not use them once during marathon training.

Over the last 4 weeks, it has become blatantly obvious that my muscles are tight.  They are looser now then they were on my day after limp fest through Chicago, but even after all the rest, they are not as loose as I want them to be as I head into “Operation Fast Half” next week.

On Saturday, we did one of the DVD yoga workouts.

I spent 12 years of my life as a ballerina.  I worked on my flexibility constantly (it isn’t cool to be the only girl who can’t do the splits), and I’ve always been pretty limber.  Even in our previous yoga attempts, I’ve been pretty good at holding poses and getting deep into the stretch.

I couldn’t touch my toes on Saturday.  I also fell over on every attempt to hold tree pose (I think this is supposed to be symbolic of my inner balance).  Basic moves like rotating my hips were extraordinarily difficult.

Basically, I was the biggest yoga disaster before even considering my runny nose, and my tendency to giggle every time the monotone lady narrator said “buttock.”

But, regardless, we popped the DVD in again last night, and already my flexibility was far better then it was on Saturday.  My maturity level was about the same.

I don’t love yoga.  I don’t think I’ll change my mind on that any time soon, but I can’t deny that I need to do some good quality stretching to compliment the running mileage.  My goal is to incorporate yoga once per week when I’m actively training.

It took me a really long time to even walk right after the marathon and I think if I had practiced some yoga I would have been much better off.  I will have no time between my half and jumping into Boston training, so I can’t afford to take a few weeks off to recover.  I’m hoping yoga, no matter how unenlightened, will make for an easy transition.

Namaste! And go vote!

19 thoughts on “I’m Cool with Savasana

  1. Totally with u on the whole yoga thing…. it does help with running, I used to do it the day after a half marathon and as painful as it was, I was pretty much back to normal as soon as the class was yoga. And as disgusting as hot yoga can get, I always felt like I’d done some sort of work out even if I stayed it child’s pose for an hour your still come out drenched. Lol !

    My first half marathon, post-marathon went pretty well considering I was preparing my self for a personal worst. Will post my update soon 🙂

  2. You know I love me some yoga so this made me happy 🙂 I still mostly do yoga for the positive body effects even after years of practicing (I guess I’m resisting the zen)… big time injury prevention benefits for runners too!

  3. I’m a big fan of savasana too. 🙂
    My favorite yoga practice is one that’s got a lot of flows (Vinyasa? Hatha?). Basically, you do so many sun salutations that your arms become like rubber and you’re sweating buckets. But I also like balance poses, which are really good for runners.

    • Really? I think it is the most relaxing pose, but I probably don’t experience the full mental transformation to relaxation. And confession…I always get up right after the teacher leaves the room. I know, I know.

  4. NIce new banner!

    I used to practice Moksha yoga, one of the hot yogas, when I lived in Canada. I’d like to do it here, I’ll have to seek it out here. I was going to use the savasana tshirt picture for my blog post last night!

    • I’m still not 100% sure of the new banner. I might change it again in a few days.

      It was funny because I didn’t read your post until this morning after I posed. I was like, Danielle and I were having the same thoughts! For some reason, Scotland doesn’t seem like a place that would practice a lot of yoga.

      • The banner is very fancy looking, especially showing your hardware, but I think I like the old one better?

        Perhaps they practise hot yoga in Edinburgh and Glasgow, but there isn’t a Moksha or Bikram place anywhere close to me, and anyone I mention it to around here hasn’t even heard of hot yoga. I wonder what yoga without Lululemon would look like?????? 😛

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