Giuseppe’s First 5-K

Boy, what a weekend in the world of running.  First, New York was cancelled (I admit I was brought to tears when pictures of runners volunteering on Staten Island started getting posted) and then Toyko was added to the World Marathon Majors (joining Chicago, New York, Boston, London, and Berlin).

Meanwhile, in our neck of the woods, Giuseppe ran his first 5-K!

Our local Animal Humane Center organizes an annual race called the Doggie Dash and Dawdle 5-K that allows puppies to partake in the racing fun.

I mean, did we have any other option?

We put off signing up because I wasn’t sure I would be able to run much less keep up with a hyper puppy, but we registered on Thursday, picked up our packets, and I made Giuseppe his own little race bib.

We showed up on Sunday morning and got ourselves orientated.  Giuseppe was overwhelmed and excited with all of the dogs everywhere, but he was very well behaved.

The other dogs are about ready to fight.  Giuseppe is focused on getting to the start line on time. 

My parents and sister came to give Giuseppe moral support, and we ran into a few friends (including one of Aaron’s lifelong friends who does every race dressed as Batman) who were also dashing.  The race got off to a delayed start, but we eventually got lined up.  The runners without dogs got to start first, and it was a bit of a free for all for everyone else.

As anticipated, the first half mile was a major disaster.  I’m really good at weaving through people, but add in a puppy on a leash (and a bunch of other leashes just waiting to trip you), and it wasn’t quite as easy.

We were a little worried about Giuseppe because we haven’t been training him as much as we should since we’ve both been trying to recover from Chicago.  We got a pretty solid 2 mile run in with him on Friday just to make sure he wouldn’t collapse, but we didn’t know how it was going to turn out.

Turns out I’m the one we needed to worry about.

After a 2 week taper, the marathon, 3 weeks off of running, and a week of cautious attempts, I was in no condition to run a fast 5-K.

Meanwhile, Giuseppe was speeding along, completely focused.  I know he’s a smart puppy, but I’m positive he knew his goal was to run until he crossed the finish line.  Even as we passed my cheering family, he looked over, gave them a smile, and kept going (typically, he runs over and showers them with love and excitement).  We got to a steep hill and Aaron yelled out, “POWER UP IT SEPPE!” and he did.  I did not.

Meanwhile, we were averaging somewhere between 7:00 and 8:10 minute mile paces, passing the big dogs and doing just fine.  Giuseppe took a quick water stop (they had water stations for dogs and for humans), and then kept going.

I was DYING.  It took me one mile for my legs to warm up, but I just didn’t feel very good at all.  I  never do feel very good for 5-K’s, but I’m typically running faster than marathon pace.  OUT OF SHAPE.

But we kept running.  Giuseppe powered out a little bit, but he was determined to keep up.

We crossed the finish line together, giving us a finish time of 23:01!  Both my and Aaron’s Garmin showed the course was significantly short though.

We came in #31 and #32 out of people running with dogs, and I got a 3rd place age group medal!

I would like to point out for the record, that I finished faster than Aaron! 

After the race, Giuseppe was tired, but he seemed really happy, and overall not too bad off!

I LOVE 5-K’s! 

He got lots of treats and lots of hugs to celebrate his amazing accomplishment!

In other news, I joined athlinks this weekend on the encouragement of another friend we ran into at the race (he doesn’t have facebook, twitter, or instagram, so that was the only way he could keep track of our races).  I don’t really get it, but if you are on athlinks, you can be my friend and see my race times!

I hope you have a wonderful week! Happy 1 Day Until Political Ads are Over Day!

25 thoughts on “Giuseppe’s First 5-K

    • Haha! Our friend actually runs his little Chihuahua/Jack Russel Terrier 14 miles at a time (this dog has muscles like I’ve never seen), so you never know!

    • Our Batman friend (who borrowed a puppy from our other friends) kept up with us for the first mile, and then burned out and couldn’t keep up with the dog! There were a lot of handlers that were being pulled much faster than they wanted to go! Are spaniels athletic dogs?

  1. Everyone has already commented on the freaking adorableness of your dog, but I can’t help echoing these sentiments. I disgust myself by busting out such sayings, but I could just eat him up.

    Well done on a smoking 5k time, especially for being ‘out of shape’ (ha! As if!).

    • I will forgive you for gushing!

      I think the course was about a tenth of a mile short (maybe more), so I don’t consider it a true 5-K time. And I really felt awful. Usually I can run faster during races and feel ok, but I couldn’t do it this time.

  2. I wouldn’t call it out of shape, I know my body took a solid month of recovering after my marathon, where everything felt rough! 23 minutes is pretty impressive a few weeks post marathon. 🙂
    I’ve found myself on athlinks, although I never officially “joined” – I think they automatically collect race times, but then you can choose to claim it? I don’t really use it or have “friends” on there- but every once in awhile I use it to check back on older races.

    • I don’t really understand athlinks as a social medium, although it is nice because your profile is essentially already created for you. It was funny to look at Aaron’s old race times from 10 years ago!

    • Aaron was a very good encourager! I was amazed at how well the puppy responded! And thank you! It was one of the hardest/wheeziest runs I’ve ever done!

  3. Aww – Giuseppe has the best finishers photo I’ve ever seen! What a cutie! I was in town and did this race with my coworker! Not being from ABQ I had no idea what to expect – what a great (huge) race and I loved all the dogs! I’m sad you didn’t include any pictures of the Wienermobile though! haha!

    • Hi Kelly! Thanks for stopping by! This was the first time we did this race, and I was pleasantly surprised at the turn out. It didn’t even occur to me until right now how appropriate it was to have the wiener mobile there!

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