Weekly Race Shout-Outs and Defying Logic

Sending Fast Thoughts To:

New York Runners Dominick and Beth. I hope everything goes smoothly for you in the city! This is Dominick’s first marathon, and after following his training, I am probably just as excited for his race as I was for my own.

Lindsey who is running her first marathon this weekend!

Tracie who is running her marathon this weekend.  She’s incredibly prepared to dominate!

Shanterella who is running her first post-marathon half in South Africa!

Jac who is (hopefully) running a half marathon this weekend!

Rachel who is racing a 6 miler in Scotland (which makes something like race #6 in a month)

GOOD LUCK OUT THERE!!! And remember the time change! 


Yesterday my sister called so she could figure out my estimated marathon finish time using linear algebra.  She’s a college senior/engineering major.  The variables (right? variables? factors?) were the average weekly mileage in the 8 weeks before the race, my height, and my weight.  According to her estimations, I should have run a 3:45 race.  Apparently I defy logic! AND math isn’t always right.

And the equation obviously didn’t take into account all of my miserable 800’s and the near perfect Chicago race conditions. I should have been a mathematician.

Meanwhile, after a few days of coldness last weekend, we’re back in perfect “springtime” type weather.  The biggest bummer has been that by the time we get to our evening runs after work, it’s pretty dark (I’m not looking forward to Monday).

(Oh, by the way, I appear to be pretty healed up! I’m still taking things slowly, but I can run without any issues.  Hooray!).

But, the sunsets at our run time have been amazing.  We decided to run along the river on Tuesday because it is the prettiest “most autumny” area right now (the majority of trees in the city are right along the river).  I  mean, I realize compared to most places with lots of trees, our fall isn’t quite so lovely, but I was excited to see our New Mexico version of fall this week.

Action shot!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! We’re initiating Giuseppe into the family racing tradition.  More on that on Monday!

14 thoughts on “Weekly Race Shout-Outs and Defying Logic

  1. Beautiful shots. Thank you for the shout-out… a little apprehensive. Its been a tragic week – I lost my running shoes (well one shoe singular). Shantarella is now the cinderella of the running world 😦

  2. Great photos at dusk! I’m now into the dark night running, I go with my running club and it’s boring routes around the town now 😦

    Shantalie, you truly are Shanterella now 😉

    Ummm, don’t know if you’ve heard, but the NY marathon is apparently canceled according to the BBC new website due to Hurricane Sandy…….

    • Yup. I was actually on twitter when the news broke. This has turned into the biggest disaster of a situation. I know both Dominick and Beth flew out this morning along with a bunch of other people I know. My thoughts are definitely with all affected by the hurricane, but I also feel for the runners who spent a lot of money to get there, trained hard, and now are stuck in a destroyed city with a bunch of angry people who HATE them.

  3. Amy, you are too kind. I don’t know about prepared to dominate but I’d say prepared in the sense that I know what I’m wearing Sunday morning and where the start line is located. Other than that, I’d say this is the least prepared I’ve ever been for a race. BUT nonetheless, I’m going to keep “prepared to dominate” in my head all day Sunday morning. It’ll make me run faster! And I told my husband about your Chicago photo shoot – I think we may be doing that on our next trip. Such a cool idea!

    • After reading your recap, it sounds like you did awesome! And I have learned SO MUCH by reading your blog the last few months, so you’ve definitely helped ME feel more prepared!

      • Thank you Amy – that means a lot to me! I really wish I were going to be in Boston next year with you. Maybe you’ll do it again in 2014 and we can finally meet 🙂

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