I Ran!

First, lots and lots of good thoughts for everyone on the East Coast.  Video coverage of the coast is looking really intense.  Stay safe out there!



After my test sprints across the living room, I determined I could get a few miles in without limping.

So we did an easy 3 on Saturday (I felt out of shape and my muscles took a long time to warm up), and a more labored 2.8 yesterday.

I’m not having the same pain that I was having a couple of weeks ago, but my calves (both) still feel sore.

It did feel amazing to get back out there! Even with sore muscles, I was so happy to be running.

I’m still taking it easy for now because I’m not fully healed (3 weeks later…seriously?), but at least progress is being made.  I still have 2 weeks before I have to dive into “long” runs (6 miles to start) and speed training, so I’m not worried.  At least I know now that I will be able to actually do it…I was starting to worry that I was an injured for life person!

Still, I will likely take a running rest day today just to make sure I don’t re-injure myself.

Unfortunately, during my 3 weeks of inactivity, I have put on enough weight and lost enough muscle that my clothes are starting to fit funny.  Turns out, going from running a billion miles to not running at all, and eating pretty much the same except worse since I don’t have to worry about long runs and stomach issues… equals rapid weight gain.  Why can’t Mexican food and that fabulous plate of chicken and waffles that I ate on Friday be low calorie?

I hate talking about things like weight because I try to value my body for its ability to run marathons and not for looking (rather trying to look) like a Victoria Secret model, but feeling like a stuffed sausage in my jeans isn’t fun either.

To add to the pressure, two of my best friends from college are getting married in a month, so I will be seeing people who only know me as 18-22 year old Amy.  I’d like to show up at the very least not looking worse than I did back then.  Plus, the wedding is in Scottsdale, home of tall, tan, trophy wife types.

So, I’m going on a month long health food kick.  (At least trying to).  Isn’t it funny.  I couldn’t clean up my diet to improve my marathon time, but throw in an impromptu college reunion, and BAM bring on the green shakes.

Annoying also, because I have never lost weight while endurance training.

We’ll see how it goes. Especially since Halloween and Thanksgiving fall between now and then.  I JUST WANNA FIT IN MY PANTS AGAIN!

Ok, insecure girl rant over.

I’ve seen some fabulous race recaps from this weekend! Great job peeps!

I didn’t dress up, I didn’t carve pumpkins, and I didn’t make spooky cocktails.  I DID buy a big bag of candy.  And pin lots and lots of Christmas decor ideas.  Sigh. I’m also behind on responding to people! I’m sorry.  I’ll get on that today.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!


10 thoughts on “I Ran!

  1. When I wasn’t able to run due to injury, I spent some time on the bike and other gym machines and did some yoga. Although it didn’t replace going for a run it did help to work through some frustrations. Because frankly the thought of a diet will keep me from doing almost anything. I do do a clean eating cleanse a few times a year. It is super easy and can help jump start healthy eating. Let me know if you want a copy of the plan.

    • I’ve been doing a few gym trips, but like you said, it just doesn’t feel the same. What type of cleanse do you do? I’ve done a couple and they always make me feel better! I know I’m not setting myself up for success by starting around the holidays!

      • I just emailed it to you. Let me know if you don’t get it soon. Starting stuff around the holidays is a mindset but you can do it especially with the support from your husband.

  2. I understand that stuffed sausage feeling when on a running break! It’s nearly impossible to lost any while endurance training, which is probably good, but then I’m in the habit of eating a lot and have a hard time cutting back. But as you become more active again, your body will quickly lose it. Glad you’re starting to feel better!

    • It’s so sad! I think I need to eat more like you in general with more of the healthy stuff, but I really get reminded of this when I stop exercising! I don’t eat very well at all.

    • It’s terrible. Apparently the only thing that was keeping me from gorging out on the weekend was the threat of unpleasantness during a long run. Oh, and each year I feel my metabolism going a bit slower. That’s fun too.

      • I have started experiencing that as well. There’s ten pounds I just can’t get rid of and it’s pissing me off. No matter what I do, they stay there. I hate those ten pounds because I have an amazing dress that sucks them in just that little bit too much to make it viable for eating out. 😦

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