Giuseppe, 007, Halloween…and I Still Haven’t Run!

Good morning!

So, this is your official update that, almost three weeks out, I haven’t run yet.

I think my biggest argument against the marathon lifestyle right now is the recovery time.  I know I’m taking longer than most, but my goodness is this getting old.

Since I’ve turned this primarily into a running blog, I don’t know what to talk about when I’m not running. My puppy? (check! See below).  Halloween? (check! See below).  My intense crush on the new James Bond Theme Song? (also check! See below).  But sadly I still unable to contribute to the training recaps or race recaps or even the “I’m so sad I’m not running” recaps because that’s already been covered.

Although, a couple of sprints across the living room yesterday indicate that I might be ready for a pain free run this weekend!

And of course, this happens when we have our first freeze of the season.  Wednesday was 80 degrees.  Today I have Giuseppe bundled up in a sweater because it is so cold! (and how many times is he going to want to come in and out of the house this morning???).

So it looks like our perfect running temperatures were wasted on me this year.  Bring on the winter running gear!

I have at least been keeping active this week, but no matter what, I can’t make the elliptical feel like a good workout.

So….Basically, I just wanted to say “HI!” and share a Giuseppe picture.

And a song!

I’m pretty sure Adele was put on this earth to make a James Bond theme song.  This is just so perfect.

I rarely take interest in new movies that aren’t Harry Potter or Disney, but James Bond movies create a world so glamorous and exciting that I can’t help but want to live it in and drink martinis and save the world everyday.  And if Adele is there, sign me up!

In other news, Happy Halloween weekend! I haven’t dressed up in 4 years, but I’m kind of wanting to this year.  (We usually don’t go out on Halloween so, I would likely be dressed up watching Hocus Pocus or Monster House and eating candy since there are no children in our neighborhood, but I always buy a bag “just in case”).  I do plan on carving some super awesome pumpkins this weekend and possibly making a spooky cocktail that I find on Pinterest.

Are you dressing up this year? I need inspiration! 

Good luck to everyone racing!  I know a lot of people are doing fun costume runs! I’m so jealous because we have like 2 happening here this weekend.  And I hope Sandy doesn’t kill the Marine Corps Marathon!

Have a great Halloween weekend!

16 thoughts on “Giuseppe, 007, Halloween…and I Still Haven’t Run!

  1. 1. Your dog is so freaking cute.
    2. I also do ‘test runs’ in my living room. I’m glad I’m not alone – my boyfriend gives me a few eyebrow raises sometimes….
    3. Ellipticals just don’t do it.

    I’m sure you’ll be back on the road in no time. As for halloween ideas? I’m going as a (slutty) Cheetarah, so maybe your favourite childhood cartoon? 🙂

    • I remember the teaser cheetah picture from a few months back!

      And yeah, Aaron was not so convinced that my living room sprinting was anything of value. I definitely got an eyebrow raise!

      I hope you made it home safely!

  2. It snowed here tonight, I love it! Giuseppe would need that little sweater plus booties if he were here. No Halloween dressing up for me, I don’t even think my students will do it. Our Halloween thing is to go see an old hollywood horror film outside at a castle close enough to our house, exciting!

    And we’re also going to see James Bond tomorrow 🙂

    • Jealous! James Bond doesn’t open up here for a couple of weeks!

      And I think your Halloween sounds much more fun than dressing up! I want castles in our neighborhood!

      • Skyfall was fantastic, and had a Scottish connection! We didn’t end up going to the film at the castle, we checked the website and nothing was advertised so we had a lazy day at home instead.

        One of the many things I love about living in Scotland is the castles, they’re fascinating! For all of us ‘new world’ people (Canada, America, Australia, New Zealand), castles are such a marvellous site, and whenever we’re driving somewhere new, I’m always on the lookout for a castle or massive house that’s older than my country. Edinburgh Castle is also a sight to behold when in the city, something to look forward to 😉 Maybe I should do a post!

  3. I’m thinking since I work in a library I might dress up as Hermione Granger – all the kids will know it immediately.

    Also, how’s the calf stiffness? If it’s still stiff, try putting your leg weight on a tennis ball where your calf is stiff and roll it around. Make sense? It helps me when my calf muscle seizes.

  4. First of all, Guiseppe is too cute! Secondly, don’t fret about not running yet, getting your rest and a good recovery is so important right now. I ran too soon after my first marathon and ended up injured for over a year (I kept trying to come back and do too much too soon!).

    • It is so hard to wait it out! After 2 days of running, I’m taking a rest day today. I’m feeling ok right now, but I want to make sure I stay that way!

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