So, I Ran a Marathon!

Good morning! I just wanted to provide a quick update to the weekend’s events.

I made it to the start line yesterday for the Chicago Marathon, made my way through 26.2 miles (dear Chicago, your course was not as “flat” as you led me to believe!), and I crossed the finish line, so I am an official marathon finisher!!!

I’m also in a severe amount of pain. Oh my goodness. I truthfully didn’t think I would hurt this bad! And I had severe stomach distress all yesterday too, so I was basically a post marathon disaster.

BUT…I consider this all worth it because…


I’ll write a proper recap one of these days, but I basically decided after being on track at the 10K point to go for a 3:30 finish time, and even though I didn’t hit that, I came in at 3:33:55!

By the time I got around to registering for Boston, it was full, so I won’t be there in 2013, but I fully intend to get my unicorn jacket at the 2014 race!

Also, our phones don’t like Chicago. We don’t get service anywhere (we have different providers too). It is taking me about 10 tries to get anything posted (frustrating when you want to share with the world your marathon time).

I am getting all of your sweet comments and tweets and facebook messages, but responding to them isn’t working so well. I promise to respond as soon as I get back home! But thank you so much for encouraging me, and for believing in me! I am truly blown away and humbled that people across the world were cheering for me!

And of course a huge thank you to Coach Aaron, my parents, and my in-laws who are always my biggest cheerleaders and supporters even when I say something as ridiculous as wanting to BQ on my first try. I have never heard the word “impossible” from any of them, and for that I am thankful!

So, I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Congratulations to all of the racers this weekend, especially my Chicago peeps! We did it!

40 thoughts on “So, I Ran a Marathon!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! (PS – I thought you qualified, when I got the text, but I didn’t want to say anything, just in case 🙂 OMG can’t wait to hear more!

  2. Congrats! That is so exciting – what a perfect day. I too am sore – I feel like a large, waddling penguin. The thought of walking down stairs distresses me. I actually felt pretty good yesterday, which is crazy. taking today off. We did it;) I got my time, too – and I was thinking I should work towards Boston in the next few years! You’ll have to share your training tips;)

  3. Congratulations! That is so awesome! I was thinking of you yesterday and anxiously awaiting hearing how it went. Looking forward to your recap of the race and hearing all the details. For now go and enjoy your major accomplishment!

    • Thank you! And I have you to thank for my “trust yourself” race mantra! Those last miles are HARD and I hated life but I’m already starting to forget.

      • I need to use that as my mantra or figure something out for me as all the self doubt is starting to seep through my mind this week.

  4. INCREDIBLE! First time marathoner BQ’s. Just so you know, I checked your page yesterday hoping for an update and noticed your Twitter feed and the fact that you BQ’ed, it was just the push I needed to get my ass into the pool for 45 minutes of swimming! You and A have been a good source of inspiration for me and I am so happy to see your training/hard work pay off.

    • Thank you! And I really appreciate all of the support and encouragement you’ve given me through out the process. The whole thing went by so fast, and I’m truthfully amazed that I’m already back at home after 8 months of anticipation. So, definitely enjoy these next few weeks (HA!), and rely on yourself for inspiration (at mile 25, the brain is fuzzy, and it is a battle between you and the road. Absolutely nothing from the cheering fans to your training will get you through it if you aren’t determined and if you don’t believe that you can do it). AND that’s Amy’s helpful marathon tip of the week. More to come when I read your weekly recap I’m sure!

    • Thank you! And thanks for doing the fist pump because I forgot to do one for myself! Still recovering but at least I’m walking a little less funny today (3 days later…)

  5. Congrats (again) on finishing your first marathon AND BQ’ing. What a great accomplishment. You really should wear your medal with a “And btw, I qualified for BOSTON” pin on it. Haha. Hope you’re recovering OK. I’ve heard good things about baths with Epsom Salts?

    • THANK YOU! And thanks for all of your support last weekend! Right after (when I was still delirious and far too excited), I was babbling about them needing to hand out special medals to people with qualifying times. I promise I’m not really that obnoxious! I got to work this morning and a few people were super impressed, but most have no idea what Boston is, so I was brought back down to earth!

      I need to try epson salts. Walking much better today, but wow is that a beating on your body.

  6. Congratulations on qualifying for Boston! I was there cheering all the runners on (you might have seen our ‘You’re Amazing’ sign at mile 9), and can’t wait to run next year. You’ll have to let us know all about it and how you prepped for that amazing race time!

    • Thank you! And thanks for coming out in the cold! Crowd support was so amazing and really helped make for a great experience! I think you will have a great time next year. Hopefully you have great weather!

  7. Awesome job!!! I totally didn’t think I’d hurt that much after a marathon either. I was even booked in for a spin class the day after (I cancelled). Enjoy your week of relaxation! 🙂

    • Thank you and thanks for all of your cheerleading this weekend! I still haven’t been able to bring myself to do physical activity. Aaron got on the treadmill today, but I just don’t want to!

      • It was only really a few days ago that my body felt normal enough to punish it with some of my usual gym classes. Enjoy the rest! You definitely deserve it. 🙂

  8. Already told ya, but I’m so excited for you. What an amazing accomplishment – most folks just want to finish their first marathon and you go and qualify for Boston. Enjoy some ice packs and Advil and make sure you bask in this glow for at least 2 weeks. 🙂

  9. What exciting news to start my day! Very, very impressive. I’m sure you’ve been told, but rest, ice, compress, foam roll and all that good stuff. (It usually takes about 15 people telling me before I actually do those things, either…)

    • Thanks to you and Mike for coming along! I still haven’t started catching up on blog posts, but it looks like we will end up both training for spring marathons!

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