A Pre Inspired Marathon Mental Workout

5 DAYS!!!

Today’s Marathon Mental Workout Inspiration brought to you in part by:

Steve Prefontaine

Steve Prefontaine was a track runner for the University of Oregon back in the 70’s, the original Nike spokesperson, and an Olympic contender at the Munich Olympics (the one that got ruined by terrorists).  He died tragically at the age of 24, and from what I understand, the Eugene Marathon plays a great deal of homage to him.

I think he’s also quite famous because Jared Leto played him in a movie back in the 90’s.  If you haven’t seen Without Limits, I recommend renting it if you’re looking for a bit of running inspiration!

Admittedly, I don’t quite know if he’s the best role model for inspiration.  Incredibly fast runner who is one of the biggest reasons why running is so popular today? Absolutely.  But he never did get his Olympic medal (went out fast ended up placing 4th…although the day before he did witness the terrorist attacks which was probably pretty traumatizing), he did die because he was driving drunk, and the movie doesn’t  portray him as the most humble person so I’m not saying that he’s the type of person I necessarily want to be like.

But boy did he know how to make some quote-worthy statements.  And he absolutely had a passion for what he was doing.  He started off as someone at the very back of his high school cross country team.  He wasn’t a naturally fast runner.  His speed was 100% the result of dedication and hard work.  He wanted to be the best, and he hated when he wasn’t which is something I can relate to.   He pushed himself to the limit, and, despite leaving Munich without his medal was the best American distance runner in his time.

At 5’9, he was also a smaller runner! It can be done!

So, for his passion, dedication, and hard work, I will be inspired by Pre as I run my marathon.  It won’t be easy, and I may not reach my goal, but I will put everything I have into finishing strong.

And my personal favorite:

Have a great Tuesday!

10 thoughts on “A Pre Inspired Marathon Mental Workout

    • THANK YOU! I’m switching between overly excited and overly anxious, but trying very hard to channel all of the anxious energy into positive energy!

  1. Whatever works for inspiration! He was pretty great! So excited to watch the results of the race this weekend. Seems like a lot of people are running a big one!

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