Race Shout Out and Marathon Musings

Sending Fast Thoughts To:

1) Rachel is running her first marathon on Sunday!!! I’ve been sending her good luck vibes for the last couple of weeks to make sure they make it to Scotland in time.  Through this whole process, I think Rachel and I have been on the same page.  Every weekend, after the long run, we’re both like, “WHY THE F**K are we doing this?”  Followed immediately by “GIVE ME A BEER!”  I’m excited to see her recap and race bling!

Surly that can’t be it?  I’m so sorry if I missed you.


So, for the past couple of days my life has been busy with non-running related activities (what are those again?).  Two of our best friends are getting married tonight (the continuation of the bachelor/bachelorette parties from a few weeks ago), and there will be cupcakes, and there will be wine.  Tomorrow (AFTER the post wedding BBQ) I will restart my clean eating.  I am not strong enough to pass up cupcakes and wine.  And I’m not sorry.

Also, as a result of this wedding, I was fixing my toe-nail polish, and after stripping the old stuff off, I realized that the corner of my big toe was black.


I don’t know the rules of losing toenails (I tried googling it, but couldn’t handle the images/descriptions for more than a few seconds), but I’m hoping that a black corner does not equal a total loss.  I’ve been so proud of my feet through marathon training because I’ve only gotten 1 big blister, but I’m scared that this might ruin everything.  Also, it sounds painful.  Can one run a marathon without a toenail and be comfortable?

Let’s talk about something else.

In other news, I can now stalk the Chicago weather on a daily basis.  I’ve been looking at weather.com for the last few weeks to track any trends, but now I can obsess over day-of statistics! So far, things are looking great! In fact, this whole time I’ve been worried about excessive heat…looks like I may have to worry more about colder temps instead.

I think I’ve also calmed down a bit from my I’m Going To Have a Marathon Induced Heart Attack! episode thanks to blog land.  Turns out, taper madness is a real condition that makes you truly experience symptoms of paranoia/anxiety/obsession.  I kinda thought it was just me, but when I started seeing everyone else writing posts about the same things, I realized that I am not alone.  So thank you, blog peeps! Luckily I’ve had this wedding to help get my mind on other things.  Next week I’ll have to create another distraction.

Speaking of next week, I will be doing my marathon countdown, and I plan on having one long “Get Your Head in the Game” week with lots of quotes, Pinterest finds, and general “pump me up” inspiration. I have no doubt that I can run the marathon I want physically, but I need to get my head on the same wave length.

I hope you have a good weekend!  What are you up to?

20 thoughts on “Race Shout Out and Marathon Musings

  1. Beer and cupcakes…the best. That Chicago weather looks perfect…what time does the race start? NY starts just after 10 for me which means I won’t get the chilly 6-8am temperatures…I am really hoping for something in the low 50’s if not colder. Cold is awesome as long as its not rainy or snowing (excessively). I am getting excited for you guys!

    • I do like me some beer and cupcakes …but the wedding is at the winery, so it looks like wine will be more readily available!

      My wave will start at about 7:40, so we should have the cooler temperatures. I think the late start would throw me off a bit. Thanks for your excitement! I’m trying to be excited, but I’m still having too much anxiety. I’ll be excited for you though!

  2. If it doesn’t rain, I think Chicago will be perfect weather!
    Re: toe: You’ll be fine. For me, it just started regrowing underneath the ‘dead’ part, and the rest didnt fall off. Eventually the person at the nail salon can smooth out the top of it so it’s even. Just keep putting polish over it;)

    • I do feel like I belong to the club a bit more now! And I am getting a bit nervous because the temperatures on Saturday night are starting to dip into the 30’s. This whole summer I didn’t even think I’d have to prepare for a COLD marathon!

    • I was thinking they only updated once a day! This is bad news for my productivity! It’s looking like I’m going to have to make a trip to Goodwill and buy some throw away clothes!

  3. One of my toenails has been black for over a month. It isn’t going anywhere, I’m guessing just a blood blister underneath the nail. Sexy.

    And thank you for the good luck and speedy vibes! I’m pretty much unable to think about any other topic now other than ‘marathon’, so will let you know how I get on Sunday! 🙂

    • Glad you finished! I was proud of myself this wedding weekend…I only brought it up in conversation when someone asked me about it. And now that I’ve seen you make is successfully through and not die, I can rest a little easier again!

  4. If only a portion of your toe is black, it’s highly unlikely you will lose it before Chicago. Mine took three long months to fall off, and when it did, and I ran my first run sans toenail, it actually felt really good. Kind of like I was running naked. 🙂
    The race conditions on race day look perfect!!! So great.

  5. I don’t think you have to worry about losing your toenail! You should be just fine. Also, thanks for pointing out that the 10 day forecast is now available — I can officially start obsessively checking it!

    (PS – I had this comment started ALL day yesterday but never got around to posting it!)

    • Haha! I do that all the time!

      And apparently they update the forecast several times a day??? This is not good. I’m already unfocused enough as it is, and now I’ll have one more thing to check out obsessively!

  6. Only a week to go– I’m so excited for you!! Glad to hear that you’re calming down a bit… worry and stress doesn’t do any good. The hard work is done- go have fun and do your best! 🙂

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