Let’s Have a Dance Party!

Thanks for all of the good suggestions about pace groups yesterday! I think I’m more torn than ever.  But I don’t need to make my decision until the expo, so I can mill it over for a bit (is this a real phrase, or did I make it up? Can you mill over something?)! (UPDATE: Thanks to Hyedi, I know know that you mull over something.  Like wine.  Mulled wine is yummy!).

Basically, it comes down to doing what I know I should do and what I want to do.

Meanwhile, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I am legitimately experiencing extreme anxiety over this marathon, and I have been for the last several weeks, probably much more than I’ve let on.  (I know Rachel, who is running her first marathon this weekend, gets me on this).  I keep thinking that there is something else stressing me out and keeping me up at night, but nope.  All other life stressors have pretty much come and gone, and I’m still going nuts.  So, it’s just this dumb marathon.  Granted I tend to be a little OCD in general and I get fixed on things, but this kind of event doesn’t usually make me get chest tightness.

I HAVE completely invested myself physically and mentally for the last 4 months (and however long before then to build a base), and devoted more time to running and recovery than I care to admit including a 20 mile run in San Antonio, land of riverside margaritas.  Easily the most time I’ve ever spent prepping for a 3-4 hour presentation.  But considering the big universe out there, this race shouldn’t be causing this much stress.  This is my hobby, damn it!

Since we’ve limited our booze intake by a significant margin, and I’m trying to avoid gorging on cookies, and all I’m allowed to do are these little tiny versions of the runs I’ve been doing for the last 4 months, I am actually having to calm myself down manually. I don’t even know where to begin. Bring on the lavender candles, herbal tea, and deep breathing techniques.  (For the record, yoga actually makes me more stressed because I can’t hold the poses).

Kelly suggested that I read this article about common pre-marathon mistakes, and one of them talks about letting yourself get too worked up about the race. I’m really needing to make an effort to chill out for the good of the marathon.

So, instead of this being Amy’s Marathon Freak Out #2, I’ll simply call this, Let’s Have a Dance Party!

If you haven’t seen this and you like to be entertained, you need to watch! Admittedly I have no clue what the hell he’s singing about, but his dance moves make my life a happier place.

I haven’t been training with music.  The only runs I’ve used music for were the ones on the treadmill, and even then, I had it playing in the background (instead of using headphones), and the faster you go, the less you can hear. Even the 5-K I ran in July was music free.

It hasn’t been bad at all.  It has actually been really liberating. In the spring, I was starting to get really mad at the music and its inability to make me run faster during races, so going silent helped eliminate some of that anger.

BUT.  I’m planning on taking my shuffle to the race. My hope is that I won’t turn it on until mile 20 when I’m in need of some motivation.  I’ve read somewhere that music loses its motivational ability pretty quickly, so I want to make sure I make the best use of it.

Problem is, I’m not really a “music” person.  Unless it’s Rosemary Clooney or Frank Sinatra, or, Journey (BECAUSE I LOVE JOURNEY).  So when I’m trying to select music, I’m looking at a huge bunch of songs that I don’t know, especially if they aren’t played non-stop on the radio.

The ones I want to keep on there:

1) Don’t Stop Believing: beautiful song, and totally motivating when you are starting to not believe.

2) Kids in America: Surprisingly, really helps my pace and disposition

3) Song 2 (by Blur): This is also the “whoo hoo” song if you lived in the 90’s.  Makes me want to go…whoo hoo!

Everything else is up for grabs.

I feel like this question is asked in every running forum, but new music comes out everyday, so those lists become irrelevant pretty fast (says the girl with nothing on her “must play” list made in the last 15 years).

So, the advice I need today….what’s your favorite running song?  

Also…just now I almost said, “is it only Tuesday?” but then I realized that it was actually Wednesday! What a happy surprise!

Have a wonderful day!

20 thoughts on “Let’s Have a Dance Party!

  1. I think it’s “mull,” but now I’ve confused myself 🙂

    haha, you’re right — we ARE going through the exact same thing! This post is pretty much my post, except much wittier 🙂

    I haven’t been running with music, either and I don’t think I’m going to on race day — BUT I like OK GO a lot for running music.

    • HA! I think I’ve heard of maybe 3 or 4 people on that list! I already have LMFAO on my shuffle, so it might make the cut. And I’m a huge Zeppelin fan (I used to have Kashmir on there, but I would get bored with it after the first 5 minutes). Black Dog might be a good option! Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. Gosh! I can’t pick a favorite running song!! But mine might be a little less tolerable to others..I’m kind of a metal girl…but listen to other stuff. When I do pandora, I pick Breathe Carolina and it comes up with great comes to run to!

    • Are you really? When I was younger I hung out with some guys who were in a death metal band (and they were obsessed with vikings?), and I couldn’t handle their music because it sounded…like death…which I think was what they were going for. But I do love me some 80’s metal like Def Leppard and Whitesnake. I’m guessing that isn’t what you’re talking about though! I’ll have to check out Breathe Carolina. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. I can understand the freaking out. I’m sure I’ll be in the same boat in a couple of months.

    I’ve also been avoiding listening to music on my runs, hoping to save it for those last dreadful miles during the marathon. Here are some songs that make me happy/energetic whenever I hear them:
    – Don’t stop believin’ (yay, Journey!)
    – Born to run – Springsteen
    – Walking on sunshine – Katrina and the Waves
    – An American girl – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
    – Don’t stop til you get enough – Michael Jackson
    – Yeah – Usher
    – Livin’ on a Prayer – Bon Jovi
    – Eye of the tiger – Survivor
    – You shook me all night long – AC/DC

    Yeah, so sorta cheesy, but they all remind me of various times in my life. You should do the Gangnam Style dance after you cross the finish line!

    • I forgot about Livin on a Prayer! That was on my mix a few years ago. And Eye of the Tiger is such a good motivational song! Thanks for the suggestions! I need to practice the Gangnam Style dance! I feel like it requires more coordination than I’m capable of!

  4. Exciting!!! I always get super nervous before races, too. I guess try to embrace the nerves?!
    Here are a few songs that make me happy, so I think they’d be good to run to:
    – Imagine Dragons, On Top of the World
    – Shakira, Waka Waka
    – Red Hot Chili Peppers, Can’t Stop
    – Britney Spears, Til the World Ends

    • I’m hoping that I can channel all the nerves into fast energy next week!

      Britney and Shakira are always good bets for happy motivational music. Thanks for the suggestions!

  5. OK, cheesy… but Bittersweet Symphony (at least for a minute of two). It gives you a chance to sort of open your eyes and say, WOW! I’m running this MARATHON! The beginning part always gets me pumped up for some reason.

    • That’s a good one! I love the beginning of that song too! It always reminds me of Ryan Phillippe in Cruel Intentions. Swoon. Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. Great post. You are definitely right in the middle of TAPER MADNESS!!! Try as you might, we all fall victim to feeling like we are going to lose our minds when we can’t run long right before the marathon. It’s like knowing you can run harder, faster, longer…but you shouldn’t. Very hard to do.

    I train with music (and audiobooks) all the time, but I don’t use music when running in a marathon, especially one as big as Chicago. I want to soak up the atmosphere and feel the crowds as much as possible. As for favorite songs, here are a few that are on some of my running playlists:

    Dog Days are Over – Florence and the Machine
    Don’t Wake Me Up – Chris Brown
    Levels – Avicii (I like house music and techno)
    Breathe Me – Sia
    Harder Better Faster Stronger – Daft Punk
    Cruel Summer – Bananarama
    Who Shot Ya – Notorious BIG
    How you Like Me Now – The Heavy
    All I Do Is Win – DJ Khalid
    Lost In The World – Kanye West
    The Unforgettable Fire – U2
    15 Step – Radiohead
    Always on the run – Lenny Kravitz
    Before Today – Everything But The Girl
    My Sacrifice – Creed
    Going The Distance – Rocky Soundtrack
    When I’m Gone – Wiz Khalifa

    • Taper Madness is driving me insane! But it was nice to discover that it is a normal condition. I just need to find something to keep me distracted for the next 9 days.

      Great music suggestions! Thanks! You have a really good mix of songs on there. I’m hoping to not have to use my iPod at all, but I want to have it just in case the going gets tough.

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