Race Shout Outs and a Bit of Maturity

Sending Fast Thoughts To:

Sarah who is running a half marathon in Maui.  Jealous on so many levels! Did I mention she actually lives in Hawaii?

Fellow Albuquerque Runner Blogger Beth who is running the Buffalo Thunder Half Marathon this weekend.  I almost signed up for this race too!

Rachel who is running a half marathon in Scotland! This is her last big race before the big day! And by big day I mean her first marathon next weekend!

Allison who is volunteering for a triathlon with MyTeamTriumph this weekend! While she isn’t technically racing, these events are so awesome, so my fast thoughts are going to the Captains and Angels!

Good luck to you ladies and everyone else racing! 

Just by looking around blog land, I can see the excitement building up!  Marathons are just around the corner!  I’m at the point where I am literally bringing it up in conversations with strangers.  Stranger: “this is some weather we’re having.”  Amy: “Well, I’m running a marathon in 3 weeks, so I’m LOVING cooler running temperatures!”  Different Stranger: “Thanks for choosing Starbucks, how may I help you today?”  Amy: “Pumpkin spice latte and I’M RUNNING A MARATHON!!!”  You only think I’m kidding. P.S., how awesome are pumpkin spice lattes?

This weekend is the last 30 mile extravaganza before tapering starts on Monday.  I’m hoping for a good strong finish to training (we’re on day 4 of the slightly sore throat..UPDATE: sore throat just got worse and now I’m sneezy.  NOOO!!!), and especially after some encouraging speed workouts this week that truthfully surprised me both in pace and personal disposition, my hope is renewed for a goal accomplishing marathon!

Also encouraging….The Boston Marathon registration is going on right now.  A couple of days ago, they were more than 1,000 registrants below where they were last year, and, qualifying times were slower.  Several key qualifiers (including Boston itself), were plagued by the heat wave curse, and it looks like it has made a huge impact.  BUT, this hopefully means that qualifying times won’t go down significantly for 2014.  I’ve been hoping for a 3:30 marathon, but if I have a 5 minute window, I would not be sad.


So, I’m now officially a 28 year old.  While we’ll probably celebrate a little bit more AFTER the 20 miler (I’ve been told to keep my Sunday free for secret plans), my birthday itself was pretty low key.  I ran of course because not sucking at the marathon is more important to me right now than taking 28 shots in 28 hours. Not that I’ve ever tried something like that before…  But I did have a cupcake!  And wine.

I’ve been terrified of birthdays the last few years, but I’m starting to get over it.  I’m even kinda starting to be ok with the idea that I will be 30 in 2 short years (trust me, this is Amy progress).

I am very grateful for another year of life, and for the first time I’m actually feeling pretty confident in my skin, and I think I owe much of that to running.  For the first time I’m not really concerned with how I look in a bikini, or if my hair looks perfect, or even if I’m caught outside my house without my 4 inch heels (I’m REALLY short.  People who are 5’2 make me jealous).  It is truthfully an amazing feeling to have that pressure that I’ve had since the age of…10? to be thinner/prettier somewhat off my shoulders.

If I want to cut down weight, it is because I want to be a faster runner.  If I eat grilled chicken and skip the french fries (doesn’t happen TOO often, but it does happen), it is because I want to fuel smartly for my run.  And half the time that I’m in public now I’m running, so running clothes, sweaty hair, and no make-up.  Turns out those things take a lot less work!

Aside from running, this newly discovered self-confidence is my proudest accomplishment of the last year, and I’m looking forward to another year of improvement and growth. And cupcakes.  And wine.

And you all, of course! I’m so happy to have “met” all of you within the last year, and thank you for being the awesome, supportive, funny people that you are!

I do however wish getting older didn’t have to come with wrinkles.  Because I am still a little bit vain.  Though maybe this will be the year that I actually stop raising suspicions when I try and buy myself a bottle of wine…?


16 thoughts on “Race Shout Outs and a Bit of Maturity

  1. Amy, not raising suspicions when buying wine goes in the other direction, though! I don’t know about NM, but in DC, there are these signs that say, “We card if you look under 30.” So, of course, I freak out when I don’t get carded, even though I’m over 30. 🙂 Hee hee.

    • New Mexico is actually really strict when it comes to drinking, so they pretty much card everyone. I don’t mind being carded, but last week the clerk flat out didn’t believe me!

  2. Happy Birthday! Don’t dread your thirties, they’re good I promise. Although I’m closer to 33 now, I still think I’m your age and have to remind myself how old I actually am. Yes, I’m starting to notice the beginnings of fine lines, but I hope that the daily dosage of sunscreen in my moisturiser and bronzer, as well as my Oil of Olay anti-wrinkle night cream (preventative measure) are both keeping away wrinkles for a while longer. Good genes also helps 🙂

    Keep staying fit and active!

    • I’m the same, but I still think I’m like 22! And I put so much preventative stuff on my face right now it isn’t’ even funny! Unfortunately I spent so much time in the sun for the first 25 years of life, that it might be too late for me. But I hold out hope. I think both of my parents look awesome for their ages.

      • Oh god, I’m screwed then. I try so hard sometimes to suppress giggles when kids I teach say extra-retarded things that most teachers would think were silly. Going by that attitude, I’d say I’m 28 on the outside (boo), and roughly 12 on the inside.
        As for anti-aging? Years of being a heavy smoker have pretty much ruined my chances of aging well. I’ll just work on my curls as a distracting ‘feature’…
        (Oh, and Happy Birthday!!) 🙂

    • Congratulations on an awesome race! I’m glad I didn’t sign up because I was too sick to run at all this weekend, but one of these days I’ll do that one and Maui!

  3. This was such a great post! I love your outlook on life and training, and I look forward to following your journey in another year of running, exploring, wine, and life in general!

    Thanks so much for the mTT shout out! Our Captains had a great time yesterday!

    Happy belated birthday! Hope you’re enjoying your secret celebration day today. 🙂 I was mistaken for a high school student three times last month, so I’m looking forward to hitting my 30s. Maybe by that time people will think I’m starting college! 😉

    • Glad the race went well!

      It was funny…when we were in Texas meeting Aaron’s cousins for the first time, Aaron had told them beforehand that we were also visiting my sister (a twin) who had just turned 21 and was a senior in college. They thought she was MY twin and that I was also 21 and a senior in college (meaning I would have been 18 when I got married to a 27 year old). Though they were pretty confused as to the legality of it all, at no point did they say that they thought I looked old for being 21. I feel your pain!

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