(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Texas Edition

I am incapable of taking pictures of “normal” subjects.

Arranging a bunch of smiling people in front of landmarks? Not my thing.  Old torn down motels that create eye-sores in towns? Far more interesting to me.  (As is beer apparently? One of these days I hope to start a separate tab of Amy approved microbreweries across the country, so I drink for the cause!).  Even as a kid, I took pictures of road signs and funky trees.

Here’s a sample of what I saw in Texas.  Less Alamo and River Walk, more, well…I’ll let you be the judge.  I’ll have to do a whole separate post with pictures just from the Houston Museum of Fine Art.  Who knew all of those amazing paintings…were in Houston.

2 thoughts on “(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Texas Edition

    • It was cherry limeade! So good. It was their summer special flavor (not on the regular menu), and I think they’ve changed it since last week to something pumpkin, so I guess I got one of the last ones.

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