Marathon Reflection Monday

HAPPY MONDAY! (or not so happy…this week has the full 5 days.  Bummer Dude).

This weekend was my friend’s bachelorette party, so I’m starting this, the last week before taper, pretty tired.  I was actually really impressed with myself and my beverage consumption control this weekend.  High five, Amy!

We started off the day kayaking on the Rio Grande River (between 1-3 feet deep…I live in the desert remember), and I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t completely sore on my back and shoulders.  A 6 mile trip with consistent rowing definitely takes some effort! It was really fun though!

Also, fall hit us like a ton of bricks yesterday.  We went from highs in the 90’s to highs in the 70’s over a 24 hour period.  Both our bachelorette river kayaking and rooftop lounging were pretty dang chilly.

(For the record, I don’t take shots.  I sipped on this for a good 10 minutes.  And we were cold). 

I feel silly because I complained LIKE CRAZY over the heat of summer.  Being outside and being warm are what I live for all year.  But training for a marathon during the summer is horrible.  I yearned for cooler temperatures, but now that it is actually happening I;m panicked.  While I do love pumpkin spice lattes (well, pumpkin everything really), I’m a little sad that soon I won’t be able to walk to my car without bundling up.  And eating al fresco is almost a thing of the past. But at least we can hopefully not be miserable while running.


Anyway, I realized that I haven’t done a marathon reflection Monday in a few weeks.  We’re getting down to the end, and I really can’t believe how fast the whole thing has gone.

I can run the mileage, I can run several miles in a row at a sub 8 pace and feel comfortable.  I KNOW that my marathon will be strong.  Maybe not hit my goal strong (a goal I am still holding onto), but strong nonetheless.

At this point I have 4 weeks to make all of the little non-running changes that will hopefully make a difference.

Eating well, drinking tons of water and minimal booze.  Focusing on light strength training (lunges, squats, push-ups, deadlifts), a lot of core work.  Stretching, injury prevention, icing.  SLEEPING WELL.

And preparing for my mental battle.  Pumping myself up, and convincing myself since now not to stop or slow down when it gets hard and painful.  And attempting to find a bigger purpose than myself to dedicate my running to.

The last couple of weeks of training haven’t been the highest quality or the best.  Did I enjoy running along the San Antonio River Walk at 7 am when it was empty? Absolutely.  Exploring downtown Houston on foot was great too.  But I wouldn’t consider either of those really solid runs (though, once we got out of the River Walk area, the 20 miler went pretty well).

It seems almost pointless to review what I’m doing well and what I need to improve on.  I know what I need to do.  I’m preparing for battle , and the next four weeks will be spent conditioning myself for victory!

I hope everyone has a fantastic week! This IS my birthday week, so I think this justifies everyone eating a cupcake guilt-free!


16 thoughts on “Marathon Reflection Monday

  1. Happy birthday week!

    I feel like you touched on everything in this post that I’ve been thinking….5-day work week (blech – I worked 2 days last week because I went to a wedding over the weekend), sudden temp drop (57˚ this morning…my fingers were COLD the entire time), PUMPKIN!, and otherwise staying in the mental and physical game!

    You’re gonna be great — hang in there!

    • I had a 2 day week last week too, and while it was nice, it makes this week seem extra long! And pumpkin does really make everything better! Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Cool that you had a good time over the weekend. I hear ya on the five-day week. I’m coming off of three straight four-day weeks. Working five consecutive days is no way to live. Re the running, you’re doing fine.Your endurance is there and you’ll be surprised at how much easier 8-minute miles seem on race day. Don’t get too hung up on your time and focus instead on enjoying yourself and running as smart as you can and you’ll end up surprising yourself.

    • I’m really hoping that’s the case. It has always worked out for half marathons (I’m running much faster now than I was before my 8 minute mile half), but I think my main nervousness is stemming from the unknown. I have no idea how running a marathon will feel or how different it will be. So, thanks for being the “experienced” voice of reason!

      And yeah, this 5 days of work a week is looking very unappealing this Monday. At least there are a lot of holidays between now and January! (And you know, at least I have a job. Grateful for that everyday).

  3. Happy birthday week! I can relate to the kayak rowing soreness. The last time I was out in a kayak, I was the slowest person in our group and my arms hurt like hell the next day.
    I think you’ve got your mind right. One thing I’d add: don’t forget to visualize success!! I agree that you’ll definitely need a “go-to” phrase/mantra when things get tough. And when you figure that out, won’t you pass along your tips to the rest of us? 😉

    • I WAS THE SLOWEST TOO! I felt bad because I thought I was holding everyone back. All of us woke up the next morning in the hotel and we all hurt.

      Good tip on visualizing success! As soon as I know that my mantra works, I’ll let you know. I don’t want to start sharing mantras that don’t work!

    • In a very few short months, I will be very jealous of your weather! I think everyone was just so shocked because it happened so fast. The leaves started changing immediately!

  4. I have a mantra, a couple of them really that I use when times are tough. Do your speed work and just get those long runs in. The taper is the hardest part of the training. That’s when self doubt and uncertainties creep in. You have to trust your training on race day to help give you the confidence you need to run. You are doing great! Happy Birthday Week to You!!!!

  5. Happy (upcoming) Birthday!

    I don’t do shots either. I used to when I was much younger, but now I just can’t stomach it. Sorry I’ve been lax on visiting/commenting. Been a busy few weeks! Looks like you have a lot going on as well and I can’t wait to read about the big event in four weeks!

  6. I had no idea there was even enough water in the Rio Grande to kayak! I did my long run Saturday morning this weekend and it was so nice and cool with the cloud coverage. Finally felt like Fall. Good luck in you last month before your marathon!

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