I’m Home!


I have really missed you!  And boy, is it hard to maintain a blog from the road when I refuse to pay $10 for wifi and the WordPress iPad app just doesn’t seem to want people to actually use it.

Oh, by the way, I’ve been on vacation.

After two stressful work weeks that left us exhausted (and truthfully, not too into running), we headed on a great Texas Adventure on Saturday.  And I mean, wow, do we know how to make a vacation as unrestful as possible.  For serious.

We drove to San Antonio on Saturday, to Houston on Sunday, took a quick day trip to Galveston on Monday, Austin on Tuesday, and then back home yesterday.  That’s a whole lot of Texas to see in 5 days!

I do want to gleefully confess that we actually did all of our runs while on vacation.  Including a 20 miler in San Antonio (we did our 10 miler on Friday before leaving making this 30 mile weekend #2).  This is a huge deal because it was HOT and HUUUUMID in San Antonio and Houston.  Like, how do people deal with that on a daily basis and still go outside? We pulled into a humid Austin, but it was so much less humid than Houston that we did a happy dance.

While I was work stressing and hanging out in Texas, some lovely blog friends helped me with the blog. I want to do a HUGE thank you to friends Dominick, Brandon, Erika, and Danielle for helping me keep the blog up while working hard and being on the road.  It didn’t go all seamlessly.  Sometimes scheduled posts don’t look quite how they did when I actually scheduled them.  And the dumb iPad thing.  I’m not a fan.  But everything is fixed now!

Thanks for showing some love and leaving them comments!

And another huge thanks to Laura from Mommy, Run Fast.  You’ve probably already seen this if you follow her blog (and you really need to if you don’t), but she lives in Houston and Aaron and I got to meet her for lunch while we were out there! She is every bit as sweet and smart as she sounds on her blog! We were able to jump right in and talk about marathons, living in Houston (she’s a recent transplant) and careers and family.  It was a lovely time, and we hope to get to meet up with her and her family again sometime!

{We were looking straight into the sun!}

While I do plan on eventually doing some big Texas posts (vacation posts sometimes happen and sometimes don’t), I’m catching up on the million things that have been neglected for the last 3 weeks.  Like laundry.  And grocery shopping.  And throwing out the dead flowers from vases.  And you know, responding to comments and catching up on your lives.  So, until then, here are some of the quick highlights of the trip.  

Showing Aaron the Alamo (he was a lot more impressed than I was!).

The big margarita to celebrate 20 hot and humid miles.  This restaurant felt like a giant fiesta. Humidity meant that I didn’t comb my hair because it would be frizzy in seconds anyway.

HORSEBACK RIDING ON THE BEACH! Kind of.  They don’t allow horses on beaches.  So, horseback riding NEAR the beach.  I think it was close enough to cross off the Bucket List!

Spending Labor Day on the Beach! I mean it wasn’t the world’s prettiest beach (or the world’s must blue water), but it worked for our purposes!

This was my first time meeting Aaron’s cousins.  They recently relocated from the Sacramento area to Houston.

Staying in a lovely hotel in downtown Houston.  Our room was on the 25th floor, and I had to hold on tight while zooming up in these exposed elevators!

Spending an afternoon with some of my friends (like my favorite Cezanne) at the Houston Museum of Fine Art.

Hanging out at Hey Cupcake! In Austin with my sister and Aaron.


11 thoughts on “I’m Home!

  1. What are you standing on in the cousin pic? We all know you aren’t that tall. Vacations always wear me out but I will let you know how my Hawaii trip goes this weekend…going to try and reeeeelax (and work in 29 over 4 days), way to stick with it, now I have to do my miles since you guys did yours! Looks like a fun trip and welcome back!

    • I *may* have been on the top step! Cousin Kerry is actually my size if not shorter, but her husband Vern is easily 6’7. Hawaii is definitely a neat place to relax, although we really didn’t relax there either because we wanted to see every monument and explore the whole island. I think on one day did we just lay out by the beach for a couple of hours. And yes, miles must be done! HAVE FUN!

  2. Looks like a fun trip to Texas. I am in awe of your humid 20 miler. I don’t know how people do the hot and humid thing. I’m just a wuss I guess! Way to get the running done while on vacation. You are going to rock your marathon.

    • It was pretty miserable! Luckily it was overcast for about 16 of the 20 miles, but when the sun came out, WOW. My body was just not accustomed to that type of climate at all.

  3. I’m so glad we got to meet up!! You guys were so easy to chat with, as if we’d known each other for a long time. 🙂 And yay for surviving the heat and humidity down her! That horseback-riding on the beach looks fantastic- I’m glad you could turn it into such a fun vacation!

    • It was a great vacation! I’m so glad we got to meet up (and that you liked us!) Now that we have family down there, we may make the trip more often (though maybe in fall…)!

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