Everyone Needs a Spartan Cheerleader


The weird thing about scheduling posts is that you kind of don’t know what’s actually going on in the world when this publishes.  Like, did the world as we know it change over the weekend, and now blogs have been deemed irrelevant? Hard to know from this side of the space time continuum. 

Today’s post comes from blog friend Erika who blogs at You Just Did What?!  She is a real Housewife of Orange County (but doesn’t act like those crazies on TV) and has an absolutely beautiful little girl.  I thought she’d be perfect to write a post on motivation because I am always in awe of women (and men) who balance kids and a healthy lifestyle.  

Motivation: Internal and external factors that stimulate desire and energy in people to be continually interested in and committed to a job, role, or subject, and to exert persistent effort in attaining a goal (businessdictionary.com) Have you ever seen the movie Wet, Hot, American Summer? There is a scene where Paul Rudd is asked to clean up his mess and as dramatically as possible throws himself around in annoyance at the thought of having to do so.

So much extra energy is put into avoiding the issue rather than getting it over with and moving on. But it’s so funny because we ALL can relate. Can’t tell you how many times I do that just to put on my running shoes, especially in the summer heat.

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy running and working out, for that matter. However, there are many, many times when I need to find that extra incentive, that push, that motivation, to get me moving and get out of the door! More often than not, I need to just suck it up myself, and get it done, remembering that I usually LOVE how I feel afterwards!

I found the above definition of motivation from businessdictionary.com and thought, “Wow, couldn’t have said it more perfectly myself!” Basically, if we can find the things that drive us and keep us interested, then we are more likely to give persistent effort to the task at hand.

So what is it that gets us motivated and what is it that makes us lose it? It’s not business, it’s personal…so chances are no one is going to have the answer for you except yourself.

For me, my mind is usually all over the place. I have trouble focusing on one thing. So I’ve learned over time, that I constantly need to switch up my routine in order to put in the persistent effort to achieve my health and fitness goals. As much as I really enjoy running, I can’t always run…it’s just NOT me. But it might be for someone else.

First things first…set your goal(s) and make it one that your heart is in for. It must be something you are willing to work hard for and one that get’s you excited just thinking/talking about!

Based on the definition I found, I broke it down into External and Internal Factors that can help us to peak our interest, help us to commit and become persistent in reaching that goal.

External Factors-

* Accountability – If I could have a Spartan cheerleader around every time I went out for a long run, I’d probably be an Ultra. But I’ve got friends to work out with, people who are there to wake me up, witness my workout and even better, willing to work out themselves, who keep me going!

* Mix it up – In my world, monotony is boring. When I am training, I do different types of runs throughout a week – tempos, fartleks, long runs, etc. I love P90x right now because you do a different routine everyday! Change can be good. If you are one of those who are more comfortable in routine and enjoy it, then forget what I said and embrace it, as long as you are willing to commit to it!

* Music – You don’t want to race me if Party Rock Anthem is blasting on my Ipod, I’d leave you in my dust. Ok, I sadly doubt that, but music puts me in a good mood and makes me more energized to work.

* Gear – I am definitely motivated after a successful trip to Lululemon or Roadrunner Sports. New Shoes, new clothes, a new garmin, even new apps, etc. put me in the mood to workout. I never thought running would be as expensive as it can be. Sigh.

* New Races – Find a new race to try or sign up for one that you need to get to by plane. Make it an adventure. Or rally the troops and start your own team for a local race. I love all of the new type of races they have out there now, like the Warrior Dash and Run for Your Lives.

Internal Factors-

* Measure Your Success – Write down your starting numbers – pace, distance, etc. Track them along the way and watch yourself progress! If you are setting out to lose weight, record your inches in arms, waist, thighs, etc. Stay committed and watch those numbers get smaller!

* Journal – Write down your feelings about your workouts. Read back after a couple of weeks and look for trends. What is helping you and what isn’t with your workouts? Is something missing? Are you working out at the right time?

* Remind yourself WHY – Why are you doing this and most importantly, who are you doing this for? I personally believe that we should be working out for ourselves. It can help us to become

better parents, spouses, and friends teaching us patience and giving us a place to release stress. Write encouraging post-its for yourself if you need to!

* Eating Habits – The way you fuel your body can be a huge motivator. Sometimes, we don’t eat enough or we eat too much. Sometimes, what we eat makes us tired and too lethargic to pick up our legs for a workout (see Paul Rudd above). Oh, and lots and lots of water is a helluva great thing. I should mention that BEER has proven affects, especially for women (believe it or not) for those carbo-loading days!

There are also many factors that help us to LOSE our motivation, too. Finding the time is usually the main complaint because we have children & family, work, chores, and errands. Some people may have physical limitations. I totally get that, but if you want some inspiration, check out the Paralympics that are being held till Sept 9th! So exciting!!

But I know I couldn’t mention all factors, so I am curious about what motivates everyone else?!

If nothing else, we all need a little Pep Talk from time to time…enjoy!

{AMY INSERT: OH MY GOODNESS this video is amazing!}

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