Weekly Race Shout-Outs and Foodie Pen Pals


With this weekend, we enter back into racing season! Efforts will have to be redoubled to stalk and figure out who is racing where and keep you in my fast racing thoughts.  This week I haven’t had too much time to stalk, but I did want to mention a couple of people I know are racing:

1) Sam is going for a marathon PR in Idaho where he WILL be qualifying for Boston!

2) Jac is running the Disneyland Half this weekend! (major jealously from my end).  Her daughter will also be running the Disneyland 5-K!

3) If you WANT to race but haven’t signed up or can’t find one, Laura from Mommy Run Fast is hosting a virtual 5 or 10 mile race this weekend! I didn’t do a race in August (it just didn’t ever work out around marathon training), so I figure if I get my run in today and submit my times, I can still consider it a bucket list success!

Good luck and fast thoughts to you, and everyone else racing this weekend! 


Foodie Pen Pals

So, I have some wonderful guest posts lined up for next week! BUT, today is the official foodie pen pal reveal day, and the Lean Green Bean lady runs a tight ship (necessary for organization).

I’ve been seeing these posts for the last few months, and I finally decided to jump on the bandwagon.  I like food! I like pen pals! I like receiving food from pen pals!

For August I was paired up with Catherine from Alabama.  The moment I looked at the box when it came a couple of weeks ago, I knew I was in for a good surprise!

The Goods:

These were eaten within moments of this picture being taken!

Catherine says she’s obsessed with this snack mix.  I’d have to agree after trying it!

She even included treats for Giuseppe!

Catherine is there in the left corner.  And this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! 

THANK YOU CATHERINE for being a great foodie pen pal! This was such a cool experience, and something I plan to participate in often.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!

17 thoughts on “Weekly Race Shout-Outs and Foodie Pen Pals

  1. I’ve been reading foodie pen pal posts for quite a few months and just haven’t jumped on board yet. Your package looks like it contained a lot of goodies! Hopefully I’ll get my act together and register for the next round!

  2. SO glad we could meet up today– thanks so much for contacting me!! Just realized how greasy my hair is in that photo we took, yikes… I though I could get away without showering today. 🙂 You guys are so sweet- I was just telling J how much he would have liked you two. Too bad you don’t live closer, we’d love to have you over for dinner. Maybe next time you’re in Houston!!

    • Haha! It didn’t look greasy in person if that makes you feel better (I totally don’t think it looks greasy in the picture either!). We’d love to meet your family! I’ll let you know if we ever head out that way again (and hopefully you’re still living there!).

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