How NOT to Train For a Marathon, or Amy is a Running Bum

FRIDAY! Oh my goodness. I am so ready for this.

These last few weeks have been crazy for both me and Aaron.  He’s switching positions within his company at the start of September, so he’s working 2 jobs right now in the transition (12 hour days, anyone?).  And while I deal with deadlines and stressful situations all the time, I’m coming up on my busiest most stressful week of the year that is being made even more stressful thanks to two federal grant deadlines at the same time.  (those feds require a lot of information).

Oh, and I’m hosting a bridal shower at my house this weekend which is fun (seriously, planning parties is what I live for), but I’m a bit OCD and every square inch of my house and yard must pass a white glove test, and I don’t do “small.” Go big or go home.

So, we’re both coming home exhausted, I’m trying to get everything done for the party, and we’re supposed to be training for a marathon.

Supposed to be.

We’ve been bad again this week.  I’m burned out.  Not from running really, but I’m just tired from life and at the end of a long work day/cleaning day, I’m not all about the running.  And Aaron, who is usually the person in this relationship who makes sure we get out no matter what excuse I throw out, isn’t into it right now either.  Perfect timing right? I’m still in constant awe of people who work stressful jobs every day, have kids, and still manage to run and dominate.  You have my utmost respect, because I’m having a hard time.  I didn’t run at all on Monday, and we put in 2 of the 5 miles we were supposed to yesterday (speed workouts have gone on as normal).

As you can see, I am so behind on everything (2 episodes behind in the Newsroom!!!), including blogging.   I think your life will go on if you don’t know everything that’s happening in my life (you want to know? Right now I’m watching Love Actually which is a movie I have seen easily over 100 times and drinking a beer.  Because stressful work days means more booze intake.  I should write a book on how not to train for a marathon with lots of chapters on not running and drinking beer while watching Rom Com’s ….oh, and I should specify that I’m writing this on Thursday night.   I rarely turn down a beer, but even I don’t make it a habit to drink at 7 am on a work day).

I’m mostly sad that I haven’t been able to keep up with your lives. Can’t you just stop being interesting for a couple of weeks?

I’ve missed pictures of Hawaii, Denmark, and Scottish Isles, new jobs, new babies (any other HRG readers out there amazed at how Janae looks perfect and acts perfect all the dang time including moments after giving birth in a city she moved to literally the day before?), new distances conquered, and everything else that y’all are talking about.  And I hate that.

Also, I think it is silly when people write entire blog posts talking about not blogging. And yet, here we are.

Just to make things less silly…

1) Lance Armstrong: I’m pro Lance.  I’m certain that EVERYONE in the pro cycling community dopes.  I don’t think that makes it right, but Lance is an awesome athlete regardless.  Guaranteed the dudes that now take over the titles doped too, so I’d rather have the strongest (doping) athlete have the title then the second strongest.  Also, he has yet to fail a drug test.

2) Naked Price Harry: Why do I never get invited to these parties???

3) ING New York Marathon’s new “no bag check-in” bombshell: Have fun with that.

This is a fabulous back down off it weekend, 12 miles and 6 miles.  I shall enjoy every second of the reduced mileage because its back up to a 30 mile weekend next week.

Have a fabulous weekend! And don’t do anything interesting without me!

28 thoughts on “How NOT to Train For a Marathon, or Amy is a Running Bum

  1. Not that I’m enjoying your misery, but I’m just glad to know that others slack on their training too. Funny thing for me is that usually after a day or two of unplanned rest days, I will have an amazing run that just makes me think I might be able to pull this fast marathon off after all. So beer cheers to you and your awesome run this weekend!!!

    • I’m slacking for sure! Though, this week has been more consistent! And you’re right, I think the runs have been a bit better . Your marathon is so close!

  2. Life happens … don’t sweat it. One run or week isn’t going to make or break you. Looks like it came at the perfect time with only 12/6 this weekend. And think about it … a few months ago, 12/6 would have intimidated you! You’re doing fine … have a good weekend!

    • Life definitely does happen! The last couple of weeks have made me appreciate how much time I have usually. And very true about how 12/6 would have seemed like a lot a couple of months ago. Gotta keep things in perspective! Hope the high school reunion went well.

  3. You are such a wimp. Kidding, it is stressful but that is part of the journey right? You guys will still reach your goal and don’t we run to help us have healthy full lives? You already know that these weekends will increase your happiness which in turn improve your running and training.

    In response to the following,
    1. I agree completely, sure he MAY have doped but let me see this type of investigation into every other cyclist that he competed against, I have no doubt that everyone else in the top 10 was looking for a competitive edge. From what I am hearing their system was pretty elaborate but the main thing they are saying is that they use blood transfusions to recover quicker…with their own blood…that is illegal? Anyway, I am not a cyclist, but it seems like a witch hunt.

    2. +1 for England.

    3. I was planning on ditching my warm ups at the finish line in hopes that they would be donated anyway. Thankfully I will have at least one person supporting me in NYC so they can carry all my other stuff. Plus, according to the email I received they give you a fleece lined poncho and some other stuff to help you survive until you meet up with your family/friends.

    Good luck squeezing in some training and have a great weekend!

    • HA! Happiness! I always think it’s weird that I talk about how much I love running all the time to everyone, yet I complain about it so much.

      Completely agree that it is a witch hunt. I know the controversy pretty much died after Friday, but I have yet to see very many people think that justice was served.

      As for NYC, glad to hear that it probably won’t affect you very much. The poncho does sound very fancy, but I’d be a little annoyed that I wouldn’t get to change out of my shoes into flip flops or have my roller stick, or you know, cell phone to update twitter. I do however think people were being a little ridiculous about it.

      • Oh I will be out of my running shoes as soon as possible, I may throw them at the time keeper when I finish…I will just have to have one of my supporters throw me a fresh pair to wear on the subway. As far as not having a cell phone for twitter? You really need to get on the iPhone 5 when it comes out…I may live tweet the entire race via Siri…

        ” mile 10, not so bad…lots of people…doing well ”
        “Mile 15, just got passed by a 60 year old man, still holding up”
        ” Mile 23, WTF was I thinking…I am about to vomit all over the Bronx, at least it can’t get any uglier”

        Would you read?

  4. I completely hear you about being overwhelmed and where does the training fit in during those times. Great post! I actually am running NYC for my first time ever this November and I was planning on hitting up Goodwill for some great throw aways before going anyway. And I was thinking of carrying my cell phone (which I never do in a marathon) so I could snap a few pictures of the greatness and also find my family afterward. It should be interesting!

    • I’m glad that you won’t be affected by it too much! I was looking at the race facebook page, and people were talking about recalling the mayor and boycotting ING over losing the bag check. I can understand the frustration, but geez! I hope your training is going well, and that your bike ride this weekend was great!

  5. Totally get how you feel. I was supposed to do a nice 8 miles this weekend. Um I didn’t run at all. Signed up for the Goofy Race and a Half in Jan. it will be just the kick in the a I need. I am glad to hear everyone gets in running funks. I wish I was super woman sometimes too. …have a better week! 🙂

    • I think I read that on your blog! You’re nuts/amazing for doing that! I wish I had superwoman abilities too. It would make life so much easier!

  6. What I love most about your blog is that you are real and honest and aren’t afraid to share the ups and downs of marathon training! I was in a funk this week, on top of feeling like I was getting slammed at work, so it’s nice to see I wasn’t alone!

    Here’s to hoping for the start of a better week!

    P.S. I just found your email re: blogging in my junk mail box–I feel terrible that I didn’t catch it earlier. 😦 I’m really, really, reeeealllly sorry. 😦 If you’re still looking for a guest post, let me know!

    • Thanks! I think I’m going to look back on my marathon training in a few months, and want to give myself a bunch of hugs! AND I AM SO SORRY FOR MISSING YOUR HALF MARATHON! I need to go check out your recap.

      And no worries about the email. I’d love to have you guest post still! Crazy time isn’t over yet!

    • The Newsroom is so good! I’m now 3 episodes behind, but I love all the characters and I feel like I’m learning so much about these events that I actually lived through.

  7. Those busy, busy seasons of life come… hang in there! Hopefully after this weekend with the party behind you, you’ll find more time and motivation. No big deal to miss a few runs here and there. You’ll get back on the wagon!

    • Thank you! I’ve been doing much better this week, even though things are still busy. I think it hit me that I only have 3 non-taper weeks left, so time to get serious!

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