Choosing an NFL Team

I did not grow up in a sports oriented family.

Sure we’d go to the occasional local minor league baseball game (Albuquerque Dukes Forever!) or watch gymnastics during the Olympics, or suffer through football games and rowdy relatives during Thanksgiving dinner (as much as my mother tried to prevent it).  But for the most part, I spent my life sports free aside from high school games and of course my Saint Mary’s Gaels.

Then I met Aaron.

His whole life has been sports oriented.  He played baseball and water polo, and was on the track team, cross country team, and swim team.  His father is from Brooklyn, so New York sports are a big deal.  I once suggested that we move to Boston.  I was informed that this was not acceptable since the Red Sox fans live there.  And don’t mess with the Giants.

So, for the last 4 years, my life has involved a lot more sports games.

Luckily Aaron hasn’t been a complete die-hard when it comes to his teams (we compromise…less sports games I have to watch means less episodes of Real Housewives he has to watch), although there was that one pre-marriage course where the Giants game was streaming on his phone….

So, I figure it is time for me to choose an NFL team to cheer for (please don’t ask me to get into baseball).  If I’m having to watch games anyway, might as well get into it a little more.  If you can’t beat them, join them. Or something like that. With pre-season starting up, it’s time. In fact, I made it a bucket list item for this year.  I also want to be able to speak intelligently about these sweaty men tackling each other.


I know there are a lot of options, some I might not even know about yet.  I had never even heard of the Buccaneers before last year. Around these parts most people are either Cowboys or Broncos fans.

I  knew that I could NEVER chose the Cowboys (the one opinion my dad has had on football), and Oakland fans scare me as does Oakland, so no Raiders fan here.

I narrowed it down to three options:

1) Denver Broncos: geographically, Denver is pretty close to Albuquerque.  I also usually go to one Broncos game a year, so they would be easy to support in person.  And while I didn’t get into Tebow madness (he was adorable, but even I could tell that he sucked), I AM IN OBSESSIVE LOVE WITH THE MANNINGS.  I don’t know why.  Don’t ask me to explain it because I can’t.  Peyton is so close, I can taste him. In the most unweird way possible…

2) San Francisco 49ers: This kinda goes back to elementary school when all the boys wore Rice and Young jerseys.  I’ve always considered San Francisco a cheer-worthy team.  And aside from Albuquerque, the Bay Area is the only other place I’ve had a mailbox, so it’s almost like the home team.  (I was actually a bit closer to Oakland, but we already discussed that Raiders are a no-go).

3) NY Giants: ELI ELI ELI! He’s so precious.  And they win.  I like winners.  I’m not too into cheering for non-winners.  Also, this is Aaron’s team.  On one hand, this means that we won’t want to kill each other on Super Bowl Sunday or play-offs.  On the other hand, I don’t want to do anything just because my husband does it.  You know, aside from the whole running thing.  And gluten free diet.  And riding a tandam bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. Hmmm….



I broke it to Aaron last night over our gluten free burger.

He wasn’t very excited because he doesn’t think I’m loyal enough.  He thinks that I’m only cheering for them because they won the Super Bowl, and if Eli ever switched teams, I might switch with him.  Apparently, by choosing the Giants, I”m choosing them for better or for worse.  For winning seasons and losing seasons.  Through adorable quarterbacks and ugly quarterbacks.

That’s a lot of commitment talk.

Maybe I’m not ready….

Who is your team?  Can we still be friends? 

HAPPY FRIDAY! 30 total miles on the schedule for this weekend.  I don’t even want to talk about it!

18 thoughts on “Choosing an NFL Team

  1. Well . . . I guess if you didn’t pick the Buffalo Bills, the Giants are the next best thing! Their training camp is in my home city of Albany, and a ton of my friends are Giants fans.

    • Oh see! First thing learned…training camp in Albany (I always just assumed everyone in every sport trained in Arizona?). Sorry about not picking Buffalo, though if Eli ever switched over, we may be able to negotiate a deal!

  2. We’re still friends. If you would have picked the Broncos, it would have been a different story. You can still pick the Chiefs as a second-favorite team, you know.

    In a way, this post is still running-related to me … I ran a marathon in May that took us on the field in the Broncos’ stadium, so you have a picture of one of my marathon courses posted.

    Have a great weekend!

    • One of these days I want to do a marathon (or preferably a half marathon) that makes me feel like an NFL star! That picture was actually from 3 years ago. The Stadium (is it still Sports Authority? I can never keep track) is the only NFL stadium I’ve been to, and it meets my needs as far as impressiveness goes.

      Have a great weekend too!

  3. Our relationship survives football season because the Giants and the Broncos only play once every +/- 7 years. So yes, I suggest either join em and root for the same team, or choose a team that rarely if ever plays the Giants and then you’re golden!

    • Apparently I need to learn more about divisions? Leagues? I was looking at the Broncos schedule to see when they played the Giants and Aaron was like, ummmmmm, no, but good try. Let’s take a trip to Dallas! They won’t shoot us for being Giants fans, would they?

  4. Gulp…Bungles fan here…errr…I mean Bengals. I am the most loyal person you have never met and it is highlighted by my 25 years of Bengaldom, quite possibly the worst team over the last 25 years. At least the last 8 haven’t been nearly as terrible as the 90’s. We can still be friends because everyone laughs that I am Bengals fan that was born and raised in Southern California and they don’t take me or my team seriously. I may write a post on this.

    • Well, at least I’ve heard of the Bangles!

      The Broncos game we went to last year was actually against the Bangles. We were in the hotel elevator with two die-hards who flew in from Ohio. I think they were literally the only fans in the stadium. They lost.

      It IS pretty random that out of all the teams, that’s where you went. I’ve always wondered who Southern California cheers for. Too bad Ari Gold had to mess everything up with the NFL, otherwise y’all would have your own team!

  5. Good choice, always go with a proven winner. I’m a Manning fan as well, and when Peyton didn’t come back to TN and join the Titans, it was hard on all of us Tennesseeans, so my loyalties are all up in the air this year. I’ve played in an all-girls fantasy football league the past few years. A couple girls decided it would make Sunday afternoons more bearable if they had some interest in the games their husbands were watching. It is so much fun!!! I’ve always loved football, but more college than NFL. Fantasy has brought a whole new level of fun and entertainment to it! Now I’m the loser who picks who I’m cheering for and against based on my team. I went to my first NFL game last year, watching the Titans. Loved it! They are actually doing a 5k next week where you receive a ticket to a game if you run, so I’ll get to go to another this year! Woo-hoo!

    • Oooo! That sounds like fun race swag! I’m kind of scared to venture into fantasy football. It seems to get pretty intense! I bet it is a good way to learn about the game though. Have fun at the game! Sorry about Peyton.

  6. Shows how much I’ve missed in the 3 years I’ve lived abroad: Peyton Manning played for the Colts when I left! Of your three choices, I would root for the Giants as well, as if I had to choose a baseball team, it would be the Yankees, so NY association all the way. The Patriots are eternally great, or again, at least they were when I left; they also would be a team to follow. I’ve never followed an NFL team, but I’ve always loved watching Superbowl Sunday and I’ve even been to a game in Miami (Patriots vs. Dolphins – Monday Night Football!). I do miss proper football though, not this game here that us North Americans refer to as soccer 😉

    • Peyton JUST switched the Broncos a couple of months ago, and The Patriots were in the last Super Bowl, so I guess they must still be good! And I agree…even though I LOVE FIFA, I think football is much more of a spectator sport. Plenty of breaks for you to go grab more hot dogs and beer! Soccer doesn’t provide any breaks.

      I actually watched a portion of a Canadian football game on T.V when I was in Victoria, BC. It was weird to watch a game between two teams that I’d never heard of.

  7. I dread this time of year. :-/ I’m thankful we have two TVs so my Sundays, Monday nights, and Thursday nights aren’t completely lost to the one sport I despise the most. I may be run out of the state for saying I don’t like watching the Packers, but by default that is the team I “follow” (read: ask JP whether or not they win on a weekly basis).

    While I know next to nothing about the NFL, I can agree that Tebow was not a good quarterback and the Mannings are incredibly likeable.

    Enjoy cheering for your team this year!

    • Aaron and I were actually talking last night about which team had the most loyal following. We both agreed that it was Green Bay! So, I can see why you’d be afraid of being run out of Wisconsin! But it sounds like you get enough of a football fix during your day job, so I don’t blame you for escaping as far as you can when the games are on TV!

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