Hey There, Hot Stuff (And I’m Not Just Talking About the Merchandise)!

First, this thought that went through my head during my tempo run yesterday: If I’m going to throw up, at least let it be AFTER I finish my 20 pace minutes.

So, I was completely ok with throwing up (because that means you’ve pushed yourself as hard as you can) as long as I could finish up my workout first.  Every day I’m amazed at this complete weirdo I have become.


Yesterday, The Boring Runner blogged about getting his first mid-run cat call.

I laughed because I know.

I get honked at or hollered at least once a week.  It usually happens when I’m running alone (or when Aaron is far ahead), but having him next to me doesn’t seem to deter people either (it should be noted that I never run in my wedding ring, but my guess is it would make no difference).

This practice baffles my mind for so many reasons. It doesn’t make me uncomfortable as much as it makes me question the motives and mentality of these hootern’ hollerers.

I also don’t really take it as a compliment.  Luckily, I derive my self-esteem from sources other than drive-by shouting.

The post prompted several comments from other ladies who also deal with this, so I guess at least it’s not just a New Mexico machismo man thing.

I can guarantee that I’m speaking for everyone here when I say that no date has ever resulted from a man in a car cat calling a female runner. Or, you know, a female calling out to a male runner.  However, if this is the way you met your life partner, no judgement, and can you please share because I’d love to hear the story!

But truthfully, I don’t think dates are what these men are after.  It’s not like the slow down and get to know us better.  Or even turn around to get a second look.  Perhaps they are just attempting to raise our self-esteem by causing us to jump when the horn goes off unexpectedly?

Also, I am not hot.  ESPECIALLY when I’m running.

MAYBE if I looked like this when I ran, I would understand:

But, I don’t.  In fact, I usually look like this heel striking and all (not to mention that I look like a 12 year old):

Also somewhat surprising is that 90% of the time, the offender is driving a newer nice pick-up truck, so he presumably isn’t a high school student.  Also, this usually happens in the morning, or shortly after work, so these people should be relatively sober.

So, I have no reasonable explanation.

Man people: Any insight into this strange social ritual?  I’d like to think that your mamas raised you better.


Aaron showed me this video last night, and it had me laughing.  I’m not a bike rider, but I would TOTALLY do what this guy did if something of mine got stolen.  His commentary on the matter is pretty priceless.

Happy Thursday! SO CLOSE to the weekend!

26 thoughts on “Hey There, Hot Stuff (And I’m Not Just Talking About the Merchandise)!

  1. I never experienced more hoots and hollers than I did when I lived in ABQ. It was ridiculous, I couldn’t even go to the mall without cat calls. What is up with that? I’m fortunate to live in PHX and don’t have to hear hoots and hollers when I run because people are forced to drive with their windows up! Ha! Great video about the bike thief!

    • Very true about Phoenix and not driving with windows down! Though, The Boring Runner IS from Phoenix….maybe the ladies over there are just more dedicated! If I thought they were complimenting my physical appearance, then I might get it, but it just seems like these grown men are being dumbasses for no reason.

  2. OMG I constantly get honks and whistles, and they scare me to death. I usually jump at least a foot and look around wildly for someone to drive over me. Man, if they’d get close enough I’d mace them for scaring me so bad!

    I think there intention is to scare me, nothing else. Punks.

    • I think this just means the people where you live have much more class! Or, you are so fast when you run, any potential offenders are afraid that you’ll chase after them and punch out their windows!

  3. So funny! This past July in FL I was running and looked like a mess and some – you guessed it, pick up truck beeped. My first reaction was to wave obnoxiously. I don’t know why I did lack of fluids probably. Also, I actually like when I throw up after a hard run. Almost all of my 5k’s I vomit after. Not sure if its the heat or how hard I pushed myself. Either way its a small disgusting reminder that I pushed it hard!

    • Probably made his day when you waved! But yeah, some of these people must not have very good vision!

      And I don’t mind it when I get nauseous either. It makes me feel validated!

    • At least at 6 pm, there is a chance that they actually SAW you, so I can see that being more complimentary! At 6 am, the driver is probably still sleepy, plus, it isn’t really light out yet.

  4. I read the boring runner’s post too and was laughing as well!! I like the last picture where he says something to the affect or, “who wouldn’t like this?!” I get cat calls/ honks occasionally… I get creepy stares the most…

    • Yeah, at least the honkers aren’t close enough to grab at me and are harmless. It still freaks me out to know that you were almost attacked. I’d take feeling like a cheap piece of goods any day over creepy stares any day.

  5. As a cat caller myself…let me tell you that it is meant as the highest form of flattery. It is less …”hey I want to do you” …and more… “what you’re doing is working, keep it up!”. I also like to creepy stare because I want to get my point across…you are a piece of meat, and I am a carnivore who likes to sear his meat with intense laser focus. I am obviously kidding., hopefully that was obvious….

    I have been cat called a few times but it was back when I lived in suburbia which is shocking considering I run in an area now that has roughly 200 times the amount of traffic. Although I do get stopped by ladies asking for directions quiet frequently (never men, I chalk that up as guys don’t ask for directions), I guess I look like I know where I am going more than the 400 other people running/walking around the Rose Bowl. Although one lady asked me for directions and kept telling me that it was impressive that I was running fast as I directed her…that would’ve been a good pick up line if I liked convertible Chrysler Sebring’s.

    • I could see you being the cat calling type, but more in the “hey baby, what music are you listening to, and can I interest you in something that doesn’t suck” type of way.

      I always get asked for directions while I’m running too. While it is possible that you are being hit on by Pasadena’s finest, most women chose trustworthy looking people when asking for directions (as opposed to strictly good looking people). So, you have that going for you.

      • I am not a cat caller! BUT if I was, you would probably be right…”how do you like those shoes?”.

        As for directions, I will take it as a backhanded compliment that I am “trustworthy looking”.

      • It doesn’t even have to be backhanded! Assuming I’m not completely unlike other females (…?), women will actually analyze the situation before approaching someone for directions or for like when you’re on vacation and need someone to take your picture in front of a landmark. You chose the person who looks least likely to drag you into an alley and kill you or least likely to run away with your camera. I personally think it is a good thing not to give the impression that you will do either of those things.

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