Weekly Race Shout-Outs and Migraine Induced Grumpiness

Sending Fast Thoughts To:

Whitney is running the Wild West Relay this weekend! Actually…I think she’s already started according to her live tweeting!

Natalie is running her very first 5-K this weekend! Her running journey started just over a month ago, and now here she is, running her first race! You’ll do awesome!

Good luck to you ladies, and everyone else racing! 


First: I actually cried yesterday when Gabrielle Douglas was announced the all around gymnastics winner (even though I already knew that she won) and then cried again during her medal presentation.  I don’t cry.  I have no idea why this particular win and this particular girl got me all teary eyed, BUT I AM SO HAPPY FOR HER!

I also think it is adorable when Micheal Phelps walks out to the pool in his giant headphones.  I wonder what kind of music the most decorated Olympian ever listens to to pump himself up? Obviously it works because he won! I wanted to shout it from the rooftops when I found out that he got his individual gold, but people are getting pretty pissy about all of these “spoilers” so I celebrated in private.

Also, I wish I had pursued rowing in college.  I would have made a perfect coxswain (unbelievably awkward word to spell, by the way)!

The running events start today, and I’m excited to actually hear terminology that I understand!


Yesterday, I was sitting at my desk, looking at my computer, and all of the sudden big chunks of my vision were blurry.  I couldn’t read anything.   I texted Aaron because I was concerned (and hoping that I wasn’t seeing “the light”), and he said it sounded like I was about ready to get a migraine.


I NEVER get migraines.  The last time a headache wiped me out was in 2006, and I certainly don’t remember any vision problems coming with it.

A few minutes later I started seeing a weird zig zag snake its way around my visual reality.   As if blurry vision spots weren’t trippy enough.  I WebMD’d and found out that “auras” are a tell-tale sign of migraines.  I google imaged “migraine auras” and found this Wikipedia picture, and this is exactly what it looked like except with my desk and office door in the background.

Is this what it feels like to be on acid?  Not that I have any interest in finding out.

I have never experienced anything like it, and I really didn’t want to spend 2-3 days locked in a dark room, withering in pain. I tried to relax, I rested my eyes and drank some more coffee, and while I did get a headache, it wasn’t a bad one, and it went away after a few hours.

Crisis adverted I guess?  It was bizarre.

In my WebMD searches, I also discovered that migraine symptoms start showing up a couple of days before the actual headache and include depression and irritability.

This may explain why I’ve been in a funk of a mood all week. Blame it on the migraine!

Tuesday’s workout was 800 repeats.  I went in with a BAD attitude worthy of Mel Gibson.  It was 97 degrees, the track we use (which is dirt) had been pretty destroyed thanks to our big rain storm a couple of weeks ago, and I just wanted to run fast, but I couldn’t thanks to crater/canyon city.  I hated Aaron for making me go at 6 pm, I hated the sun for being so hot, I hated dirt for being so easily shifted by rain, I hated my ankles for being so easily rolled, I hated the water for not tasting like fresh mountain springs, and I hated 800’s. I REALLY hated them.  The numbers 8,0,0, the words eight hundreds, and the distance.  Everything. I didn’t know I had so much hatred in my little heart.

I had my worst split times yet, and I blamed everything and everyone else for it.

Then that night, I watched an interview with the USA swimming coach, Bob Bowman, and he said that he trained Michael Phelps with a lot of “worst case scenario” situations.  For example, he had to train without goggles and he trained on an empty stomach.

Poor guy probably just wanted to get a super fast training swim in, but his coach put all sorts of obstacles in his way.

Then, in Beijing, at the very start of one of his races, Michael Phelps’ goggles filled with water and he was blind.  But, since he’d trained without goggles before, so he knew how many strokes he could go before the turn-around, and how many strokes he could go to dominate the finish.  He won GOLD at that race, even though he couldn’t see a thing.

So, obviously I am not Michael Phelps and my little battles are nothing compared to you know, training to win Olympic medals.  But I realized that dealing with some less than ideal conditions in my training might ultimately be preparing me to deal with anything come marathon day (at least let’s hope….otherwise this self-pep talk is pointless and sad).

I know I said I would try and not be negative and try and not spend my life complaining about MY DECISION to run a fast marathon.  But the past couple of weeks have been a running emotional roller coaster.  And I think Tuesday was the low point…at least I hope it doesn’t get much lower.  I was ready to give up and say hey, I tried, but I can’t run a marathon.  If it weren’t for the Olympics and all these happy shiny athletes reminding me that I have no excuse, I might have just said, eh, 6 hour marathons are cool as is taking a Chicago vacation and sleeping in on marathon day.  DNS/DNF for the win! (Just kidding.  But I did consider quitting).

I know this is supposed to be fun, and sometimes it is, but I don’t like bad mood Amy.  At all.  Pre-Migraine symptoms or not.


Yesterday I was about a mile into my tempo run.  I came across a man carrying his flat-tired bike.  I have no idea how far he had to carry it, but I gave him a sympathetic smile.

He laughed and said “stick to running.”

He’ll probably never know how much I needed to hear that.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

19 thoughts on “Weekly Race Shout-Outs and Migraine Induced Grumpiness

  1. Oh no, I am doing a 12 mile run tomorrow and then in two weeks I jump to 14, then 15…you can’t give up (because A won’t let you either) and neither can I…anyway…check this out!

  2. Oy fellow migraine sufferer right here girl!! You dodged a bullet with this one! Glad it didn’t end up derailing your weekend. Are you at a taper week yet?? This is the point in the training where I started living for the taper weekends! Hope it’s a good one 😀

    • Me too! I just hope it doesn’t start becoming an issue. I’m lucky it didn’t turn into anything too bad, but I don’t want to have it happen again!

      This is a lower mileage weekend (1 13 mile run…hooray!). I’m definitely excited about it. Until I realize that next weekend is a 30 mile weekend. And then I freak out a bit. Enjoy your vacation!!!

  3. That’s super interesting on Phelps training through those obstacles. I never knew that!! Very smart.
    I have so much respect for you getting out in that hot weather!! I’m such a baby when it comes to that!! You go girl!
    And here’s hoping that migraine never shows up!

  4. I have decided in the past 2 days that I think Michael Phelps is amazing. But, like, amazing +1. I will try and remember that little story during what is sure to be a horrendous 18 miles.

    I also want to kick my ass for not sticking to swimming, which I was actually (really) good at. I have a body for swimming. Not endurance effing running. I guess what I’m saying in a really indirect way here is that you are totally not alone in your little hate bubble, and I hope you get through it soon!

    • And then you’d be on the Olympic team and you could be best friends with Phelps (I’m assuming you’d have to swim for the USA, but I’m not sure about the rules)! The conversation this week has been, when we have kids, which sports do we get them in so we can guarantee ourselves an Olympic ticket?

      And yeah, lot’s of hate. This marathon thing is kind of turning me into a bitch.

  5. THANK YOU for the shout-out, my friend!! I am so nervous! 😐 I can’t wait to do it, but I’m shakin’ in my boots! I am looking forward to watching the marathon Sunday morning at 6 am EST, though! Probably because I’ll be…watching it 🙂

  6. I’m so glad you didn’t get a full blown migraine. I get them when I’m extremely stressed and my entire left eye closes. I too was so proud of Gabby and overcome with emotions during the moment. You rock. I’m not training for a marathon but sometimes I think this running thing is just crazy. Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone. Sometimes everyone’s running posts are so cheery I think maybe this isn’t for me! Here’s to a great weekend of watching track & field in London!

    • You are definitely not alone! And I secretly think the cheery post people are liars! I really try hard to be positive, but sometimes it just hurts really bad and I get quite frustrated with myself. But, hopefully everything will be worth it in the end!

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  8. So sorry you’ve been feeling down about the race… I think that’s totally normal in marathon training. The heat makes it ten times worse, too! Once things start cooling down, the paces should come back to you. Hang in there.
    I was so proud of Gabby, too- definitely one of my highlights so far!

    • Thanks! This week is a good week so far. I never knew I could be such an emotional person over something as silly as running! I am all over the place!

      I cried again yesterday when Kirani James took off his bib and gave to Oscar Pistorious! The Olympics are not making me any more emotionally stable!

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