(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

I’m so torn.

On one hand, I’m excited that cooler temperatures (and therefore less miserable running conditions) are in my near future.

On the other hand, I look forward to summer, sunshine, and warm weather all year long and I’m sad that it is getting closer to fall.

Also, ♥

I do not accept Lochte as my boyfriend.  Homeboy is kind of a major DB.  Team Phelps all the way!


Well done, ladies!

Even though the Russians looked so sad and I wanted to give them a hug and a shot of Stolichnaya.


19 thoughts on “(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

  1. Did you see that segment on Phelps & Allison Schmitt? It was a little awkward, imho.

    I could barely watch the Russians…in my very first gymnastics meet, I made a poor tactical decision and faulted on my vault, twice. I went from somewhere at the top of the rankings to the bottom, and I was 6. There, that’s my sharing moment of the week. 🙂

    • That segment was pretty awkward, and kind of random. Like, great that they’re friends…? Poor 6 year old Stephanie! I think gymnastics is one of the harder sports to watch because you have these very young girls with an immense amount of pressure on them trying to do damn near impossible things with their bodies. The brunette Russian…Aliya? just looked so disappointed in herself.

  2. The Russian that fell on the floor exercise – man I felt bad for her! But I felt bad for the Spanish cyclist in the men’s time trials whose chain broke within seconds of him starting (bad enough) and then got a puncture (come on!).
    Team USA did great in gymnastics though, and while I love Phelps, I am also not hating on Lochte. Boy is good. Their swimming has been amazing, and they’re great to watch competing against each other.

    • I actually have not watched any of the cycling…maybe because I feel like I just watched a bunch of cycling for the Tour?

      I’ve always wondered what it would be like to watch the Olympics in a different country. Here our coverage is so American-centric. If we don’t dominate in an event, it really isn’t covered! And I’m also guessing that we spend way more time talking about the personal lives of the American athletes (and the royals!)…so Lochte and his cockiness and overconfident demeanor are being referenced much more than his swimming right now. Kind of silly actually. And he is a remarkable swimmer, but he’s no Phelps 2008!

      • The coverage here is pretty UK-engrossed, so there has been limited douchebaggery from Lochte. Maybe that’s why I’m cheering him on with feeling. I can keep up with Team USA online though, plus they’re competing in, like, every event, so no shortage.

      • My favorite Lochte-ism from yesterday is his mom saying that he prefers one-night stands and then he said that if he’s interested in a girl, he’ll wink at her and come back to her later so she has time to build the anticipation. This was a headline.

      • I’m actually lost for words. I’m so not going to cruise the internet for Lochte interviews (or interviews with his waaaaaaaaaay over-sharing mother) until after I’m done cheering him on in swimming.

  3. I really thought I was going to be more of a Lochte fan, but after watching the first few days I’m sticking with Phelps!

    Gymnastics and swimming have been great, and I’ve actually really enjoyed watching cycling, but I’m definitely ready for the running events to start!

    • Me too! I actually haven’t watched any cycling, but I got surprisingly into weight lifting and table tennis? I had no idea those events could be so intense!

  4. I’m a fan of both Phelps and Lochte. I wasn’t so sure about Phelps at first, though, wasn’t so sure he was going to have the same drive as last time. I just feel the USA has such strong swimmers we should be dominating. So I get frusterated when either of them don’t place or get gold. I just get SO invested!! I feel like they both had races they could have pushed harder for towards the end. Ok, rant over like I said…invested, much. 🙂

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