Olympics! Olympics!

London 2012!

Unless you live under a rock (which seems unlikely since you are reading this here blog), you are probably aware that the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics (followed by 17 days of athletic goodness) is tonight!

I love how the Olympics is kind of the world unifier.  At this moment, wherever you are, you are likely excited to see your team compete after four years of… I guess not competing?  While the World Cup ignites enthusiasm, it really only appeals to futbal lovers (aka everyone aside from the US).  And apparently you have to have some sort of special powers to see coverage of the Quidditch World Cup, because I certainly can never find the games on ESPN.

So, we turn to the Olympics to get our  fix of patriotism, athleticism, and competitive spirit. And, for reasons that I don’t really understand, the Summer Olympics seem to be a much bigger deal than the Winter ones.  Maybe because most of “the greats” are summer Olympians? More team sports? More interesting events? Micheal Phelps topless? Did I say that out loud?

I will admit that I’m not the most Olympic savvy person.  I don’t really know anything about half the athletes going in. I probably don’t even know about half the sports being played.  BUT, I am excited for the following nonetheless:

1) Phelps vs. Lochte:  I agreed to let Michael be my boyfriend 4 years ago despite his inability to articulate and you know, the whole frat boy gone wild thing.  Today, he is a more mature, well-spoken version of himself, and even though Ryan is giving him a run for his money as far as my loyalty is concerned (have you seen his shoe collection?), I’m cheering for Michael.  Plus, who doesn’t want to see someone become the most decorated Olympian?

2) Missy Franklin: You go, girl.  Seriously. I only wish I was that cool when I was 17. She interviews really well, too. I’m hoping she gets 7 out of 7.

3) My BFFs Sanya Richards Ross and Bernard Lagat: Ever since I got to be up close and personal with these crazy fast runners at the Indoor Track and Field Championships held here in Albuquerque last February, I pretty much feel like we’re family members (seriously, both of these people were so nice in person).  Sanya is considered one of the top contenders this year, and after watching her in a live performance, I can say there her power is ridiculous.

4) THE MARATHON! Excited to see Kara, Ryan, and Shalane do their 26.2 thang.

4) Soccer: I LOVE international soccer.  Gotta support the ladies since the men’s team couldn’t quite hold up.  And Dear Hope, I love you, but you should probably not do interviews if you are drunk this time around.

5) Basketball: I’m not really a pro basketball fan, but apparently the US has the dreamiest of the dreamy team.  I asked Aaron if Scotty Pippin was on the roster (his wife is a Real Housewife, so I know him!).  He gave me a weird look.  Does that mean no?

6) Gymnastics: As a little person, I feel like I relate most to these people.  Aside from the fact that the round-up is my most advanced tumbling move.

7) OPENING CEREMONY! Since I spent the first 19 years of my life as a “performer,” the whole spectacle is really one of my favorite parts. I fully intend to come home from work, maybe grab some fish and chips and Boddingtons (I know they have gluten, but London + Olympics Opening Ceremony = fish and chips and Boddington occasion), plant myself in front of the TV, and marvel.  (In all honesty, we’ll probably have a veggie burger and some water…we do after all have 17 miles to run in the morning).

What Olympic event are you most looking forward to?

Is it weird that I talk about world class athletes like I know them?

Have a fantastic Olympic style weekend!

*I have a huge work project coming up at the end of August that will require long office hours in addition to increased marathon training mileage.  Instead of making myself crazy trying to blog or even schedule posts, I’m doing a call for potential guest posters.  I can’t promise lots of exposure or anything, but if you’d like to do a guest post, I’d love to have you! Let me know!

21 thoughts on “Olympics! Olympics!

  1. Wait, the Olympics are THIS summer? Just kidding! Now that I can call myself a runner (of sorts), I’m really excited for all of the running events! I just read Runner’s World article via Twitter that Desiree Davila is still waiting to make her Olympic decision. I’ve been following her off and on, and really hope she runs!

    I agree that Phelps vs Lochte is going to be huge! I still can’t decide who to cheer for!

    P.S. I would be interested in guest posting, if you’ve got a topic in mind. 🙂

  2. Loving your enthusiasm for the Olympicst (especially the Fish and Chips and Boddingtons). I am excited too… although can’t have as much of a party as I’d like as I am up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to run yet another half marathon (see you are not alone ! hehe !)

  3. Oh yeah, Missy Franklin was born in Pasadena Ca so you know I am pulling for her. Very excited for the Olympics, thanks for firing me up even more for tonight! I may be interested in a guest post if you give me a fun topic.

    • I will try and think of some fun topics for you to write about! The only person from Albuquerque competing this time is a runner, but he’s running for Trinidad and Tobago (as far as I can tell he’s never even lived there, but I guess his dad is a citizen? I don’t know). Probably a little less competition when only 1.3 million people live in your country.

      • FACT: I strongly considered claiming my Mexican citizenship so that I could attempt to qualify as their representative for the 2002 Olympics in snowboarding half pipe. Then I realized that I just barely started riding pipe and my true talent was behind the camera and not in front of it…but I did kick it around. Can you imagine how amazing it would be to be one of the few athletes to ever represent “your” country in a Winter Olympics…the list for Mexico is extremely short.

      • Are you a photographer? I guess Mexico doesn’t have very many snowboarders. That would have been very exciting if you’d gone for it!

      • I use to be a professional cinematographer in snowboarding. I love taking pictures though too and eventually want to get behind a camera again, I imagine I will do that more soon. Mexico has almost no representation in the history of winter Olympics…Jamaica has more.

  4. As I write, I’m watching the BBC’s coverage leading up to the opening ceremonies. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Olympics! I was all over the 2010 Winter Olympics, practically glued to the BBC coverage in Scotland, partly because they were held in Canada, and also because Canada won the medal count (most golds, woop!). Being a former athlete, I totally looked up to Olympians, and one day aspired to be like them. I will write more about my Olympic love in my blog 🙂

    I’m most looking forward to women’s volleyball, and to be honest, I really like all the hearfelt video montages! I’ll be going to an Olympic football match Wednesday in Glasgow: Egypt vs. Belarus. Our school got tickets 🙂

    I’d be interested in guest-posting. We could do a blog post exchange!

    • AHHH! How exciting that you get to go to a game! Do they have a lot of events in Scotland?

      Looking forward to your Olympic love! It’s kind of funny, because everyone is already tweeting about the ceremony, but it doesn’t air here for another 3 hours! I do really like the montages too! It really makes the athletes more “real.”

      I’d love to have you guest post! I’ll send you details.

  5. SO excited about the Olympics. Will be DVRing the opening ceremonies since we’ve got dinner plans. I know, didn’t even think about the ceremonies before making plans!!
    I love watching EVERYTHING. And, yes…i LOVE how it brings our world together!!
    I’d love to guest post for ya! I’ll send you some topics if interested!!

    • Oh no! Well, we aren’t watching it “live” anyway, so I guess it won’t make too big a difference! Some guy in my office was trying to get some people to go out to a bar with him and his friend, and I was like, ummm….it’s the Opening Ceremony…

      I’d love to have you guest post! Definitely send me what you’re thinking!

  6. Nah, it’s not weird. You’re just excited, which is reasonable. The Olympics don’t really do it for me. I’ll probably watch more baseball than Olympics over the next couple of weeks.

    • I didn’t realize until Friday that they took baseball out of the Olympic line-up. However, I can honestly say that baseball ranks pretty low on the list of sports that I’ll watch. Yet, I’m strangely excited by rowing and weight-lifting.

  7. After reading this before the ceremonies yesterday I decided Boddingtons was a great idea! Alas, the store was out so I went with Guinness. My run today will now be a an afternoon treadmill run because of this (didn’t have the motivation to drag myself out of bed at 5).

    I’d love to do a guest post if you have a topic in mind.

    • Guinness totally counts! We did get our run in on Saturday, but it really didn’t feel so good. But we figure the Opening Ceremony doesn’t happen very often, so it was well worth it to celebrate!

      I’d love to have you guest post! I’m putting together some ideas for topics, so I will let you know!

    • I love her too! We didn’t really get to hang out with her, but she and her family sat right in front of us for 2 days, so I feel like we’re best friends!

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