Ponds, Other Sides of Ponds, National Tequila Day, and Beating Boys

Happy Wednesday!

This morning I was watching The Today Show being broadcast from London, so not only am I getting super excited for the Olympics, but all this talk about England is also making me want to buy some Burberry and watch Harry Potter with Duchess Kate while eating fish and chips.  Is that too much to ask???

I have never been to Europe (and I pretty much refuse to have children until I do go), so my London envy is a little out of control right now.

Meanwhile, on this side of the pond…

We actually developed our own makeshift backyard pond yesterday thanks to a torrential downpour and a lightning storm directly above our house (for about 15 minutes, the lightning and thunder were coming at the exact same time).  It has been a few years since I remember it raining this much.  I’m almost at the point where I’m not as excited about it everyday.  ALMOST.  Please bear with this poor desert dweller and her excitement over rain.

And yesterday, in case you missed it as I did until about 2:00 pm, was National Tequila Day.  I love that my husband will jump up from the couch upon hearing news like that and proceed to the grocery store for margarita mix so we can celebrate! Because what kind of Americans would we be if we had knowledge of such a national holiday and chose NOT to celebrate?  We’re also been inspired by Mad Men to build up our liquor collection (for display purposes and also for when Roger Sterling visits and requests a glass of whatever on the rocks), so we bought a very big bottle of tequila at Costco the other day.  This *should* last us a few years.  Maybe.  Also used our RnRAZ shot glass.  In just a few short months I can fill it to the “26.2” level and not feel unworthy!

And because this is mostly a running blog…

Yesterday I had a fantastic tempo run.  Definitely my strongest yet.  It is extraordinarily satisfying to have some macho man think that he can catch up with me because I’m 5 feet tall and decked out in pink and sparkle headbands only to hear his footsteps slowly fade in the background!  He also got an especially smug smirk as I turned around to go back home.  Never gets old.

However, I’m having some IT band annoyance again and the heel was bugging me again last night. Maybe a bit of karma for the smug smirk?  I was hopeful because everything was holding up through the mileage this weekend. Today is a recovery day (we’ll probably do 4 miles on the elliptical), so hopefully the break along with my rehabbing will allow everything to calm down.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

14 thoughts on “Ponds, Other Sides of Ponds, National Tequila Day, and Beating Boys

  1. Take care of that IT band! That’s a crazy amount of rain… we had our share a week ago, not it’s back to hot, hot, hot.

    • My IT band had been feeling great all through the weekend, so I was a little surprised when I woke up and it was irritated this morning. I definitely did push myself yesterday though. I may have to consider backing off a little bit during speed workouts. The rain storm was pretty intense, but I hope we don’t get back up to the temperatures we were at a few weeks ago! And hopefully Houston cools down a bit by the time we visit!

  2. Life on this side of the pond has its ups and downs, and it’s interesting to hear your envy from New Mexico while people here are grumbling about the Olympics (Olympic lanes in London to cause even more congestion, and immigration officers at Heathrow threatening to go on strike the day before the games open). When you do come over here, wherever you go, you’ll be enthralled by the history and the old, OLD (some ancient) buildings and ruins. I was never a history buff until I moved to Scotland, and now I love it! Let me know when you come, I can be your host? Guide? I will give you my tips 🙂

    • I think it is because they are only showing the pretty parts of London and focusing on patriotism and interviewing the athletes in front of The London Tower Bridge, although they did address the Olympic Lanes this morning (Matt Lauer, the host said he didn’t think it was that bad and the Mayor told him it was because they weren’t closed yet!). And I would LOVE to see the old stuff. All of the countries I’ve been to have been fairly “new,” so aside from what’s left of some ancient Native American structures, I haven’t experienced anything truly old. The underground city in Scotland is on my bucket list of travel adventures! And you and Rachel will be the first to know when we go!

  3. Had to skip on National Tequila Day since I am trying to tone down on the booze during training…I almost went for a shot but I showed some restraint. As for the run, good job, I had to bust out the Pilates this morning because I was feeling a bit achy last night before bed. Keep it up!

    • We’ve been actually doing much better on the booze thing, but it WAS a national holiday after all…good job for overcoming the temptation!

      The run felt great, but I may need to refrain from pushing it so hard until I’m confident that everything is completely healed. A strong tempo run won’t do any good if it causes an injury.

  4. What?! National Margarita Day? How could I have NOT known??
    Take it easy today!! I’m living vicariously through your marathon training and I don’t wanty injuries!!

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