Race Shout-Outs and A Couple of Other Things

Sending Fast Thoughts To:

Kelly running the Epic Relay this weekend!

Hyedi is doing her first outdoor triathlon! You can do it!

Good luck to you ladies and everyone else racing!


I am having a hard time focusing this morning.

I know many of you blog friends are from the Denver area, and I truly hope you and your families are ok.  My thoughts and prayers are with all the victims in Aurora.  Senseless violence like this is so horrifying. I cannot tear myself away from the TV.

To think that these people were just enjoying a movie.  This could have happened to anyone, anywhere.


I have a 16 mile run this weekend.  I haven’t run since Tuesday, so I’m not sure how it will go. My leg is feeling better and stronger thanks to extensive rehabbing, so I’m hoping I will get through the 16 drama free!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

*Sorry.  I know it is weird and maybe even inappropriate to mash all of this stuff together.

12 thoughts on “Race Shout-Outs and A Couple of Other Things

  1. Thank you for the race shout out 🙂 It made my morning!

    I still kind of can’t believe what happened in Colorado. I woke up this morning, read the news, and literally had to check if I was awake or dreaming. Just so, so awful.

    Good luck with you 16 miles! Can you even believe you’re going to run that far?!

  2. Amy,

    I’m sending many get well thoughts to you and your heel/knee/IT band!! I know it is frustrating 😦 . One of the girls who runs with our group is also having knee issues but if you watch her run, her right knee goes way in when her foot strikes the ground. In doing some research for her, some things that were recommended were really strengthening the knee and those muscles that help in lateral movement. Also, strengthen the hamstrings. Maybe focus on squats, side lunges, and one legged dead lifts. And of course foam rolling. Have you ever seen the Rumble Roller? It’s like a foam roller on steroids – super intense!

    I wish you a great 16 mile run tomorrow and may it be pain free! I’ll be awaiting your Monday recap 🙂

    • Thanks for the tips! I have seen the rumble roller…it looks pretty scary! Maybe I need to take some action shots of me running so I can see if I’m doing something similar to the girl in your running group. I want to nip this problem in the bud!

    • Thank you! I’ll include my fitstreak recap on Monday, too! Yesterday, Aaron wanted to go to sleep, and I made him walk 20 minutes with me!

  3. I will never be able to comprehend the fact that some people lack respect for others and rational thought…Colorado just baffles my mind, it is horrible how detestable people can be.

    On a lighter note, I am assuming a recap is in the works but hopefully the run went well and injury free!

    • I know. It really bothers me. I actually watched his court appearance, and there is definitely something wrong with him mentally. He looked completely vacant.

      And the recap might be a bit late today. But yes, the run went well, and I am injury free!

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