Wordless Wednesday: Rehab Addition

So, apparently the thing to do on Wednesdays is go wordless?  I’m not typically a writer of few words (everyone nods head in agreement), but Wednesdays are randomly the busiest day of the week for me, so a quick picture post doesn’t seem like a bad way to go! (But even then, I still can’t do it right.  I included words.  Sorry).

So, here it is: Wordless (more or less) Wednesday: Rehab Addition! (you betcha I’m singing Amy Winehouse right now! They try to make me go to rehab, and I said No, No, No!).

(Also, the spacing looks completely normal when I’m in edit mode, but for some reason gets all screwey when it actually publishes.  Sorry for the excessive spaces in between pictures!)

{One of Aaron’s clients brought him this to try….LOVE doesn’t even begin to describe!}



{I wore flats in public for the first time in probably a decade today}






{A happy one! I’ll get to the beach this year after all! SOURCE}

4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Rehab Addition

    • I’ve had these shoes for like, 5 years and I’ve only worn them once to an event where they wouldn’t let me wear heeled/open toed shoes. And I’m really hoping to have some happy knee pictures up soon!

    • It is. The heel ache started last Thursday and I’ve managed to get it under control during the day UNTIL I run again, and then it starts hurting for a bit. The knee started bothering me on my run Monday night (I had to stop 2 miles in and do some intense stretching). Right now it has little spastic sharp pains. This is a symptom of IT syndrome, which isn’t completely surprising since I had some IT band issues in January and at the beginning of June. Luckily, IT Band Syndrome (which sounds kinda made up) isn’t a “bad” injury if you take care of it. I’m taking a cross training day today to give the area a break and doing just about every quacky thing I can to heal it ASAP.

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