The LAVENDER Festival…Get It?

A few years ago, in 2006 maybe, my family and I went to a small event here in Albuquerque called The Lavender Festival.

Little did I know that in a few short years, my life would be pretty Lavendered out.

The Lavender Festival, hosted in a small town in the middle of Albuquerque called Los Ranchos, seems to be held whenever it feels like it.  We went in 2010, but there was no festival last year.

Apparently this year was an “on” year.

As certified Lavenders, I feel like it is our obligation to attend a festival that is centered around our (well…Aaron’s) namesake and heritage! And I may or may not have pretended to be Lavender Festival Queen.

{With my royal bouquet}

I would be lying if I said I didn’t LOVE having Lavender as a last name.  I had never intended to change my name after getting married, but it was important to Aaron, so I decided to go with it.  If he had ANY other last name, I probably would have stood my ground.  But who rejects Lavender?

Obviously not the people at the rather well-attended festival!

We headed out after our 10-miler on Saturday.  The event was well-organized with the friendliest bus drivers shuttling people out to the different festival sites and the various parking areas.  At one point, we were walking down the road, and the bus literally stopped traffic to pick us up.  But this may just have been because I was Lavender Festival Queen! I don’t know if regular Lavender commoners would have gotten the same treatment!

The vendors were about what you’d expect: lots of lavender bath products, lavender oils, lavender plants, lavender bunches, locally crafted jewelry, folksy art, antiques, goat cheese, owls, and alpacas.

We really didn’t buy anything aside from a bunch of lavender to keep in our bedroom for stress relief, but it was a neat event to explore on a hot and humid Saturday afternoon.

Our winery was one of the event stops, so we made our way over there for their festival special, Lavender Sangria.  Talk about yummy!

This lady looks like she had a little too much of the sangria! I love how her husband just sat there, completely unconcerned! Dear Lord, please don’t let this ever be me.  I could never show my face at the winery again, and that would be sad.

And if you’ve ever wondered what in the heck a Lavender Parking is… These are the exact same signs they used at the festival two years ago!

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday! This is what I’m doing this morning.  Coach Aaron has me on a strict stretching/rolling/icing routine until this little heel ache goes away!

6 thoughts on “The LAVENDER Festival…Get It?

    • Ha! Yeah, having a whole Lavender festival is fun for us, but nobody else at the event seemed to care at all, so that’s kind of a bummer. And the sangria (provided you didn’t drink too much…) was fantastic!

  1. Yes! Take care of that heel ache! I was having similar issues a few weeks ago. I iced and took a couple of days off and it went away. So hoping your does too!

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